The Difference In Room Sizes When Choosing Meeting Room Solutions

Meeting Room Solutions

Today, hundreds and thousands of companies spend almost 40% of their time weekly in meeting rooms. Setting up your meeting rooms with the right video conferencing solutions is more important than ever. But how extensive your meeting room setup needs to be, depends on the room's type and size. Like, the bigger the space, the more powerful your system needs to be. 

The small rooms are designed for seating up to four people. Meanwhile, the medium rooms seat 6-10 people, and large meeting rooms accommodate more than ten people. 

When you want to transform your meeting spaces, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for video collaboration available. But you can differentiate your meeting room solution based on: 

  • No. of participants
  • Field of view
  • Video and audio quality

Small vs Medium vs Large meeting rooms

No. of participants4-6 people6-10More than 10
Video All-in-one audio/video devicePTZ cameraWide-angle camera
Field of viewUp to 120°65-90°Up to 120° 
AudioAll-in-one audio/video deviceSpeakerphoneCeiling solutions for mics & speakers

Small meeting rooms

Small or mini meeting rooms seat up to 4-6 people and are quick and easily accessible. It is perfect for both impromptu working sessions and scheduled meetings. These rooms allow teams to work more effectively without reserving a large conference room. Here employees gather for a brainstorming, one-on-one or ad-hoc discussion. It is used to facilitate hybrid collaboration. They can perfectly be used as virtual boxes for a video conference with high sound and image quality. 

Ideal Design For Small Rooms

The perfect size for a small meeting room is around 10’ X 10’. Depending on your team's needs, this size can support a single or dual display. The size makes them most suited for a single-mounted display with a meeting room table pushed right up against the wall. When deciding on a mounting height, we recommend staying at eye level. However, a 42”–50” sized TV is preferred by most. The limited square footage allows you to make bold choices without completely renovating the office. Also, don’t trap your team members in a dark cave with dark wall colours. Try a bright, warm light to help their ideas grow and blossom. 

Audio Requirement: For small rooms, the speakers and microphones should be built into the all-in-one solution.

Video Requirements: Prioritize a wide-angle lens over zoom capabilities for mini or small spaces. Look for a solution with a wide-angle field of view that is compact and has plug-and-play installation. 

Best Solutions 

An all-in-one device is perfect if you wish to equip a small room with a single video conferencing endpoint and reduce cable clutter. Some of the best small meeting room solutions are: 

  • Logitech Rally Bar Mini Room Solution
  • Yealink MeetingBar A20
  • Logitech Tap Small Room Solution 
  • Asus – Small Room Kit 

Medium meeting rooms

Medium size meeting rooms seat up to 10 people. These rooms are designed to eliminate unnecessary complications, facilitate focus and collaboration, and help remote participants feel like they're in the same room. Typical use cases are recurring team or status meetings or information-sharing meetings. People present, co-create, and collaborate here. These rooms are used for hybrid meetings to connect to remote meeting participants.

Ideal Design For Medium Rooms

The ideal room size for medium conference rooms is 15’ X 30’ and should have a large screen. Make sure the room is designed to accommodate the number of people who need to use it simultaneously. The setup for video conferencing in medium rooms can be fixed to a particular platform or the space can be used as a BYOM space with a user's preferred UC&C solution, connecting to the room’s peripherals for a better meeting experience. If a conference room is designed to fit eight people, find eight matching, comfortable chairs and put them in that room. 

Audio Requirement: Medium rooms require directional audio or AI features like speaker-tracking to help improve remote collaboration and make the meeting flow similar to in-person interactions. Choose the correct microphone type, placement, and quantity within the space that enhances speech while reducing noise.

Moreover, furniture design and cabling pathways must be considered for microphone placement. 

Video Requirements: A medium size meeting room could include a dual-screen setups that let you view video participants on one screen while sharing a presentation on the other. Medium to large rooms may also require more microphone pickups in addition to high-definition cameras with optical zoom. 

Best Solutions 

In meeting space, people sit further away from the camera. So requirements for audio and video differ substantially from those in smaller rooms. Therefore, you need a more advanced camera and speakerphone and a larger display setup so that everyone can be heard and seen clearly. Some of the best meeting solutions for medium rooms are: 

  • Yealink MVC640 Wireless Solution
  • Logitech Rally Bar Mini Room Solution
  • Logitech Rally Bar Room Solution 
  • Poly X50 & TC8 Touch Panel Bundle

Large meeting rooms

Large meeting spaces seat 10+ people, like multipurpose big rooms and boardrooms. These rooms are designed to facilitate focus and collaboration, eliminate unnecessary complications, and help your remote participants feel like they're in the same room. Video conferencing in larger meeting rooms require setups that vary between the fixed conference room and BYOM facilities, just like in medium-sized rooms. These rooms should have the perfect balance of simplicity and cutting-edge technology. 

Ideal Design For Large Rooms

Large meeting spaces’ layout and size and their components widely differ from company to company. Typically, they require multiple large screens or an LED video wall. You can furnish it with lightweight furniture. Use rollers if there’s any chance your meetings might break out into an activity as it provides you the ability to rearrange the room easily. 

Audio Requirement: Speakers with noise cancelling, volume capacity and automatic speaker tracking are typically mounted overhead to provide evenly distributed audio throughout the large room.

Video Requirements: A large meeting room set up with screen manufacturers and third-party integrated audio solutions is a beneficial one and may include installing a rack-mountable video solution that includes multiple device inputs and outputs.

Wireless presentation solutions can be ideal for accommodating easy and secure content sharing. Features like annotation or whiteboarding help moderate the content or add more interactivity and energy to the meeting.

Best Solutions

A large meeting room setup is the most complex one. It must be of a premium high-quality to accommodate the business professionals. In a high-end setup, you need scalable solutions such as 

  • Yealink MVC940 (Multiple Camera Option)
  • Yealink MVC860 With Audio Bundle
  • Logitech Rally Bar & Tap Bundle 
  • Logitech Rally Plus