Which Is Better, Zoom Or Google Meet? Full Expert guide

zoom vs google meet

Google and Zoom are excellent videoconferencing platforms with almost everything you need to communicate with your team over a distance. Both are leading video conferencing tools worldwide and offer tons of integrations and live captioning. 

Undoubtedly, Zoom has the upper hand over Google Meet. But Google Meet also has a few things on Zoom as well. Both provide an easy and quick way for virtual meetings and be used by major corporations, small businesses, educational institutes, and common netizens. Perhaps, the decision of one being better than the other relies on your requirements. 

Even though Zoom and Google Meet are the same in many outlooks, they also have some key contrasts that may tremendously affect your choice of a video conferencing tool. And while both services make extensive video conferencing easy, there’s much more under the hood to explore. 

Zoom vs Google Meet pros and cons

Zoom and Google Meet are probably well-known and commonly utilised tools in the pool of video conferencing applications. In such a case, it is normal to get perplexed in choosing between Zoom and Google Meet. So, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one. 

Pros of Zoom

  • Zoom is very intuitive and easy to use for scheduling video conferences.
  • It allows Live video conferencing.
  • The app allows you to record audio calls as well. 
  • Zoom is compatible with other operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • It has some amazing features like polling, remote control, and white-boarding.
  • The learning curve of the Zoom app is very short.

Cons of Zoom 

  • Its mobile app is not as good as the website.
  • Zoom requires a fast internet connection for smooth working.
  • Limit only 40-minute meetings on a free plan.
  • Issue while sharing multiple screens at the same time.
  • It can be expensive for big teams.
  • No HD support yet and has security issues. 

Pros of Google Meet

  • Google Meet does not involve too many complications and is easy to use.
  • It is converse with the team members for free and is good for communication purposes.
  • The meet is an amazing app for communicating with a limited number of people.

Cons of Google Meet

  • The drawback of Google Meet is that you must have a Gmail account to access video conferencing and other features.
  • It is tough to send multimedia documents via this app. 
  • The app turns off an audio or drops someone from the call when multiple participants are added. Also, don’t add those dropped-out participants back. 
  • Google Meet does not have any option for the wrong microphone setting as well.

Zoom vs Google Meet features comparison

Generally, both Zoom and Google Meet are excellent tools, but the best one for you only depends on your requirements. So, here is a comprehensive assortment of options based on features. 

Captions & Screen Sharing

Google Meet provide a captions feature in real-time for participants who are non-native or deaf, or hard of hearing. But with Zoom, you have closed captions by integrating third-party software to assure that its feature works. 

Time Limit

If you are looking for free video-conferencing software for longer meetings, Google Meet is the better choice. Because it allows meetings for up to 60 minutes, whereas Zoom video conferencing is only limited to 40 minutes.

Screen Recording

Zoom allows users to record meetings on Mac and Windows computers for free. However, in Google Meet, only the G Suite subscribers can avail the screen recording feature.

No.of participants

Google Meet allows up to 150 people the chat while limiting video conferences to 25 people at a time. However, when it comes to Zoom, it lets more than 100 participants in a video conference. Moreover, the paid version of both apps increases the no.of attendees. 


The Zoom App brags about being integrated with more than 1500 apps. Whereas Google Meet does not have any central app marketplace, it offers integrations with many of the extensions available in the G suite, such as Google Meet Enhancement Suite, Meeting Notes for Google Calendar & Meet, and more. 

Privacy & Security

All transmitted data in Google Meet is encrypted by default. So, no unknown participants can join the meetings, reducing the possibility of unidentified participants. Whereas Zoom only requires your basic profile details when signing up, which might increase the chances of security threats. But you can use passwords and audio signatures to protect the meeting. 

Overall, both apps are safe and secure to use. 

Digital Whiteboards

In Google Meer, and Jamboard, whiteboards are available in the cloud and can be accessed anytime. The Jamboard includes drawing, shapes, and typing. At the same time, Zoom has a built-in Whiteboard feature. It is located in the Share Screen option, where the user has full control. The whiteboard tool includes simple- typing, erasing, and drawing. 

Audio Conferencing

Joining a phone call on Google Meet and Zoom is possible. However, for Google Meet, audio conferencing feels like a regular conference call. While Zoom distinguishes itself as a participant on the call, it can use the ‘raise hand’ and ‘mute’ features.

UX and Support

Zoom’s and Google Meet’s interface displays are very easy. But Zoom’s customizability distinguishes it from other apps. Moreover, both software provides comprehensive Help and Troubleshooting pages. 

Virtual Background

Zoom offers a set of virtual backgrounds for free. Google Meet has also recently started allowing uploaded image backgrounds and background blurring services for free. 

Zoom vs Google Meet Price Plans

Zoom Pricing 

Items/ PlansZoom BasicZoom ProZoom EnterprisesZoom Business
Price£0£11.99 per month per user£15.99 per month per userStarting from £15.99 per month per user
Meeting Duration(1-1)30hrs30hrs30hrs30hrs
Minimum License Required115010
Group Meeting Duration40 minutes30hrs30hrs30hrs
Maximum Participants 100100500300
Cloud Storage for Recordings        No storage1 GBUnlimited1 GB
Large Meeting Add-OnsNoYesYesYes

Google Meet Pricing

Items/PlansGoogle MeetGoogle Workspace EnterpriseGoogle Workspace Business StarterGoogle Workspace Business StandardGoogle Workspace Business Plus
Price£0Custom Pricing£4.14 per user per month£8.28 per user per month£13.80 per user per month
Meeting Duration(1-1)24hrs24hrs24hrs24hrs24hrs
Group Meeting Duration1hr24hrs24hrs24hrs24hrs
Maximum Participants100500100150500
Meeting RecordingNoYesNoYesYes
Google Drive Storage15 GB per userUnlimited30 GB per user2 TB per user5 TB per user
Custom Business EmailYesYesYesYesYes
Attendance TrackerNoYesNoNoYes
International dial-in phone numbersYesYesYesYesYes