Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

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From Huddle Rooms to Board Rooms,  Poly has you covered.

Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

Why Your Business Should Have Poly Systems

Even though they are used by some of the most significant Fortune 500 companies, Poly is for everyone.

Whether you are a start-up or an established enterprise, a professional video conferencing system is generally need to do business in today’s world. As one of the more reputable providers, you can trust Poly Systems Video Conferencing for your video-calling requirements. More and more businesses are choosing Poly as their preferred video conferencing solution. 

  • Poly video Conferencing offers a quick, positive, and consistent return on investment for you. 
  • Most Poly clients have highly positive reviews about the overall experience. 
  • Businesses find Poly video conferencing to be flexible and versatile. 
  • Companies choose Poly because of their expertise in video, telepresence, and voice. 
  • Poly empowers users to collaborate and connect. 
  • Poly is a leading resource among so many businesses because of its quality and variety. 
  • Poly caters to every vertical. 
  • Businesses trust Poly’s reputation in the market. 
  • Poly continually evolving and develop its products. 
Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview
Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

Who Are Poly?

Poly was established in 2019 from a merger of Polycom and Plantronics. They are experts in combining screen sharing and intense video with high-quality audio. The brand is striving to make remote connection a more seamless experience. 

They have cloud management tools as well as dedicated video conferencing equipment. Along with its whopping 1500 patents worldwide, its workforce includes 6500 employees in over 75 workplaces. 

Poly is operational in over 30+ countries. The annual revenue is believed to be somewhere around $2 billion. What’s more, a majority of Fortune 500 brands rely on Poly for their services. 

  • They have several products under one roof that cater to video conferencing needs. A geographically dispersed workforce can collaborate and communicate comfortably with Poly video conferencing. 

    Poly empowers you to connect to the world from your classroom, meeting room, home, or even mobile. You will be impressed with the complete spectrum of services they offer!

    Below, we explore Poly’s video conferencing equipment and services that align with professional workspace requirements. 

Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

How Poly Video Conferencing Benefits Businesses

In today’s world, communication is key. 

To stay competitive, your business needs innovative methods to connect with your prospective and current clients. From large theatres to huddle spaces, the technology being used should be user-friendly and adaptive.

A modern video conferencing system demands advanced technology – something that Poly can offer. The main benefit of using Poly video conferencing is that they serve all industries. 

They prove that remoteness is not a hindrance anymore.

Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

Range Of Industries

Whether your brand belongs to the education industry or media and entertainment, Poly has got something for all. They have video conferencing equipment for you. 

Poly offer intuitive solutions for a plethora of verticals, like aviation, media & entertainment, education, financial services, healthcare, and government. 

For example, for the education industry, their range of video conferencing equipment includes a tracking camera. For the media and entertainment industry, they suggest products like the Poly Studio X50. 

Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

Competitive Product Line

We love how the Poly Video Conferencing solutions are so extensive and updated. 

Under their video conferencing offerings, you can purchase room systems, accessories, cloud service, infrastructure, and cameras. For their room systems, we recommend the Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50. 

From the board room to the huddle room, Poly can efficiently handle just about everyone’s video conferencing needs. 

Their range of accessories includes mic arrays, transportation cases, digital extenders, and many more. All we can say is their product line has something for everyone.

Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

Large User Base

The video conferencing equipment market is very competitive, but Poly video conferencing products have managed to grab a large market share. 

From small to big companies, Poly is adept at serving everyone and anyone. They are serve many industries and many big brands. Their large user base has made their products more versatile and useful. 

Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

Customer Service

If you are looking for quality products for your video conferencing solution, look no further. Poly is known for its high-quality and durable products. 

Apart from an expansive range, you can enjoy top-notch quality video conferencing equipment. This means you no longer have to struggle with video-call issues.

Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview


All businesses like to partner with companies that offers good customer service. 

Poly has excellent customer service. You can contact them to report any issues. Along with a promise of quality, you also have access to excellent customer service.

Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

Poly Systems For Zoom

Poly Systems Video Conferencing is diversifying its portfolio with an exciting collaboration with Zoom. Zoom is one of the top video-conferencing software in the world. 

Poly Zoom Rooms offer native functionality with video-call software, Zoom. They have launched three pieces of equipment, fully compatible with the Zoom Rooms. It is Android-based hardware that includes Poly Studio X50, the X30, and finally Poly G7500. 

These three pieces are incredibly efficient for video-conferencing purposes. Since many remote workers are using Zoom for video conferencing, this update from Poly will serve a massive user base.  

Their devices have proven that it can match the high standards and quality of Zoom. Whether it is audio or video, Poly is in sync with Zoom. They have access to Zoom certification, which means the Poly Systems Video Conferencing will provide an all-inclusive experience. 


Great Hardware For Zoom Rooms

Poly’s great Zoom-oriented collection blends well with the simplicity of the video conferencing platform. 

With enterprise-grade video and exceptional sound quality, video conferencing becomes as effortless as a breeze. This hardware is designed to offer the perfect blend of convenience and clarity. Equipped with this device, your videoconference at Zoom is all set to become better. 

The workplaces developing the Zoom meeting rooms with these latest additions from Poly can make use of speaker tracking. These video-conferencing appliances have the best quality in terms of security. This comprehensive system will allow peace of mind for its users. 

This technology has already undergone third-party tests to identify any underlying issues.


High Standards For Zoom Meeting Rooms

Poly Systems Video Conferencing is the only system offering an authentic experience for meeting rooms at Zoom. 

The Zoom-oriented hardware includes native video, headset hardware, and voice to help businesses make the most out of their meetings on Zoom. Poly aims to provide a great experience in all Zoom Phone, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Meetings. 

This Poly and Zoom collaboration on meeting room equipment is an example of increasing standards of communication technology. These high-grade solutions are providing ease of use and flexibility for the users. 

The Poly Studio X and G7500 range will genuinely transform the way people use Zoom. 

Poly Systems Video Conferencing Overview

Poly Systems For Microsoft Teams

You just read how Poly Systems video conferencing is embracing video calls on Zoom. 

Poly is also adding value to Microsoft Teams with another excellent collaboration bound to enhance the video-conferencing landscape. The Poly devices are easy to use and setup. 

The solutions for Microsoft Teams include G-Series Microsoft Teams Rooms Solutions, Poly Studio X30, and the Poly Studio X50 video bars. It will be a great combination of Poly video and audio technologies with Microsoft Teams. 

Poly’s portfolio is quite inclusive and considerate of all your needs. There are also many standalone cameras like EagleEye Cube USB, Poly Studio, EagleEyeMini, and the EagleEye Director II. 

The Poly RealConnect allows interoperability with Microsoft Teams. With RealConnect, you can seamlessly connect Microsoft Teams to your video conferencing system. 

Poly also offers a range of headsets, desktop, and software services for Microsoft Teams. You can use the Voyager 6200UC, Blackwire 7225, Voyager Focus UC for your video conferencing on Teams. 

Apart from that, some of the other equipment includes Poly G10-T, Poly G85-T, and Poly G40-T. Poly is ensuring that their solution and Microsoft can handle real-time digital traffic.

Poly offers various video conferencing solutions for multiple platforms. Whether you are using Zoom or Microsoft for your remote work needs, Poly Video Conferencing can do it all. 

We are experience Poly integrators so if you have a project that you need help with, fill out the form and we will get one of our specialists to contact you.