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Transform any area into a modern, easy-to-use, and powerful collaborative workspace with Zoom Rooms.

A lot of people and businesses regularly use entry-level video communications like Skype. Remote working is becoming more and more part of our regular working lives so companies are moving to more professional and advanced setups like Zoom Rooms.

Zoom rooms provide an all-inclusive solution for meeting spaces and remote workers to collaborate and work efficiently.

Zoom Video Communications was founded in 2011 and is a leading, cloud-based video conferencing platform used by the world’s leading companies for online meetings, chats, webinars and the sharing of content.

During the past few years and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations adopted Zoom video conferencing at an increasing rate to ensure that their businesses operate at maximum efficiency.

Zoom rooms are the ultimate way of empowering individuals, teams and entire organisations to collaborate efficiently and communicate from anywhere in the world.


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What are Zoom Rooms?

Companies are becoming more and more interested in hosting meetings online. This is due to better connectivity, the idea of getting in touch with more people, and flexibility. Realising that meetings can effectively be done virtually makes deaaling with the new normal much simpler.

To speed up the technology and connectivity game, Zoom comes in. Zoom is a simple application that meets your demands for engaging in online meetings and conferences. But what is a Zoom room?

Zoom is a setup. It aims to digitally convert any space, small or large, into a fully technological connectivity environment. It’s a hardware setup where different components play their unique role. 

There are ways listed in this article to set up a Zoom room. Even the components required are listed one by one. 


What Does A Zoom Room Look Like?

A Zoom Room has the ”Zoom application” already pre-installed on dedicated Zoom hardware.

It’s a place where virtual meetings are just at the click of the button away. Imagine a typical situation where people are all scattered over. You immediately need to start a meeting. You call your colleagues in the Zoom room, connect others over the app, and start the meeting. It’s as simple as that.

Zoom rooms are just conference rooms of varying sizes with dedicated zoom hardware.

Not like a simple one, present in all business environments. Rather, this is more technologically built, where the Zoom hardware is used to start a meeting at any time of the day. The hardware is synchronized with other devices in the room itself, making it easier for individuals to communicate. 

The integration of audio and video is a huge factor in Zoom rooms. This is done with the help of specialised systems. 

Zoom rooms are the place for sharing your opinions, contents, and facts while hundreds of people are listening to you. The level of engagement is very high with Zoom rooms.

With the ongoing realisation of navigating the new normal, businesses are reconfiguring meeting spaces and switching to Zoom Rooms. This is because of the high-quality conversations that the room provides. The whole world can get in touch with each other once a Zoom room is set up!


Can Anyone Become A Part Of A Zoom Room?

Zoom rooms are known as a ‘’wireless screen sharing and audio-video conferencing room’’. It can be used by individuals physically present in that space. Additionally, remote access is also possible. This is where the importance of setting up the room comes in. 

Any kind of meeting space can be transformed into a Zoom room. However, it depends on the environment where you want to set it up. There has to be proper provisions for getting all the hardware elements right. 

Most importantly, board rooms, conference rooms, as well as lounges, and executive spaces, are best suitable for Zoom room conversion. The makeover will take some time. Space should be adaptable for creating a Zoom room.

With a Zoom Rooms setup, any unused space can be turned into fully-functional audio and ”video conferencing” room. Individuals can join remotely via the use of tablets, laptops, or even their smartphones.

Zoom rooms are empowering. The way of connecting individuals is immediate.  In short, Zoom rooms dictate the world of communications efficiently, without any flaws. 

What Are The Requirements For Setting Up A Zoom Room?

It takes a lot of effort to set up a Zoom room.  There are technical aspects and Zoom hardware to take care of which experts like us can assist with.

To turn a simple meeting space into a Zoom room, these are the elements you need-

  1. A camera.
  2. Room speakers.
  3. Microphones.
  4. Computers for setting up.
  5. An LED screen. (a television)
  6. Controller. 

