Our Full Review Of The Google Meet Series One Desk 27

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Video conferencing has become a main resource in peoples life. With applications such as Google Meet being a integral part of your day. Whether that's to contact friends, family or to get your work done. But with the sudden popularity and usage of the video-communication platform. Using and integrating Google Meet into your home office, has caused stress for most.

Avocor and Google Meet have teamed up to create the perfect all-in-one desktop, that covers all your needs. For not only completing work tasks, but holding video conferencing with Google Meet. With The Desk 27's simple design, there's no stress about missing moving files from one computer to another or missing meetings all together because you had no reminder. The Google Meet Series One Desk 27 By Avocor really does hold everything in one device. Its 'a premium all-in-one touchscreen Google Meet device, desk monitor, laptop docking station, and digital whiteboard'. Covering all your basic needs and wants while in a meeting or just simply working at your desk. Whether that be in the office or at home.

In the last couple of years "94% of organisations are now more flexible as to where and when employees work", Gartner 2021. So with a device like The Desk 27, employers and employees, won't have to worry about working from home. With all this in mind The Desk 27 sounds like a great desktop to get a hold of, and with the device coming out later this month. Here is our review of The Google Meet Series One Desk 27 By Avocor.

Main Features

The Desk 27 holds many great features that will grant you a great experience when working when the desktop. From the camera and audio to extra features like voice activation. Avocor has packed The Desk 27 full of important features that everyone wants in a desktop monitor, while adding small extra features that many would not notice or care about. Like mentioned, these extra features may seem a bit pointless. But it shows that Avocor and Google are dedicated to creating a monitor that generally helps you video conference in the easiest way possible. Plus by Avocor partnering with Google Meet, the desktop targets a massive audience of people who use video-communication platform. Tailoring the desktop to include everything you would need to use Google Meet efficiently.

The Desk 27 is a simple design with a simple and quick to use display. The design of the Desk 27 fits into Google's aesthetic but it is also for easier usage. Making it easier for you to walk in and start, or join, a meeting. The home page, as you could call it, is a basic screen of your scheduled meetings, on the right side of the screen. Then a grid on the left hand side where you can join or start a meeting, call a phone, and use the whiteboard.

However, The Desk 27 can be suited for about anyone. With any video conferencing platform. From offices, phone booths, small meeting rooms, collaboration rooms, and home offices. Anyone and everyone can enjoy The Desk 27.

The Monitor

With just one tap you can do basically everything the Desk 27 is designed for. Gone are the days where you have to connect your laptop, find your video conferencing platform, log in and find the correct meeting. With Desk 27, you simply just have to walk in and tap your scheduled meeting. And You're ready to go. Although, if you use the extra features that Avocor have included, you could walk in and just say "Hey Google start my meeting". And you're ready to go even faster.

The speaker, soundbar and microphones are all integrated into the display, giving the monitor a clean look. This matches on well to Google's typical aesthetic, white clean displays with minimal to no buttons. With just a quick glance at this desktop you will already know its Google. Though the monitor holds a clean and simple look, the inside of the device is a bit more complex. With an Intel Core i5 Processor, the device works to handle constant workloads that would normally run down any other type of monitor. Alongside this, the Desk 27 includes an integrated compute system of Google Edge TPU (Tensor Processing Unit), with the latest Google AI. Helping the desktop run in the most reliable way it can.

The monitor can also be positioned any way you want. Coming with its own dedicated stand, you can easily set up the monitor. But with the stand being detachable, you can place the display on another stand that suits your desk and liking. This could be a stand that allows you to move the display around. Not only that but the display can be mounted on the wall. This mounting option is great for meeting rooms and small collaboration rooms. As you can set the display on the wall to the perfect height, so you wont have to waste time adjusting the display to get you, and any other colleagues, into frame. But if you're thinking that it would be easier just to move the display yourself. That's where the Desk 27's camera can automatically adjust and move around to get you in the right position.

