7 Content Ideas To Display On Hotel Digital Signage

Hotel Digital Signage

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Just like other industries, the hospitality industry is also required to keep its guests and customers hooked and engaged throughout their visit to keep them coming back. If you are a hotelier, you will understand how it can be a daunting task to get more stars from the customers.

Ever since digital signage has come into existence, it has been openly accepted by all sectors and has become a favourite tool for marketers. Even though digital signage solutions have an unmissable presence and garner sufficient attention from the onlookers, they can be ignored if the content is not as catchy!

The same applies to hotel digital signage. The hotel industry is widely adopting digital signage for reaping the benefits. Still, it does not solve its purpose if users do not pay attention to it due to non-engaging content.

If you, too, are noticing the same, then you have reached the correct place! In this post, we show you the top content ideas that can be displayed on your hotel's digital signage to enjoy maximum attention from your guests!

Display Welcome Messages

Your first impression is the last impression and the most important of all. Hence, it is mandatory for your guests to feel welcomed when they enter your hotel premises. Digital signage placed in the reception area with a nice greeting or message can help a great deal in leaving a positive impression on your guests, and they will look forward to their stay.

To leave a more powerful impact, you can display a personalized message with the customer's name. Unlike regular signages, you can do so in less than a few minutes.

Testimonials & Reviews From Guests

Speaking of impressions, we cannot underestimate the influence of User-Generated Content or Guest Generated Content. Showcase the words of your customers in favour of your hotel. The content can be in any form, and since it is unsponsored, it is extremely genuine and authentic to keep the visitors hooked.

Guests highly leverage User-Generated Content before shortlisting a hotel. More than 90% of customers go through reviews before finalizing their decision. Displaying reviews and testimonials on digital signage will make your visitors confident of their decision, and they will be excited about their stay.

Showcase Promotional Deals & Discounts

Another great content idea for hotel digital signage would be to showcase the ongoing deals and discounts you offer your customers.

You can give out the basic details if you offer deals like special memberships, exclusive offers, etc. You can even display food and bar special offers on cuisine or drinks. This is a great way to promote the deals, and your visitors will be excited to enjoy the deals right after checking in.

Social Media Walls

Another engaging content idea for hotels is to display social media walls on digital signage. Social media walls collect aggregated feeds from various social media platforms in a unified presentation format.

You can run a fun activity in the hotel where the users have to post content on their social media handles using the hotel's hashtag or username. The content can be a fun selfie with family, a tweet about spa service, a video in the gymnasium, or a fun GIF by the swimming pool. All the content can be aggregated using a social media aggregation tool and displayed on digital signage in the form of a social media wall. This works well to motivate other guests also to post content to get featured. 

Digital Maps

There can be nothing more irritating for a guest than to lose their way. Hotel guests are mostly tired after their long journey and wish to check-in and relax quickly. Hence, another great idea would be to display a digital map of the hotel premises on digital signage.

Doing so would enable the guests to find their way easily without interrupting the hotel staff in between.

Highlights Of The City

The majority of your hotel visitors would be in the city on vacation as tourists. Before stepping out of the hotel, they would look for a source to guide them about where to go.

Displaying the major attractions like parks, monuments, places of interest, eateries, etc., on digital signage would be extremely helpful for the visitors and guide them about where to visit. You can attractively display the information using visuals for more attention.

Food Menu

Replace the old boring printed menus with digital menus as it enables the visitors to make up their mind quickly about what to eat, make the payment instantly, and enjoy their order.

Moreover, it helps put a lasting impression on your customers, and rather than standing in long queues; they will be able to get through the process more quickly and seamlessly.

Closing Note

We are calling it a wrap, and you are now aware of the various content ideas that can be used to reap maximum benefits from your hotel's digital signage.

Leverage these ideas into your digital signage, and you will certainly be amazed at how it transforms the engagement and interest of your visitors throughout their stay!

If you want to discuss Digital Signage Solutions for your hotel then drop us a line 🙂

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