To install Zoom Rooms,  using experts can really ease the transition. We know the entire setup and will keep all elements in check. Contact Us Today to discuss your Zoom Rooms Project.

After everything is set up, the Zoom Room can be administered by administrators. 

With the help of your computer, you can immediately get started with the ”Zoom Room Programs”. This is where you can arrange your scheduled meetings; organise remote conversations, and much more.

You must download the Zoom rooms application to get connected. With this app, you can enable the settings of your computer, screen, microphones, and other devices present in the room. The television can be used for broadcasting the meeting.

If you are to share files during the meetings, use the Zoom rooms app. This is a convenient way to transfer files instantly. Sharing content even across different rooms within the same business premises can be done with the Zoom rooms app.

Seamless communication all time is possible with Zoom rooms!

There is a Zoom rooms dashboard available. This dashboard has a special function. It helps in granting permission for managing the hardware and software. Additionally, monitoring other business aspects is also possible with the dashboard. The dashboard appears once the Zoom room is completely set up. 


What Is A Zoom Meeting? Is It The Same As Zoom Rooms?

There is a startling difference between Zoom rooms and Zoom meetings. Zoom rooms use Zoom meetings to fulfill every conference agenda. Zoom meeting is the main element of Zoom. Meetings are conducted via this application alone.

Whether it is meetings, online conferences, or just a simple video-calling, Zoom meeting will be your answer. You can get in touch with the other individual or individuals via video communication. Everything can be done with your computer or your smartphone.

Zoom Room is a room hardware setup. Everything prepared for in the room is used to get in touch virtual meetings. For a smooth experience, the Zoom room provides flexibility and adaptability while conducting meetings. Therefore, the difference between Zoom rooms and Zoom meetings is quite visible. 

Participants can join for free from any location with Zoom meetings. If you have the application installed, it is easy to get in touch with anyone for a quick video call. 

With Zoom rooms, half of your travel costs are reduced. You can improve your interview and selection process and easily converse with your team via Zoom rooms.


What Are The Advantages Of Zoom Rooms?

Zoom rooms can help you in unexpected ways. Things can be done pretty early. Forget about implementing new meeting strategies every single time. With Zoom rooms, everything is available under one roof. 

Once the Zoom room is set up, it becomes a more professional space. All kinds of business-oriented meetings take place here. Additionally, the incredible audio and video quality are great for easily connecting remote groups!

What is the actual merit of Zoom rooms? To say the least, Zoom rooms are organizers of virtual meetings. It coordinates, improves communications and relationships, and takes your business to a global level. The benefits are insane. 

Some of the known advantages are listed below:

  1. Zoom rooms are excellent when it comes to collaborations. It is not just interactive but offers a huge array of extremely suitable features. 
  2. Participants in the Zoom rooms can share documents anytime. The sharing of content online over a wireless network is directly possible with Zoom rooms.
  3. When it comes to scheduling, Zoom rooms is the best. The method is less complex. Additionally, you can cancel your meetings and let the members know about it beforehand. 
  4. The best part about Zoom rooms is that it is very easy and simple to use. However, the process of setting up the room can be complex, the after results are quite impressive.
  5. Setting up the time frame with Zoom rooms is easy.
  6. Zoom rooms are responsible for their incredible sound and video quality. You can experience clear pictures of the members on the other side of the screen. The audio quality is impressive too. 
  7.  When it comes to productivity, Zoom rooms bags the award. From the settings to its ultimate performance, there is nothing much to complain about Zoom rooms. 
  8. Zoom rooms help to de-clutter. As all information is available under one roof, there is no need for seeking information here and there. 
  9. One of the greatest benefits of Zoom rooms is its centralized management system. The room itself is the only space you are occupying during a meeting. Everything takes place in the room alone. In simple terms, management is done via the Zoom rooms portal alone. 
  10. Last but not least, Zoom rooms have a positive approach. You won’t find it hard to understand its functions. Collaborative and communicative capabilities are superior in all aspects.

