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barco CX Wireless Conferencing

Barco CX Conferencing

For better hybrid meetings and an immersive conferencing experience, Barco ClickShare Conference has just what your business needs. 

Google Meet London Installer

Google Meet

Google Meet integrates completely with G Suite versions of Google Calendar and Gmail to provide an immersive end to end experience. 

Microsoft Teams London Installer

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can provide seamless integration between high-quality hardware and your Teams UC software.  Fully bespoke room solutions available.

poly video conferencing systems london

Poly Systems

Bring office quality to your home, whether from the enterprise or contact center – choose the right headsets, personal speaker phones and video solutions.

Zoom London Installer

Zoom Rooms

Perfect for meeting spaces of any size from huddle space to boardrooms.  Zoom hardware solutions give incredible video conferencing.

Why Businesses Choose Video Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing systems have become an integral part of business life in almost every industry.  Video Conferencing equipment has evolved into a stable and efficient environment that works seamlessly with remote workers on smart devices.  Video communication is now considered second only to meeting face-to-face and is much more effective than phone calls or emails. Video conferencing systems have changed the way we all do business.

With everyone’s busy working schedules and trying to find the perfect work/life balance, video conferencing systems have reduced the pressure of trying to get everyone together in the same place for a meeting.  Cloud based video conferencing systems like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet offer simple solutions for remote employees, clients and any stakeholder to actively participate in meetings without any need to travel


Benefits Of Video Conferencing Systems

Businesses implement video conferencing solutions for a number of reasons, most commonly:


  • It’s easy to get large groups of people to meet
  • It connects remote workers and sites quickly to each other and reduces travel costs
  • Stakeholders and clients can easily communicate with businesses
  • Enables faster responses and quicker decisions
  • Online presentations can be made to remote clients

How To Get The Most From Video Conferencing Systems

video conferencing systems internet bandwidth 21st Century AV


Make sure that your internet capacity is able to handle stable video conferencing

video conferencing systems software 21st Century AV


Make sure you use the best video conferencing software like Zoom, BlueJeans or Microsoft Teams

best video conference equipment 21st Century AV

Good Equipment

Using good video conferencing equipment removes small irritations from meetings like blurred images or bad sound.

video conferencing systems agenda 21st Century AV

Send Agenda's

Video conferencing systems enable remote meetings but all other meeting etiquettes still apply.

video conferencing systems distractions 21st Century AV

Remove Distractions

Use proper microphones to eliminate background noise.  Video Conferencing software like zoom or Microsoft Teams also allows background blurring or changes so the focus can be on the meeting.

video conferencing systems timezones 21st Century AV

Time Zones

Keep time zones in mind when organising video conference calls.  

clothes for video conferencing 21st Century AV

Dress Accordingly

If it is a formal meeting then dress appropriately. Make sure people still represent the company correctly.

huddle space video conferencing systems 21st Century AV


Some video conference calls need good locations so make sure that internal meeting spaces are equipped properly

Fully Integrated Video Conferencing Systems

Video Conferencing Software like Zoom, BlueJeans or Microsoft Teams all have capabilities for large scale deployment.  Integrating them into conference rooms & halls is possible if it is installed alongside the correct video conferencing hardware.

The potential of professional video conferencing systems is fully realised when the software and hardware work in unison.

To achieve the full benefit installing appropriate hardware is vital as without it you may encounter issues such as audio that echo’s or unclear pictures which makes sharing content and communicating effectively very difficult.

Remember all of the video calls that BBC and other news stations used during the Coronavirus pandemic.  The amount of times they had to cut away because the sound went was purely down to bad equipment at the other end which left news anchors struggling to talk to them.

Making sure that your video conference system works seamlessly is what 21st Century AV does really well. Our customers profit from our experience by making sure that their video conferencing systems present their business in the best light at all times.


21st Century AV is manufacturer-independent which means we can make sure that you get the right video conferencing equipment for your needs.

Video conferencing equipment available from 21st Century AV includes:

  • Barco CX
  • Logitech
  • Cisco
  • Poly
  • DTEN
  • Crestron

To find out more about video conferencing systems and how we can help you with an efficient, cost-effective installation, contact us on the form below or call 0118 997 7770


best av systems integrator london 21st Century AV


21st Century AV is manufacturer independent which allows us the ability to provide the correct solution that best meets your needs.

AV installer london uk 21st Century AV


VC Project Management from concept to delivery.  As Avixa members we know how to do things the right way to ensure your project is delivered.

AV systems installer london 21st Century AV


21st Century AV can assess your needs and integrate new Video Conferencing equipment in with any existing AV solutions that are already present.

AV installation services london 21st Century AV


Our Installations Department will perform a no-obligation survey of the room and/or building to complete a thorough assessment of the various technical and logistical factors to assess the feasibility of the project.

Audio visual systems training london uk 21st Century AV


To ensure maximum ROI from your new video conferencing solution, all users must be trained to get the most from the new equipment. Even when integrated with the latest control systems, there may be anxiety with new systems.

AV Systems Maintenance London UK 21st Century AV


We understand that issues with new and existing equipment may arise. Our service department has the knowledge, skills, training, and resources to keep your VC system operating efficiently, lowering total cost of ownership.

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