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LED Video Wall Solutions
LED Video Wall Solutions
LED Video Wall Solutions
LED Video Wall Solutions

LED Video Wall Solutions

These days even the smallest of social gathering spots, be it live sports or any kind of crowded event can ralise the benefits of LED video walls of various sizes to enhance the experience of the visitors. Even grassroots events find LED video wall solutions beneficial and thanks to technology improvements these kind of technological installations are no longer solely reserved for places like Wimbledon or Twickenham.

For all of your LED video wall solutions in London or across the UK, we are perfectly positioned to help. We can cater to your bespoke requirements to make sure you get not only what you need but what you want. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed expectations and have LED displays available in different styles of digital display.  Whether you need full-colour curved LED video, An indoor or outdoor LED display installation, we can handle it all.

Common Uses of LED Video Walls

Entertainment events led the way of implementing LED video wall solutions.  They discovered that they were the best and easiest way to deliver game scores or replays to the crowd.  They double them up to deliver special offers, waiting times and advertisements to their crowds.

The use of LED video walls in today’s technologically advanced society is priceless due to the displays being able to clearly display content over long distances and acute viewing angles.

LED Video Wall Solutions
LED Video Wall Solutions

LED video display pitch starts at around 0.8mm giving excellent visuals on even the smallest LED video wall solution.

Custom Built, Indoor and Outdoor LED Video Wall Solutions

Looking for a custom LED video wall solution that won’t take up too much space? Look no further than our range of small pixel pitch indoor video walls, which can be expanded in increments as small as 128mm x 96mm. Our impressive range includes pitches of p0.8, p1, p1.5, p1.92, p2.5, p3 and beyond.

If you need an outdoor solution, we start at p3.2 to accommodate for larger viewing distances. We only use the highest quality LED modules to ensure our installations are top-notch. If you’re looking for premium COB LED technology, we’ve got you covered. Our engineers can customize your solution to fit your specific project needs, whether that means high refresh rates for video or high brightness for an eye-catching display. Trust us to deliver the right product for you.

LED Video Wall Solutions

LED Video Wall Viewing Distance

A lot of the time we face the question about how to decide on the correct pixel pitch needed for a new LED video wall installation. The LED viewing distance rule of thumb is normally based on 1mm of pixel pitch for every meter distance from the screen.

This means that you can still fill an area with an amazing Video wall and ensure that the picture is crystal clear to everyone viewing it.

To calculate the optimal viewing distance for your LED video wall you have to calculate the pixel pitch using a simple equation

Ideal viewing distance (in feet) = Pixel pitch x 8

Interactive LED Video Walls

The next generation of LED video wall solutions incorporates interactivity. Talk to us about creating a solution that not only interacts with the audience but can also capture specific data such as height and even gender.

This information could then be tailored to display different content depending on who was looking at the screen.   Finally demographically targetted advertising in real life. 

From stadiums to shop window digital signage, we have LED video wall solutions to fit all budgets.

LED Video Wall Solutions

What Is Pixel Pitch?

An LED display’s ‘pixel pitch’ is the shortest distance from the centre of one pixel to the centre of the next, For Example

LED display pixel pitch





Optimal viewing distance: Pixel pitch x 8

1.9 x 8

2.5 x 8

3 x 8

4 x 8

Optimal viewing distance from LED display:

15 feet

20 feet

24 feet

32 feet

How To Estimate Optimal LED Video Wall Display Size

Luckily LED video walls are bespoke to the needs of the project and can be configured to exactly fit your needs.

But taking it further than just considering the size of the space you are considering how do you estimate the best size Video wall? Just like with viewing distances, estimating the correct LED display size is largely based on pixel pitch.

Essentially to get an HD video playing correctly you need 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution so the greater the pixel pitch the bigger the screen that is needed to display your video.

LED Video Wall Solutions

Buying a Custom LED Video Wall Solution

Looking to display your content in a professional and eye-catching way? Our custom LED video wall solutions use top-quality displays and components, and are fully customizable to your exact specifications. Whether you need moving messages, LED tickers, digital signage, or LED video walls, we’ve got you covered! Our expertise lies in both indoor and outdoor LED video wall solutions, with varying pixel pitches starting from around 0.7mm upwards. Our outdoor LED video walls are of the highest quality, featuring high brightness levels that ensure even direct sunlight won’t interfere with the viewing pleasure.

With easy installation and maintenance, our LED displays are an excellent investment for any business or event. Choose our custom LED solutions for your next project and experience the difference for yourself!

Our LED Video Wall Services

LED Video Wall Solutions


21st Century AV is manufacturer independent which allows us the ability to provide the correct solution that best meets your needs.

LED Video Wall Solutions


Project Management from concept to delivery.  As Avixa members we know how to do things the right way to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget

LED Video Wall Solutions


21st Century AV can assess your needs and integrate your new LED Video Wall Installation with any existing AV solutions that are already present.

LED Video Wall Solutions

Video Wall

Our Installations Department will perform a no-obligation survey of the room and/or building to complete a thorough assessment of the various technical and logistical factors to assess the feasibility of the project.

LED Video Wall Solutions

Video Wall

To ensure maximum ROI from your new LED video wall, all users must be trained to get the most from the new equipment. Even when integrated with the latest control systems, there may be anxiety with new systems.

LED Video Wall Solutions

Service and

We understand that issues with new and existing equipment may arise. Our service department has the knowledge, skills, training, and resources to keep your AV systems operating efficiently, lowering total cost of ownership.