How Zoom Rooms Solve The 3 Most Common Meeting Pain Points

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The global pandemic caused travel restrictions, and international lockdowns. However, technology has helped us connect, collaborate, and stay consistent with our schedules during these turbulent times.

Video conferencing has allowed us to build remote workspaces where we can collaborate with our teammates, work on projects, present ideas, brainstorm, and more.

We've even adopted to using virtual calendars and apps to keep track of our meetings and work commitments.

Zoom Rooms has undoubtedly stood out amongst several other competing platforms. Here are the pain points that Zoom has effortlessly addressed through its Zoom Rooms software.

1.     Scheduling Meetings

There is nothing more convenient than being able to schedule a meeting as well as integrate it with a virtual calendar. Zoom lets users integrate Office 365, Google Calendar, as well as Microsoft Exchange with its conferencing software to make scheduling easier and quicker.

Room booking has emerged as one of the most pressing pain points for an administrator. If a meeting is double-booked, it disturbs the operations. Furthermore, it results in wastage of time and resources that could've been invested in a productive meeting.

When users schedule Zoom Rooms meetings through an integrated calendar, the platform immediately blocks others from booking that room at the same time. Zoom sends a meeting link as an invitation to all the participants as well as features the meeting on their integrated calendars. Moreover, Zoom sends the meeting link to the user's control interface to allow a one-touch meeting start up.

Interestingly, Zoom takes management to new heights by integrating a wall-mounted touchscreen control board with its software. This allows users to check the display for room scheduling and availability without having to disturb any meeting going on inside.

So, you can keep tabs on whether the room is vacant or occupied, run through the schedule, cancel a meeting, reserve the room, etc., in a few taps. Once you make any alterations, Zoom Rooms automatically updates the data.

2.     Starting Meetings

Starting meetings is another crucial pain point that meeting organisers often face. The IT team tends to spend a lot of time connecting the conference room equipment, entering the meeting passwords, loading the platform, connecting the cables, and finally initiating the meeting.

While IT solves these technical issues and helps start the meeting, attendees and presenters tend to get restless and lose their focus. Moreover, this also wastes an employee's time.

Thus, Zoom's integrated software and hardware have offered an outstanding solution for a seamless setup. This has created better workflow and significantly reduced the gap time.

Additionally, the one-touch start button is one of the best features of the platform. All you need to do to start your meeting is click on "Start" after selecting the reservation on the room's control tablet.

The participants also receive emails with the meeting link, making it easy for them to instantly join the meeting from any device that has the app installed.

3.     Sharing Content

Earlier, dongles, cables, and cords were all needed for multiple presenters to present their share of the content. This would not only double the meeting time but also reduce productivity and hamper workflow.

Zoom Rooms has provided a simple solution to this problem by allowing wireless sharing over the internet. From videos to Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, users can share content from their respective devices in a few clicks.

Why is Zoom Preferred Over Other Video Conferencing Platforms?

While there is plenty of online video conferencing software, Zoom Rooms has emerged as one of the finest. It has not only helped bridge location barriers but also helped connect people seamlessly through a well-built platform.

1.     Great Interface and Infrastructure

Zoom Rooms can be set up using the Zoom Meeting Connector. It is free of cost and available as an OVF/VMDK that can be set up within minutes. Zoom has excellent load-balancing and failover features that ensure that your meeting won't be interrupted.

Moreover, Zoom's cloud gives users an instant backup and manages admin functions as the video, content, and audio run on the cloud.

2.     Convenience

Zoom offers more than just an elegant interface to its users. It is packed with features to help ease the operational gaps while conducting business meetings.

  • Content sharing, annotation, screen sharing, recording, live chats.
  • Tutorials, Webinars, Tutorials.
  • Client meetings, group meetings, personal meeting ID.
  • Mobility, Integrations.

Zoom Rooms is a classic blend of these fantastic features and effortlessly solves the main pain points of a meeting.

3.     Affordability

Before video conferencing, business meetings that involved more than 20 people would be expensive. However, Zoom Rooms has done away with this obstacle by offering a free Zoom subscription and an affordable Zoom Rooms package.

Zoom Rooms' monthly subscription costs £39 per month.

What Is Zoom? Does The Platform Offer A Workable Solution?

Millions of people have chosen Zoom over other online video conferencing platforms. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. or Zoom is a company based out of the United States. It is headquartered in California and offers an online chat, video conferencing, distance education, and telecommuting software.

This peer-to-peer platform is cloud-based and has proved to be one of the leading software for remote networking and collaborations. In 2011, Eric Yuan founded this company and launched the software later in 2013.

Zoom became a raging trend as it was convenient and fairly simple to use, reliable, and offered excellent connectivity. Plus, the company became a unicorn company as it was valued at $1 billion in 2017.

Today, Zoom has provided working professionals, students, teachers, and anyone else in need of a seamless video conferencing software an excellent solution.

Zoom designed a conferencing solution that focussed on remote collaboration for business needs. This feature, called Zoom Rooms, fast became one of the most popularly used video conferencing software during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zoom Rooms offers an integrated solution that allows organisations to conduct business meetings simplistically but with fascinating features to make it as realistic as possible. As a result, Zoom Rooms has successfully helped solve the three most common pain points in virtual meetings. Since these hassles are faced globally, Zoom has managed to garner international support through its innovative solution.

What is Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms allows you to sync your tablets, web cameras, smartboards, phones, mics, laptops, speakers, and other equipment to Zoom directly and establish a smooth aural and visual connection between people worldwide.

You can use your Zoom Rooms licence on dedicated hardware like the Logitech Tap Zoom Rooms Solution and set up business meetings with remote participants. On smart devices like the Windows tablet, Android, or iPad, the Zoom Rooms app allows you to arrange calls with ease.

Then, a microphone and camera are connected to the display devices to merge the audio and video. Interestingly, the content shared on screen can also be broadcast on HD television sets as well as other monitors.

This software has been called a life-saver because organisations were lacking an all-in-one platform that eased their day-to-day virtual operations. Ever since Zoom Rooms was launched, companies have been hosting meetings for hundreds of participants at the same time.

This has helped people do away with geographical boundaries and improved remote collaboration by leaps and bounds. It is important to remember though that, while Zoom is a free platform, Zoom Rooms functionality is an additional charge of £39 per month, per device.

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