There are smart Zoom rooms setting features available. This includes analytics and proper production of the same. If you are new to Zoom rooms, you should consider all its specialized functions from the start. 


Zoom Room License:

What exactly is a Zoom room license? Before getting started with Zoom rooms, you need to be familiar with its connectivity levels. Zoom license is the ticket that connects your hardware to Zoom cloud. Zoom directly takes care of the license via its application. 

Once you have this license, conducting meetings is super easy. There are so many elements available with the Zoom license. These include webinars, seminars, recordings, etc. With the license, all things are considered flexible within Zoom rooms. 

The License enables you to get in touch with any kind of Zoom room functions. From monitoring to administering meetings directly, the license is your gateway. 

If you are looking for the additional function of the Zoom room, you can walk through the Zoom bundle. Here, major requirements for an inclusive Zoom room are available. You can check the details anytime and set up the room accordingly!


Important Features Of Zoom Rooms

Zoom rooms are blessed with some of the most important features. Apart from collaboration and communication, Zoom rooms cater to different business ideas. Therefore, some of the best features are as follows.


It displays the company information on the screen

One of the most distinctive features of Zoom rooms is that the company information is available on the screen. While engaging with your clients on the other end, significant business information like important notices appears on the screen. You need not add the content again. All updates are also available from time to time with Zoom rooms. 

When the function is concerned, no one does it right other than Zoom rooms. With the digital signage of your company, you are in charge of your screens alone. There is a separate admin portal also present. With endless support, Zoom rooms are the ultimate solution for your business management scenes.


Integration is flawless

When it comes to integration, no one can do it better than Zoom rooms. Flawless exchange of conversation and communication is possible with Zoom rooms. 


Sharing your screen is possible

Zoom rooms also help with sharing the screen over a wireless network. This means that you can share your thoughts and content online over WIFI. While you may not be present in that room, you are already joined in. 

Zoom rooms offer high-class management functions. It can grant access to multiple screens sharing for all your meetings. From scheduling to joining, Zoom rooms can do it all. 


Automatic schedule displays

One of the greatest advantages of a Zoom room is its scheduling feature. You may write the time of your next meeting and then forget it. However, this isn’t the case with Zoom rooms. It instantly displays your upcoming meetings scheduled at a particular time beforehand. This means that you are free from remembering your next meeting deadline. 

In addition to the above, Zoom rooms present before you its availability. If the room is occupied for a particular time slot, you are informed about it in advance. You can then choose a new time slot and fix your meeting. 

With Zoom rooms, you no longer need to use your pen and paper. Just keep an eye on the Zoom room door for your conference!


Remote Working Is Made Simple With Zoom Rooms

When it comes to workplace habits, ask yourself this question- 

‘’Should you or should you not setup Zoom rooms?’’.

Taking into account the current world situation, Zoom rooms are getting more popular. This is due to its nature of supporting remote working. 

For long-term results related to business, Zoom rooms allow you to focus on your goals. When you have such a space build, nothing can stop you from conquering the world. Therefore, productivity, efficiency, and communication- are three key-terms that define the aura of Zoom rooms.

Due to the flexible and consistent approach of Zoom rooms, users have fewer complaints about it. Hence, Zoom rooms give impetus to remote working. Big multinational companies are seriously thinking about Zoom rooms as they facilitate smooth communication and support remote work. 

As the ultimate professional working space, Zoom rooms is incredible. It allows you to manage your teams, accesses the conferencing medium, and conduct meetings online. For employers to communicate and share information, Zoom rooms can never go wrong.


The Trend Of Zoom Rooms: For All Businesses!

It is good to see that Zoom rooms are now becoming a trend. Not just with big firms, but small firms are also adapting to this change. Although there is investment behind setting up a Zoom room, individuals will love the results of it. 

recent study from a group of Irish workers shows that they were more comfortable with Zoom rooms and conversing online. 

Zoom rooms helped them to stay connected while fulfilling all business duties. Zoom rooms made them feel relaxed, flexible, and adaptable.

