What is ClickShare Presenter? All You Need To Know

ClickShare have a product range dedicated to presenting in a meeting room. However, Clickshare presenter can help improve your presenting style in your meeting, but what does ClickShare presenter actually do?

ClickShare Presenter is the ClickShare Desktop app. It allows you to instantly share your desktop content to your meeting room display. The Presenter Mode is a feature that can be used on any ClickShare device, or ClickShare app. In any meeting setting. The ClickShare desktop app is a substitute for the ClickShare Button. Making the Button virtual. Having it at hand all the time. The ClickShare presenter is a feature that can be used alongside the desktop app. To get the most out of wireless sharing during a meeting.

The presenter mode allows the meeting room holder, or anyone wanting to present, to share their content from their laptop to their meeting room display. However when sharing a PowerPoint, you can have the PowerPoint slides on the room display but have a section for you to write down any notes, or notes taken before the meeting, on your laptop or PC during the meeting. Without disrupting the meeting rooms view of the slide. Making it simple to enhance your work with your own ideas and others.

The ClickShare desktop app is essential and handy for a meeting. Plus the ClickShare presenter is a useful add on feature, but how do you get to using that feature?

ClickShare Desktop App

The ClickShare Desktop app is technically a virtual ClickShare Button. But can be seen as a faster way to wireless share your content. The desktop app holds a PresentSense functionality, this means that when the desktop app is up and running. You can simply walk into the meeting room and connect instantly as the desktop app can sense you are in the meeting room. This is a massive time saver and can make your meeting run smoothly. No only that but can make your meetings look more professional as you wont have to mess around with cables in front of your team or any guests. Not only this but when you set up the desktop app with your desired video conferencing platform, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom for example. The app will automatically open the application for you to start your calls instantly.

Furthermore, the ClickShare desktop app works with Outlook Calendar, this will automatically sync the two apps. Meaning that when your set up a meeting at a certain date and time, the Outlook app will send the information to the ClickShare desktop app. So that ClickShare knows that a meeting is going ahead that day. Making it even easier to walk in and start a meeting.

The ClickShare desktop app lets any and everyone connect and present. Introducing collaboration and new ideas into the meeting. Guests wont have to worry about privacy when sharing as the desktop app will protect the privacy of other tabs open on your laptop. This means that when you are sharing your screen to the room display. The app will only show the tabs that you open and want to share, not the whole desktop view. Again allowing guests, and people within the team, to have privacy of any important or personal documents and tabs open. Not only will it give users privacy but it lets your meeting run smoothly and help it look more professional.

The desktop app works with most ClickShare devices, the CX-range and the CSE-range. However. if you are using an older ClickShare device, such as the CSC or CSM then you can still use the desktop app. But you will have to make sure that you are using the ClickShare Button alongside it. Plus to make sure that whatever ClickShare device you are using the desktop app with is up to date, the app will show a update notification on your wallpaper. This is helpful as it always keeps your device up to date and stops any problems from showing.

If you need some help figuring out how to work the ClickShare desktop app. Or just generally how the app can improve your meetings, alongside the use of presenter view. Then send us a chat with your questions and queries with your details and someone from our team will get back to you. Or if you want to have a quick chat with us, call us on 01189 997 7770.

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Using ClickShare Presenter

Being able to use the ClickShare presenter is useful and easy to use. Especially using it alongside the ClickShare desktop app. When you get into a meeting and want to share your PowerPoint to everyone else in the room. It will only take you a few seconds to set up your ClickShare app, or Button, and use the presenter view.

If you're using the ClickShare app, you will first need to make sure that the app is connected to the same network. Being connected to the same network is important as it allows you to use the ClickShare app with the other AV equipment in your room. Once that is connected, you can then plug the ClickShare Button into your PC or laptop. Then select the desired PowerPoint that you want to share and then click on the ClickShare app to share the content.

If you're using the ClickShare Button, its a very similar set up. Plug the Button into your PC or laptop, via the USB. Select the desired PowerPoint you want to share and then press on the ClickShare Button. The Button will blink white while it pairs your devices. Once the LED light is a static white, your PC or laptop content should be shown on the meeting room display.

When the ClickShare Button or the ClickShare app is connected and set up. Its simple to get the presenter feature up. The presenter features works seamlessly alongside PowerPoint, on Window or on MAC. Simply start up your PowerPoint presentation that you want to share in the meeting. Right click on a slide and select Use Presenter View. Or Show Presenter View if you are using a Windows. And with that, the PowerPoint from your laptop should be shown on your meeting room display. But, you should still be able to see the PowerPoint on your laptop with a notes tab. The presenter view is that fast and easy to set up and use, its a handy feature to have as it allows you to take down any of your own notes and other participants notes during the meeting.

The presenter view can work in any sized meeting room, small, medium or large the ClickShare app and presenter view can work in the environment. Even if you have the large room with dual monitors, then the presenter view will still work with the two displays. Start the PowerPoint up as usual. Then right click the slide and click on Shared Desktop. This will open another tab, on this you will need to click on Extended. Next start presenter view as normal, go to the Slide Show section and select Automatic on the Monitor tab. This will then share your laptop content to your dual display monitor, with no problems.

However if you want to share with the desktop app or Button, instead of doing it through PowerPoint. Then you will need to connect the Button to your laptop as normal. Then click the Quick Button in the ClickShare application and press on Extended desktop. You will know when this is achieved as the Extended desktop tab will show up in the right hand corner of the desktop app. The go into PowerPoint and click on the Automatic tab in Monitor. Then finally press the Button on the ClickShare desktop app and your PowerPoint will show on your dual meeting room display.