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Don't Settle for less

Reconfigure existing space for a hybrid workplace

The past year has identified many pros and cons to working from home.

People enjoy the variety of spaces available at home, like the option to move to any lounge area, or the kitchen table or backgarden patio when the sun is out. They also appreciate the focused time and quiet spaces.

There are also many aspects of physically being in an office that people miss, such as – face-to-face collaboration; and seeing how their work has an impact on the larger business. We consider all the pros and cons and can implement solutions that create the perfect hybrid workplace.

Charge Forward

Supercharge Your New Hybrid Workplace With Hot Desking, Digital Signage And Video Conferencing

Working with leading specialists in the field we can offer professional hot desking, digital signage displays and video conferencing systems to allow your staff to work safely but efficiently.

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Our Specialities

What we can do for you

As the UK’s leading AV integrator we have worked with specialised companies for over 20 years delivering some amazing full office refurbishments.  Our partnerships with the leading UK office fit out companies means we can get you the specialised and bespoke help you need when embarking on a big project like reconfiguring an office.

The reconfiguration partners we recommend are for no other reason than we want our customers to have a great experience and enjoy the result….. oh, and also there is a little hope that if there is any AV equipment needed for the project we get the opportunity to quote on it 😉

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Need more meeting space so staff can collaborate with remote workers?

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From temperature screening through to desktop sneeze screens, we can help you bring employees back to the office safely

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From huddle spaces to boardrooms we can provide full professional setups

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We work with leading companies like Appspace and GoBright to give complete desk booking solutions

Our Partners

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The Future of the Office is Hybrid

Make The New Normal Work For You

Whatever your concerns are about bringing some or all of your staff back to the office,
we have experts on had that can walk you through your options with no obligation.