It is so good to realize the importance of Zoom rooms in the professional sphere. With remote working gaining grounds, Zoom rooms are the new conference medium. For efficient communications, you should consider Zoom rooms. 

To get in touch with Zoom rooms, you can check the subscription packages available. You will need to pay as low as 49 dollars per month. There are both basic and premium versions available. You can choose as per your requirements. 

You can renew the subscription again with a yearly package. When the Zoom rooms are your main area of focus, consider the packages. It will save you money while giving you access to all features!

Thus, it is quite important to agree that Zoom rooms are a solution for your communication and video conferencing problems!

Why Zoom Won During COVID-19?


Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to stay inside their home for months. With no social gatherings, our lifestyles came to a sudden halt. 

But people found a way out to still stay connected and enjoy trivial times of happiness through Zoom.

Today, Zoom has outnumbered every other video calling service in terms of its sale or 30x rate of download. All thanks to the pandemic! 

With a dramatic rise in the need for video calling and conferencing, platforms like Zoom saw an exponential demand. But Zoom quickly smacked away all its competitors from the market to lead the video calling service domain.

Just one of the many testaments to this is the company’s rising stocks at the very outset of the pandemic. While the stock market came crashing down, Zoom had its stock up at 58% in March 2020. 

Since the pandemic, the company’s profits have increased to 27 million USD. To add to that, it has been ranked #1 for iPhone users in the free app market in the US. Even when the social distancing measures are relaxed, and offices opened up, Zoom continues to lead the way for video conferences.

But what exactly helped Zoom reach this massive user base in such a quick span is worth a thought. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for the boom in Zoom sales as well as the app’s history. Let’s get started with this insightful article!


History Of Zoom – The Video Conferencing App 

Zoom came onto the scene in 2011 when Eric Yuan, a software engineer, decided to make his way into an already competitive market. Frustrated by the distance between him and his partner, Yuan felt the need for a mobile-friendly and intuitive app to make video calls.

Since big shots like Cisco and Microsoft already dominated the market back then, the investors doubted the need for another app. Over the years, Zoom grew in numbers but wasn’t much of a success until the coronavirus pandemic. 

Zoom’s 2019 quarter profit was $0.2 million, which has jumped to $27 million in 2020. This is because the company has democratized the video conferencing platform for every business. 

With announcements of lockdown across the world, Zoom understood the market demand. They responded by providing access to more features in the free version. This move significantly fuelled their market demand in various countries like the UK and China. 

On the other hand, corporate firms have been paying Zoom for better features and subscriptions to serve their need. Consequently, the company has witnessed an increase of about 169% in its year-on-year sale. 

Despite its unimpressive start, Zoom now has massive uptake. The company has also expanded its investor’s capacity in the process of meeting new ends.


Reasons For Its Boom In Sales

Reasons abound to explain this unprecedented surge in Zoom’s popularity surge.


Simple and Intuitive Interface

Zoom has consistently received stellar reviews for its quick and easily navigable user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). 

Users are particularly interested in its discreet and straightforward interface. The user experience has also pleased many with its minimal IT requirement for running the app. 

Microsoft has enjoyed a long run when it comes down to usage. But it went downhill mainly because of its confusing interface. Besides, the requirement to essentially have the Microsoft 365 suite alongside Microsoft Teams app has caused a decrease in its market.

Thus, with the simple and user-friendly UI and UX, Zoom disrupted the market for some of its biggest competitors. 

The platform has witnessed a spike in demand from established firms and aspiring start-ups alike. Zoom’s market has been growing with a boom, and in the coming times, it is expected to expand even more rapidly. 


Seamless and Efficient Integrations 

Zoom has played big by providing easy integration with other apps that most of the platforms lack. 

While Microsoft only offers integration with Microsoft Office 365, it heavily draws the traffic to its software only. This has been a significant drawback of the Teams app. The process of switching beyond the core Microsoft apps, in addition to other 70 integrations, is not easy.

