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Privacy Enhances Productivity

Huddle Rooms

Why Businesses Implement Huddle Room Solutions

“Even a modest increase in group-level privacy, sustainably and significantly improves line performance.”

Over the past 5-10 years companies have slowly moved towards embracing the trend of open plan work spaces.  Experts felt that a communal and accessible atmosphere would help with collaboration, creativity and efficiency but unfortunately a lot of businesses discovered that the open plan concept also caused distractions. 

There are times when teams need to have conversations without people from other departments earwigging and interfering with conversations rather than focussing on their own work.

The pandemic has seen a lot of our customers come to us to reconfigure their working environment to not only accommodate a smaller workforce based in the office but also allowing them easy ways to have important but private conversations with both local and remote colleagues in an efficient way. Today, studies on workplace design and employee productivity are showing that the addition of multi-purpose, huddle room solutions  provide the perfect balance of open plan offices with spaces for privacy.

Huddle Rooms
Huddle Rooms

Benefits Of Huddle Spaces

Businesses implement huddle spaces for a number of reasons, most commonly:


  • Huddle rooms facilitate collaboration and communication amongst team members, while making the experience feel more intimate.
  • Huddle spaces don’t need reservations prior to their use (unless your company chooses to do otherwise)
  • Huddle spaces are inexpensive to create, making them accessible to both large and small businesses
Huddle Rooms

How To Get The Most From Huddle Rooms

Huddle Rooms

Huddle Room Furniture

The first step to getting your office’s huddle spaces sorted started is deciding on furniture. Dedicated huddle booths are a complete solution that can easily be implemented into office spaces without major structural work. Find options that make it easy to be comfortable without taking up too much space and provide a table that can easily support a few laptops.

As huddle rooms are primarily going to be used by your employees, you have the option of involving them in the decision making. This is a great way to get everyone excited about the new space. Besides style, you also need to plan for how many people you’re intending to fit into each huddle space.



It is important that staff are compfortable when using the huddle spaces and good lighting is key to that. Natural lighting has been connected to better health and increased engagement in employees so, where possible, try to put your huddle rooms near windows that allow a good amopund of natural light.

This will probably not be possible for all huddle spaces if you are implementing a lot of them and if needed then ensuring that softer, more natural lighting in the huddle room that lessens the exposure to blue light is implemented.

Huddle Room Displays

No one wants to huddle around a laptop, so you’re going to need a decent display for each huddle space. When choosing, it’s important to consider also having a solution for wireless presentation so that staff using the huddle space can easily share presentations and content without having to run wires.

Remember, this is a small space, so you don’t need the massive equipment you’re used to as people will be closer to the screen.


Huddle Room Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a huge trend in today’s working world because it allows team members across the globe to communicate face-to-face without ever having to leave their seat. If you’re thinking about adding huddle rooms to your office, professional video conferencing will be expected by staff.

Video conferencing providers have started to develop systems optimised for huddle rooms and small meeting rooms, making it easy for companies to outfit their huddle rooms with all the benefits of video conferencing.

Huddle Rooms
Huddle Rooms

Fully Integrated Video Conferencing Systems In Your Huddle Spaces

Video conferencing software like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams all have capabilities for large scale deployment.  Integrating them into huddle spaces is possible if it is installed alongside the correct video conferencing hardware.

The potential of professional video conferencing systems is fully realised when the software and hardware work in unison.

To achieve the full benefit, installing appropriate hardware is vital as without it you may encounter issues such as audio that echo’s or unclear pictures which makes sharing content and communicating effectively very difficult.

Remember all of the video calls that BBC and other news stations used during the pandemic.  The amount of times they had to cut away because the sound went was purely down to bad equipment at the other end which left news anchors struggling to talk to them.

Making sure that your video conference system works seamlessly is what 21st Century AV does really well. Our customers benefit from our experience by making sure that their video conferencing systems present their business in the best light at all times.

21st Century AV is manufacturer-independent which means we can make sure that you get the right video conferencing equipment for your needs.

Video conferencing equipment available from 21st Century AV includes:

  • Logitech
  • Yealink
  • Poly
  • Neat
  • Barco Clickshare CX Range
  • DTEN

To find out more about video conferencing systems and how we can help you with an efficient, cost-effective installation, either jump on our live chat, drop an email to or give us a call on 0118 997 7770

Huddle Rooms
Huddle Rooms


Huddle Rooms


21st Century AV is manufacturer independent which allows us the ability to provide the correct solution that best meets your needs.

Huddle Rooms

AV Project

AV Project Management from concept to delivery.  As Avixa members we know how to do things the right way to ensure your project is delivered.

Huddle Rooms


21st Century AV can assess your needs and integrate new huddle space AV equipment in with any existing AV solutions that are already present.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle Space

Our Installations Department will perform a no-obligation survey of the room and/or building to complete a thorough assessment of the various technical and logistical factors to assess the feasibility of the project.

Huddle Rooms


To ensure maximum ROI from your new huddle space AV solution, all users must be trained to get the most from the new equipment. Even when integrated with the latest control systems, there may be anxiety with new systems.

Huddle Rooms

Service and

We understand that issues with new and existing equipment may arise. Our service department has the knowledge, skills, training, and resources to keep your huddle space AV system operating efficiently, lowering total cost of ownership.