How To Hire An AV Integrator

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Our day-to-day tasks require dealing with digital media; therefore, it becomes essential to get your AV system integration right. Not anyone can be an AV integrator; there are many technicalities involved that only a professional AV integrator like 21st Century AV can perform well and accurately.

AV integration setups available today are complex and more advanced than standard entertainment systems. That is why you need to hire a professional AV integrator.

Any reputable and experienced AV integrator can save you big money and time to provide AV system integration. This article will discuss the need for hiring an AV integrator and how to find the best AV integrator for your business.

What Is AV Integration?

To explain briefly, AV Integration is audio and visual equipment that works in unison to provide an exceptional listening and viewing experience during a meeting. It means that when sight and sound are entwined: systems are professionally blended to work smoothly together.

Whether you need to hold a meeting in a conference room or a small meeting room, you are dependent on this modern technology for smooth and efficient functioning. When your AV system is properly integrated, you don't have to worry about sound or picture quality. A well-planned system is easily maintained, operated, and managed.

Every organisation's requirements are different, and so are the facilities demanded. From huge monitor displays in concert halls to small huddle spaces, AV set up networking and installation requirements are different.

Hiring A Professional AV Integrator

Instead of getting things wrong and wasting your time and efforts, the intelligent way to handle any AV project is by hiring experts. When it comes to AV system integration, there is no better option than an AV integrator.

Sensitive and complicated electronic equipment includes significant risks when not managed and maintained correctly. An AV integrator with a professional background can make sure that the subsystem and system work in unison to provide the intended solution. 

What Is The Job Of An AV Integrator?

An AV integrator can administer the management and installation of AV solutions. Their work is to make sure that technologies are integrated for the utmost productivity and efficiency where everything will run smoothly.

From repairing to troubleshooting to maintaining the company's AV system, an AV integrator keeps the AV system healthy so that your daily operations run smoothly. Additionally, AV integrators offer equipment and design services to set new and latest AV systems for smooth and effortless management.

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When Do You Need To Hire An AV Integrator?

If you find any of the below-mentioned signs, then you need to consider hiring an AV integrator:

  • You require your AV system to work smoothly with other system solutions.
  • Your project is massive and doesn't have enough resources to handle without any professional assistance.
  • You want to ensure that your investment in an AV system is worth it.
  • You require a complex AV solution.
  • You are not sure that you will be able to install it quickly or correctly.
  • You want to maximise the adoption of AV in your business.

The sooner you hire an AV integrator; the better it will be for your organisation. If an AV integrator is involved with the AV system initially, they can guide the installation process and design it for quick and smooth functioning.

Which AV Technologies Should You Integrate Into Your System?

Before you hire an AV integrator, it is beneficial to consider what you need to include in your new system. Every organisation has different requirements, but the following elements of AV equipment should be on your list when you want to configure your AV system.

  • Meeting room solutions: You should integrate meeting room AV solutions to thrive your business.
  • Video conferencing system: Nowadays, a business cannot survive without video conferencing systems.
  • Wall boards: Businesses require wall boards from digital menu boards to retail displays and even outdoor signage.
  • Display of Meeting room booking system: This allows the business to take the utmost advantage of the meeting spaces.
  • Digital Signage: With digital signage, you can promote when and what you like.
  • Zoned Background music systems: These are superior quality wireless microphones and zoned music system that aim to enhance customer’s experience.
  • Large screen presentation areas: Businesses require large spaces to present and collaborate with staff.
  • Wireless presentation systems: You would not require any wires to connect the system to present.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An AV Integrator?

To keep your AV system run smoothly without a glitch, an AV integrator should become an essential part of your team and business. Thus, you should know the key benefits of hiring an AV integrator.


Why are you hiring an AV integrator? It is to ensure that your AV system operates with minimal issues and utmost efficiency that save you cost for a long time, right?

Yes, AV integrators like 21st Century AV can save you from long-term costs. If involved from the beginning of planning, we can work with any contractors to design the perfect conduit paths, ideal electrical outlet locations, and compatible building materials. Thus, you will not face any unexpected costs in the future.

Industry Standards

To meet the highest quality standard for AV integration and installation projects, AV integrators follow the industry standards for audio-visual installation and design. Ensuring everything is followed to the point, they deliver the best of their services within budget and time.


When you hire a professional or experienced AV integrator, they will incorporate their in-depth knowledge about the AV system into your project. Thus, it allows them to address and identify any potential issues in the system quickly.

Prevent System Failure

If there is an AV system failure, it will undoubtedly result in expensive repair and downtime. However, working with an AV integrator can help to prevent system failures. They can handle and detect any issues beforehand efficiently and effectively to reduce any possible downtime.

Streamlined Communication

It is the job of an AV integrator to communicate effectively and guide you through all the AV system's formalities and technicalities. They will work with the other technical and electrical departments to make sure that the AV system is functioning smoothly.

Successfully Launch The Project

You don't have to be concerned about the technical issues while launching the project on your AV system. An AV integrator will thoroughly check the system and perform a demo check to address any problems ahead of time. Thus, you can launch a glitch-free project with the help of an AV integrator. 

How To Hire An AV Integrator?

With the increase in demand for AV integrators, it becomes difficult to choose the best candidate for your AV system. Therefore, when deciding to hire the best AV integrator, you need to consider the following factors.

