Reconfiguring Your Workspace

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Working solely from the office and from the same desk isn't the only option anymore. Hot desking as introduced to help offices with people working from home and working from a co-working space to bring them back into the office. Safely and without them having to worry.

Working from home has become comfortable but with hot desking, it lets companies bring back their employees and sit them at a desk that they want. Leaving their desk option completely up to them.

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What Type Of Rooms Need To Be Bought In

Offices are now not just cubical after cubical or desk after desk all lined up. The way of working has changed and the environment in the offices needs to change with it.

Open planned offices with social spaces are a great way to introduce a new layout of working, with social spaces bringing a more comfortable environment to work in.

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This new type of layout allows people to sit and meet wherever comfortable. Plus using a social space to hold your video conference, the participants via the video conference could feel more relaxed in the meeting as your environment looks welcoming and more comfortable.

If social spaces sound great but you still want to have spaces for a more private meeting, then focus rooms are a great addition to any office. Including focus rooms into your office gives people the freedom to take their meeting to a more private area. Perfect if you are having private conversations with somebody in the office or someone external through a video conference.

Hot Desking

This is the new way of working within the office. With people getting unmotivated and at the same desk everyday, hot desking is a way workers can move around the office and have a change of environment. Hopefully increasing motivation. Plus, it doesn't just help increase motivation but it can help increase relationships around the office. As people are moving around either daily or weekly. Resulting in new relationships and ideas being made as you are sat next to different people throughout the month.

The reason hot desking was introduced to offices though was to help with keeping people distanced around the office. Using devices like GoBright to make sure that workers would book their desk before getting into the office, plus stopping any stealing of desks. Here are a few pros to introducing hot desking into your office;

  • Increased collaboration
  • Cleaner desks
  • Increase motivation
  • Increase feeling of independence

All of these benefits can be added into your office by introducing hot desking.


With the GoBright device you can instantly see what desks are available, in use, almost occupied, and non-bookable. The status devices can sit on top of the desk or the desktop, making it easy for people to see if the desk is free or not. Along with the GoBright devices, people in charge can go into a portal, review timelines, desks that are booked and never occupied, and occupancy reviews. Meaning that even if you, as a manager, are working from home you can still check on how many people are in the office.

Reconfiguring Your Workspace

Making sure that the right desks are being used and that you are getting the most out of introducing GoBright into your office.

Using GoBright is easy and efficient. With the device being integrated with Active Directory and Google, people in the office can log into GoBright too book a desk with their Microsoft or Google Account. Then when you use one of those accounts to log in and book your desk, you can use the GoBright app to log in. All you have to do when you get to your desk is scan the NFC sticker with your phone (compatible with IPhone 7 or later). Or you can use the GoBright App to sign into your desk just by scanning the GoBright LED ring.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Adding some updated video conferencing solutions to your office will massively help you reconfigure. Video conferencing solutions come in all different sizes. So if you are introducing social spaces and huddle rooms to your office, you will be able to find a video conferencing solution for you. This can be a better option for some in terms of reliability, being able to set up your camera and audio the way you want with the devices being separate.

Video conferencing solutions will also work best for your huddle rooms, with this type of solution you can pick the right brand, the right video conferencing platform and the right AV devices that will fit your specific type of room.


Whether you are picking a video conferencing solution that is tied to Zoom and created by Logitech Or, a video conferencing solution that is made for Teams meetings and created by Poly. With any brand there will be a video conferencing solution for you. Some of the most popular brands are Logitech, Poly, and Yealink. Each brand offering their own type of video conferencing equipment to help reconfigure your meeting space.


Why Should I Consider Reconfiguring Workspace?

The main reason to reconfigure your workplace is to entice your workers back into the office. Like we said, having rows and rows of cubicles or desks isn't the way to bring your employees back. With people getting an insight to how their working life would be if they were to work hybrid in co-working spaces, having to upgrade you office was inevitable.

What Do Social Spaces Do?

Updating your main office floor may have been inevitable but for a good reason. Adding more of a homely sense to your office lets your employees to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Decreasing stress and increasing motivation as the environment around them is nicer than cubical walls.

These social spaces can be any shape and size, being made up of just a couple chairs, a sofa, a coffee table and a video conferencing display. Its easy to find, or make, a spot in your office for this more comfortable meeting style. Furthermore, social spaces can have multiple uses. When the space isn't being used for a meeting, it can be used for brainstorming with people in the office, be used for people having their lunch, and can be used as a guest area. So the social space will never be empty for too long. Giving your employees freedom to use the space any way they like.

What Do Huddle Spaces Do?

Introducing huddle spaces into your office will increase any impromptu meetings. As if two employees were having a discussion on the office floor, it will be easy for them to take the discussion into the huddle room and have the conversation privately. Without interrupting anyone else working.

Not only will it increase impromptu meetings within co-workers but within customers and business partners. Giving your employees the chance to hold a meeting with their customer in a private setting, resulting in longer conversations. Then those longer conversations leading to more opportunities and a better relationship with either their customer or business partner.

What Do Video Conferencing Solutions Do?

If updating your office space with new rooms and spaces is maybe too much outside of your budget, then a new video conferencing solution will do just the trick. Maybe even more of a difference. With no one going into the office for a long amount of time, your video conferencing solutions were left to sit untouched in your meeting rooms. So when we all were finally allowed back, your video conferencing equipment was out of date and maybe out of juice.

With a long list of new AV equipment out there, you can definitely reconfigure your workplace without having to spend big amount of cash. New wide angled cameras, all-in-one video bars, and specific audio pickup areas on speakers. Whatever type of room you have you can reconfigure it with AV equipment.