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Share anything from your personal device on the screen in a meeting room or classroom. Draw in people who aren’t in the room with high-quality video conferencing functionalities

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UX Pro

Let the ideas flow without interruptions. Meet in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, or have colleagues call in remotely to share your screen. No wires, no waiting, no fuss.

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With SMART, there’s no limit to what teams can achieve. Simply walk up and use for faster breakthroughs, enhanced productivity and serious ROI.

Why Businesses Choose Interactive Displays

Interactive touchscreen displays are more important than ever with the growing need to be able to collaborate remotely with team members and stakeholders.

Schools regularly use interactive whiteboards to engage pupils more effectively and businesses using video conferencing systems like Zoom benefit from access to products like the DTEN interactive display.

Driving this rise in popularity is the huge technological advances in performance which has resulted in a reduction of price and increased choice.  The reality is that there is now an interactive display solution available for almost any budget or use.

We are manufacturer independent and work with all the leading brands of interactive displays so we can advise on the best solution for your needs.


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Benefits Of Interactive Displays

  • Expensive projectors with regular lamp replacement are no longer needed.
  • No shadows over a projected image.
  • No projector light shining in the eyes of presenters.
  • No projector maintenance
  • Images will be much crisper and clearer
  • The display doesn’t get washed out by the sun or ambient light
  • Less wiring to worry about
  • Some interactive displays come with the PC built-in for a true all-in-one solution.
  • The surface is more durable than a traditional whiteboard.

How To Get The Most From Interactive Displays

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Maximise Response Times

Make sure the computer running the screen is dedicated and not doing lots of other tasks in the background as this can slow performance

Interactive Displays USB Connection UK

Good Connection

Avoid USB extenders where possible. If you have to extend the USB to reach your computer/laptop, go for an ‘active’ USB extension cable to boost the signal.

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Immersive Sound

Some of the latest displays have front-facing speakers of 30W or more, enabling sound to resonate clearly enough for everyone to stay engaged.

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Engaging Visual Content

Choose a screen that can offer at least a 400 Nit brightness level as these interactive screens are over 30% brighter than the average TV

Easy cleaning and disinfecting

Care For The Screen

Avoid using strong or abrasive cleaners that could strip away the anti-glare coating. Ideally, use optical cleaning fluid and a microfiber cloth to keep your display free from fingerprints, dust and dirt

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Screen Sharing

To boost productivity, choose a display with built-in screen sharing features. Most interactive displays are designed to ensure that you can share your Windows or Android device on the big screen.

Interactive Whiteboard Scheduling

Screen Scheduling

Many screens have a built-in scheduler, which enables you to set your screen to turn on/off automatically on pre-specified days and at pre-selected times. This helps to ensure that your screens are only ever on during required hours.

Interactive Touchscreen Display Location


Whilst most interactive displays resist glare from the sun and ambient light, make sure it is positioned so both presenter and audience are comfortable and can engage with the screen.

Fully Integrated Interactive Touchscreen Displays From DTEN

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55″ & 75″

The DTEN D7 is an award-winning, all-in-one, plug and play video conferencing solution for unparalleled collaborations

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21st Century AV is manufacturer independent which allows us the ability to provide the correct solution that best meets your needs.

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Project Management from concept to delivery.  As Avixa members we know how to do things the right way to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget

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21st Century AV can assess your needs and integrate new Interactive Displays with any existing AV solutions that are already present.

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Our Installations Department will perform a no-obligation survey of the room and/or building to complete a thorough assessment of the various technical and logistical factors to assess the feasibility of the project.

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To ensure maximum ROI from your new Interactive Display solution, all users must be trained to get the most from the new equipment. Even when integrated with the latest control systems, there may be anxiety with new systems.

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We understand that issues with new and existing equipment may arise. Our service department has the knowledge, skills, training, and resources to keep your AV systems operating efficiently, lowering total cost of ownership.

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