Our Full Review Of The Google Meet Series One Desk 27

The Display

To make not only your video meeting experience better but also your whiteboarding experience better. The monitors display can be tilted, from 0°+5°/-25. This allows you to completely adjust the device to the way it suits you. Making it more personal to and how you like to work. The Desk 27 really is all about fitting in to your environment and what you want. The device can either stay on the stand that arrives with the display or it can be mounted to a wall. So no matter what shape your home office, small meeting room or collaboration room is, this monitor can fit in easily.

The display boasts a 178˚ viewing angle, letting everyone view your whiteboard ideas and the participants in your video conferencing. With ambient lighting and colour correction, the display gives you and everyone in the room the most true view at all times. The display will change colour tones and brightness depending on your environment. So if you are sat in your dark office at home working longer than you should. The screen will automatically dim and tone down colours to protect your eyes from having to endure the harsh light from the monitor. Not only that but this feature is great for energy saving. Meaning that it can keep the Desk 27 running longer throughout the day.

Desk 27 Set Up

The monitor is simple to set up. If you're using the Desk 27 as a laptop docking station, all you need to do is connect your laptop to the monitor via a USB-C cable. Then you can use the 27" display as a second monitor. Plus using the Desk 27 this way, you can use any of your laptop applications with the monitor. Including any other video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom and Teams. Giving you the flexibility to use any video conferencing platform you'd like. Expanding the capabilities of the Desk 27.

The Meet hardware is also no hassle to set up and you don't even need to be in the room to do so. The Meet hardware is useful as it can self-diagnose any issues that may occur with the Desk 27. So administrators can get straight to the problem at hand. Plus, they don't even have to come into the office as they can monitor the device remotely.

The hardware can also automatically update the device for you, so you wont be hit with any update notifications interrupting you while you're at work. Keeping the device in top shape for your video conferences.

Our Full Review Of The Google Meet Series One Desk 27


The desktop holds an integrated 5MP, digital PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) Ultra HD camera. With autofocus, auto brightness and white balance capabilities. Delivering you the most true view of the participants in the video conference. The camera is clever in that it can automatically move and adjust to make sure everyone is in frame and that everyone can be seen perfectly. With this device being designed for video conferencing, and specifically Google Meet, the camera had to be high quality to capture your meetings fluidly.

However some may be thinking that yes, an Ultra HD camera is great for video conferencing. But with platforms, such as Google Meet, only providing a 720p resolution. The camera may be unnecessary and it kind of seems that way if you cant get the Ultra HD out of you meetings. But with the desktop camera being able to accommodate that resolution, whenever Google Meet and other video conferencing platforms upgrade to higher resolution. You won't have to go out and buy, either a new camera or a whole new desktop, as the Desk 27 camera will run the higher resolution just fine.

Going one step further, the camera has a privacy shutter and LED status for your security and peace of mind. With the privacy shutter completely covering the camera and the LED status letting you know when the camera is in use. The camera is there for you when you want to use it.

Audio & Sound

Although having a high quality camera is important, especially in a device designed for video conferencing. Having high impact sound and audio is also just as important. Offering "high-fidelity audio" and a eight microphone array with an integrated speaker bar. So even though this device is best suited for desks, small collaboration rooms and phone booths, it still offers an eight microphone array that is able to pick up anybody that decides to join you in your meeting last minute. A video call uses all three senses, so getting great sound, audio and view is important.

As we said, perfect audio and sound is super important, on your end and the other person participating in your video meeting. That's why Avocor have included TrueVoice. A multi-channel noise cancellation feature to focus on whats important in your meeting. Which is you. This feature cancels out any unwanted and unnecessary background noises and amplifies human voices. So if you're sat at your desk in the office, the person that you're having the meeting with won't hear your collages having their lunch behind you. Not only can the Desk 27 project clear audio to your participant, but the soundbar projects clear 360˚ immersive audio on your end. It also gives the monitor a sleek, smart appearance as they are both integrated. Stopping your desk from getting messy with cables.


