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What are Zoom Rooms? A beginners guide to installing Zoom Rooms into a business

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If the recent COVID-19 crisis taught us anything it was that we need to be more flexible in our ways of working. Gone are the days of mass gatherings in the boardroom as businesses realise the benefit of home working has on their bottom line.  However, no benefit comes without initial investment and that is where Zoom Rooms can maximise the ability of your staff to communicate and collaborate efficiently even if they are working remotely.

Zoom Video Communications is a leading video conferencing platform that gained mass use throughout the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to its easy to use interface and high-quality audio and video.  Millions of people around the world use Zoom for online meetings, Chats, Webinars and content sharing.

Since 2011 Organisations around the globe have adopted Zoom as their Go-to resource and the introduction of Zoom Rooms supercharged the ability to create professional meeting spaces with the minimum of cost and hassle.

From Huddle Rooms to Boardrooms, there is a Zoom Rooms Solution for your business.

We have collated a list of the most popular questions about Zoom Rooms as a guide to help you understand the technology and how it can help you.

What is the difference between Zoom and Zoom Rooms?

Zoom meetings are simply a video conferencing meeting hosted on Zoom.  Much like Skype they enable multiple people to hold online meetings using laptops or mobile phones.  A Zoom Room is a hardware setup that allows businesses to schedule and run Zoom Meetings from their internal meeting spaces.  The Zoom hardware is bookable and acts like an independent entity.

Zoom Rooms require an additional subscription on top of normal Zoom licences that people use.

How much do Zoom Rooms cost?

This does vary as it is dependent on the meeting space size and the quality of Zoom Room hardware that you install.  But the licence cost for Zoom Rooms is $49 per month and you will need a licence for each meeting space.  

We have extensive experience of installing Zoom Rooms and can advise on all aspects of Zoom Rooms Installation.

What Zoom Rooms Hardware is available?

The Zoom hardware range is quite large and what you will need is very dependent on the size of meeting space you are looking to use as a Zoom Room. The main manufacturers of Zoom hardware are Logitech, Poly, Crestron and DTEN.  

Being manufacturer independent we can make sure you get the right solution for your needs.  Contact us today to see what Zoom Rooms can do for your meeting spaces.

London Zoom Installer Logitech

Can Zoom Rooms integrate with my existing calendar solution?

Zoom Rooms integrate seamlessly with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange.  Integrating Zoom Rooms into your existing calendar allows for simple scheduling, joining and management of meetings.

What is a Zoom Rooms Scheduling display?

One of the most powerful features of a Zoom Rooms licence is the ability to avoid scheduling headaches by displaying upcoming meetings and room availability on a tablet outside the room.  Anyone can instantly see if the room is free or likely to be occupied soon via wall-mounted iPads.  The Zoom Rooms scheduling displays integrate with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange allowing users to book rooms from any device.

How do I manage a Zoom Rooms deployment?

Zoom provides a Zoom Rooms Admin Management dashboard that you can use to assign permissions to monitor the health and status of your Zoom Rooms deployment.  You can remotely manage the equipment in your Zoom Rooms and can be notified of any of the following issues:

  • Controller (iPad) is disconnected
  • Mic has been disconnected
  • Speaker has been disconnected
  • Camera has been disconnected 
  • Low bandwidth detected
  • Zoom Rooms offline
  • High CPU usage detected
  • Controller (iPad) battery is low.

Is Zoom better than Skype?

When comparing Skype vs Zoom directly, it does tend to show that Zoom is a much more impressive online meeting solution.  Zoom lets you see up to 49 people at once and up to 100 participants at once which is way higher than Skype.

Devices SupportedWindows 10, macOS, Linux (including Ubuntu), iOS, Android and BlackberryWeb browsers, Windows, Mac
Maximum Call Participants100 (49 visible at any one time)50 total
FeaturesCustomisable virtual backgrounds
End to end encryption
HD video and audio
Blur my background
React emoji
Call recording
Free Option?YesYes
Premium Options?Zoom Pro ($14.99 per month per host)
Increases the 40-minute time limit to 24-hour meeting duration
Yes, but only for international calling
Meeting Recording?1GB of cloud recording in Zoom ProRecordings are stored for up to 30 days

Is Zoom safe and secure?

In short, yes.  Zoom gained huge popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic but was still used in the Government daily briefings.  There were some concerns about the way Zoom handled people being able to perform ‘Zoom bombings’ but Zoom worked quikly to protect their users with huge security and process updates.

Zoom meetings have a waiting room by default so people cannot just join a meeting but have to be accepted in by the host.

Can you do breakout rooms in Zoom?

Any host can create breakout rooms in all versions of Zoom.  Zoom Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting into up to 50 breakout rooms in a single call.

It has to be enabled in your settings before the Zoom meeting starts so make sure this is done to avoid any issues.

Recording of breakout rooms is also possible.

We are Zoom Room experts and have installed Zoom Rooms in London and across the UK.  Being the leading Zoom Rooms Installer we have the experience to make sure your meeting spaces are the perfect collaboration spaces for your business.

Contact us today on (0118) 997 7770 or email and one of our Zoom Room experts will help you