On the other hand, Zoom enables you to quickly switch to other products with its dynamic integration. For instance, Zoom allows Slack users to easily switch between the two platforms without any hassle. 

Instead of drawing away users to another ecosystem for using other products, in turn, drawing traffic away from its app, Zoom calls for an outward integration in the same system. 

The company has adopted the outward integration strategy very wisely. This is another crucial reason why the platform could attract so many users.


Call Quality and Connection Reliability

When it comes to connection reliability and quality video calls, Zoom has established itself as the best in class. Its video and audio quality has been the key selling point. After all, what’s better than a platform that offers thousands of participants without any hassle?

The platform is capable of handling over 10,000 view-only participants and other 100 interactive users. The platform promises smooth connectivity throughout your meeting with minimal glitches.

With its heavy quality conferencing and easy integration features, Zoom has made its name in the market in the best possible way. Its user reliability and experience have been top-notch for making video and audio calls.

Moreover, the platform assures consistent quality, even during an unstable connection. In addition to that, Zoom has been working continually to add improvements in the software for better quality connection and a reliable interface. 


Freemium Pricing Model

When the need arose to hold long board meetings and online classes, Zoom raved its decision to uplift its 40 minutes limit. Thus, the new change in feature in the free version allows longer calls without a cap of 40 minutes. 

In comparison, other conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams do not uphold the same risk-free trial to users. This played a pivotal role in the decrease in demand for the app, along with its complex ecosystem. 

While Zoom charged $14.00 monthly per host, Microsoft charged $5 monthly per user with no free trial offer. Microsoft’s decision to stick to its pricing backfired when users could access more in less on Zoom. 

Thus, Zoom’s affordability became another one of the key reasons for its success. Besides, its various payment procedures, including not only credit cards and PayPal but also Automated Clearing House or wire transfers, made it popular. 

Overall, Zoom hit the right nerve in market demand with its quality features while its competitors could not. 


Delivering Happiness Strategy 

Another one of the biggest reasons for the platform’s booming success is Yuan’s emphasis on company culture. Yuan describes it in a word, happiness. But you have to delve deeper into it to understand how this works materialistically.

In his own words, the CEO believes that Zoom did better than its incumbents did because they succeeded in making people happy. Apart from their own employees, the users’ happiness was what made the difference.  

The whole mantra lies in when a competing employee, frustrated with his or her own video conferencing software, tries Zoom for free. They get to explore its easy and intuitive functionality. Ultimately, they end up asking the management to switch to Zoom. 

This was what Yuan shared in his interview with Forbes. He positioned Zoom as a platform delivering happiness rather than merely a video calling solution. And that seemed to have sealed the deal when it comes to customer engagement!


Coming Back from a Reputational Hit

The company has enjoyed high consumer demand, but its reputation took a hit when hackers interfered with its working. 

The security data breach on Zoom worried many. Hackers attempted to hijack meetings or act as pretentious intruders, invading people’s privacy. Moreover, Zoom was also accused of sharing user data with Facebook after falsely claiming to encrypt conversations. 

To the credit of these persistent allegations, the app went through severe scrutiny before finally managing to curtail all privacy attacks. The platform fixed various kinds of security lapses as well. 

However, the company has been working on bolstering its protection framework for user data. The platform has added more security features to provide better security. 

With the pandemic, Zoom proved to be the winner in the aggressive video calling and conferring market. From its humble beginnings that lacked luster, the platform has grown exponentially in the backdrop of this pandemic.

Zoom, with its excellent video quality features along with an intuitive user interface and equally competitive pricing, have led to its unprecedented growth. The company’s employee-friendly culture and goal of delivering happiness was another key reason for its success. 

Moreover, Zoom’s seamless integrations with other workspace apps like Slack made it all the more popular. The platform successfully edged past its incumbents with easy and efficient integrations.  

Geared with the multitude of changes in its security framework, the platform is now stronger than ever.