Moving more towards the creative side of the Desk 27, the digital whiteboarding feature brings a new side to the device. It gives more opportunities to the people using the desktop. With you being able to jump to the whiteboard during a meeting and visually show your plans. Plus, it encourages you and your colleagues to collaborate together and come up with new ideas. Although, the whiteboard isn't just included to create new ideas. But you can also annotate over any documents you have saved that you want to share in a meeting. Letting you add new notes to your work and adjust anything that may need changing.

The display screen is an anti-fingerprint glass with a sensitive writing experience. This means that the display will respond to the included stylus, your finger and your palm. Letting your create anyway you want, and the display will respond accordingly. The ultra-responsive display will respond to not only your finger and palm, but can respond to multiple fingers and stylus's at once. Letting you and your colleagues create at the same time, on the same screen. Saving time and again encouraging collaboration in the workspace.

Our Full Review Of The Google Meet Series One Desk 27

If touching your screen with your fingers is something that you'd rather not do. Then not to worry, as the Desk 27 comes with a stylus. Dedicated for you to seamlessly create on the whiteboard. The ultra-low latency passive stylus doesn't require any charging. And it will magnetically sit just below the screen on the monitor. So if you put the stylus back in its dedicated space below the screen, you won't have to search your desk draws for the thin stylus. The anti-fingerprint glass is a great feature. Because you won't have a dirty screen full of yours, and your colleagues, fingerprints. Though this feature to some may seem a bit useless to some, it is a nice little advantage.

Think of it this way, if your monitor is in view of a window, which lets that annoying bit of sunlight to shine right on your screen, you wont be able to see all the fingerprints left by you when you were last using the whiteboard. And you won't have to bother with wiping your screen down after every use of the whiteboard.

Who Is The Google Desk 27 For?

The Desk 27 is made for basically everyone. For those who love Google and everything that comes alongside it. To people that just want a powerful second monitor. There's no doubt that Google users will love the Desk 27. But Avocor and Google Meet wanted to impress and accommodate everyone.

So the Desk 27 was made by the two to specifically catch the eye of people who stand by using Google Meet. But they didn't want anyone to be left out. So even if you're preferred video conferencing platform is Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The Desk 27 can run the application smoothly. With this idea, the Desk 27 can fit comfortably into most working environments. The monitor can be set up in small meeting and collaboration rooms, phone booths, a standard desk at work and your home office. Anyone can walk in, connect and start their meeting. No matter their preferences.

Our Full Review Of The Google Meet Series One Desk 27

Avocor and Google have designed the Desk 27 to not only fit into multiple workplaces. But have designed it to fit into the modern world. With working from home and hot desking taking over office life. People need a device that can do everything, anywhere.

So if you haven't been back to the office for a while now. And in the back of your mind you have that small intuition that you wont be back there for a few months longer. Then the Desk 27 is made for you. With integrated speakers, microphones and a Ultra HD camera. The Desk 27 holds everything you need to video conference at home in one device. Without any confusion. All you need to do is connect your laptop and the Desk 27 is ready to use as your second monitor.

If hot desking is the new way of life in your office. And moving desk to desk with only your laptop is not the best way for you to work. Then introducing the Desk 27 to your hot desking office, can not only allow people to move around freely but move without having the worry of leaving any documents behind on a different monitor. But it can allow them to use a high tech meeting device as their secondary monitor and their meeting device. The Desk 27 is perfect for modern office life.


Now it all comes down to the price. The Google Meet Desk 27 By Avocor has an MSRP of £1,749 + VAT but you can get it cheaper than that from places like Meetingstore.co.uk. Alongside the Desk 27 monitor, the package includes:

  • Power Supply
  • 2M Ethernet Cable
  • 1M USB-C Cable
  • Stand
  • 1x Stylus

Avocor have included all the standard accessories that you would need to use the Series One Desk 27 the way you want. From the stylus to create on the whiteboard to the USB-C cable for you to connect your laptop and use the Desk 27 as a laptop docking station.

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