Having A Hands-On Experience With Similar Projects

If you want to hire an AV integrator to install a home-theatre in your home, an AV integrator specialist installing complex AV systems for businesses is not right for you. Similarly, an AV integrator, a specialist in entry-level audio components, is not suitable for you if you want to have a custom-build and large-scale home-theatre system. 

Therefore, it is essential to get references from the firm or clients who have hired the AV integrators for projects similar to yours. Any AV integrator you hire should have a successful project history to prove their experience.

Customised Solutions

There is no standard solution scheme in AV systems. Each company has its specific AV requirements, and your AV integrator should be able to provide the solution while addressing the unique challenges.

Customer Service Experience

An AV integrator should have obtained many testimonials from the customers they have served. The testimonials are proof of their commitment to providing first-rate customer service.

Updated With Current Technologies

As AV systems evolve with new updates and technologies, your AV integrator must handle and provide solutions if any problem arises. Moreover, AV integrators should offer you the latest and highest-quality technologies to demonstrate their ability to stay updated with the latest innovations.

On-going support

The AV Integrator’s job does not end with the installation process. In fact, they should build long-term relationships to deliver on-going services and support whenever required. They aim to make sure the client receives the maximum return on their investment from the AV system.


Does your AV integrator provide you with a schedule, IP address lists, or designs? If your AV integrator is able to offer the essential documents as per your specific needs, then you can proceed to hire them.

Questions To Ask While Hiring An AV Integrator

While looking for an AV integrator, you need to make sure that they meet your objectives and strategic goals while staying within your budget. Therefore, you should ask the below-mentioned questions to assess their capabilities, stability, reputation, and expertise.

Question To Ask To Determine Their Expertise

  • Have they ever handled any complex project in the past?
  • What experience level do they have in this particular field?
  • What experience do they have in designing the AV systems?

One simplest method to understand an AV integrator's level of expertise and capabilities is by discussing the number of projects they have completed. Also, it will be best if you ask them about the complexity level of the projects.

The past performance of an AV integrator is indicative of whether they can handle even more complex projects or not.

Questions To Ask To Assess Their Capabilities

  • Can they offer support outside the designated area, to multiple locations?
  • Can they provide on-going support and after-sales services such as monitoring or managed services?
  • What kind of technical support can they provide after AV installation?

After the installation process has been completed, your AV integrator will guide you on how it works. However, their duty doesn't end here as they should make their services available to assist you in the future.

Are They Certified In Audio Installation & Insured?

The first step should be to question whether the AV integrator is certified to carry out the required AV installation. Similarly, if your AV integrator is not insured, you should not move forward with the installation. 

Though there are no legal or financial liabilities when you hire an AV integrator without certifications, these credentials are proof of the credibility of the business.

Do They Maintain Long-Term Partnership And Relationship With Technology Partners?

AV integration companies benefit more than in-house or localised AV consultants. When AV integrators make a substantial and long-term relationship with top technology brands, they can access the latest product availability and engineering resources.

With a relationship with multiple vendors, the AV integrators can provide you with the best equipment to meet your organisation's requirements. 

Some Myths Regarding AV Integrators Busted

There are numerous reasons why people run away from AV integrators and rely on other methods to perform AV installation. However, the reasons are more of a myth than a fact.

Here we tried to debunk some of the most common myths regarding AV integrators.

Myth 1: I Can Install A DIY AV System Myself

Fact: You cannot install an integrated AV system using standard tools and then plug it in the electrical socket. You require specialised equipment that works as a whole to make the system convenient and intuitive for the organisation to adopt.

Without hiring an AV integrator, your business might take the risk of choosing the wrong hardware and end up installing a system that doesn't match your requirements.

Advanced technologies, including automated workshops, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, have become more common in the systems. Therefore, the need to hire AV integrators is essential because they understand the quality standards and technology trends.

Myth 2: AV Integrators Cost Too Much

Fact: You can find many AV integrators who can work exceptionally well within your budget. As we discussed, by involving an AV integrator at the beginning of the process, you can avoid unnecessary costs for the long-term. However, if you involve an AV integrator too late in your project, it can be more expensive.

Myth 3: AV Integrator Cannot Understand Your Network

Fact: AV integrators oversee the union of IT and AV even before it came, and they are prepared to tackle any issue that comes their way. Most AV system integrators are also IT experts. Thus, they have access to manufacturers who build networked AV equipment to address and understand your network's concerns and needs.

Myth 4: AV Integrators Do Not Understand My Business Requirements

Fact: By working across different industries, AV integrators are naturally interested in understanding your business's objects and goals. A reliable integrator will be curious to know about the kind of technology your organisation uses, what problems you are facing, and try to solve it with updated and latest solutions.

AV Integrators work according to your business. They will try to understand how you want to utilise the space, how many people they need to train to operate the system, and who will use the system. Most importantly, they will work while making sure that everything is within your budget.   

Final Thoughts

To identify the real value of an AV integrator goes beyond merely performing the AV installation. They offer enhanced management and support to ensure advanced adoption and usage of AV systems. Moreover, AV integrators deliver more than technological solutions to provide a smooth user experience.

With technology, your ways of meeting and communicating with people changes over time. AV integrators allow you to make effective communication by providing the best of their services as per your business requirements.

Hopefully we have explained the benefits of hiring a reputable AV integrator like us. If you have a project in mind and want some no obligation advise and guidance then fill out the form and one of our specialists will get back t you.