Google Meet Hardware

Secure, easy-to-join online meetings in your conference room

Google Meet Hardware Makes Meetings Easier

Google Meet Hardware is designed to make your online meetings secure while easy-to-join.

Google Meet Hardware is powered by Google’s cloud-based video conferencing system Google Meet.  It is simple to use and anyone can instantly schedule a meeting with up to 50 (G-Suite Basic), 100 (G-Suite Business) or 250 (G-Suite Enterprise) from any device or location.

Google has partnered with established hardware manufacturers to create high specification Google Meet Hardware that seamlessly integrates with G-Suite applications.  This means that your Google Meet Hardware will show as bookable resources in your Google Calendar enabling the possibility of “one-click” meetings.

google meet hardware lenovo series one
Google Meet Hardware Logitech Camera Supplier London

Google Meet Hardware scales easily to accommodate any size conference room.

From Huddle Rooms to Town Halls, using professional Google Meet Hardware that has high-quality optical zoom and pan-tilt-zoom functionality creates the perfect video conferencing solution.

Google Meet supports daisy-chaining of multiple microphones to ensure no conversation points are lost.

How To Get The Most From Google Meet Hardware


Make sure that your internet capacity is able to handle stable video conferencing


Make sure G-Suite is available to all participants that want to use the Google Meet Hardware

Good Equipment

Using high-quality Google Meet equipment removes small irritations from meetings like blurred images or bad sound.

Send Agenda's

Use G-Suite to keep all attendees informed prior to the Google Meet conference.

Remove Distractions

Use proper Google Meet microphones to eliminate background noise. 

Time Zones

Keep time zones in mind when organising Google Meet conference calls.

Dress Accordingly

If it is a formal meeting then dress appropriately. Make sure people still represent the company correctly.


Some Google Meet calls need good locations so make sure that internal meeting spaces are equipped properly with professional Google Meet Hardware

Fully Integrated Google Meet Hardware Systems

Within minutes, Google Meet hardware can be set up and connect your remote staff and stakeholders with the rest of the office team, no matter their location around the world.

Some Google Meet hardware can even self-diagnose issues and automatically update the firmware of components to ensure all your online video meetings are of the highest quality at all times.

Some Google Meet hardware offers remote device management and administration making it easy to stay in control.

Deep integrations with G Suite makes joining a meeting as simple as a tap on the controller. Register the room with Google Calendar and your organisation’s Meet meetings will automatically appear on the controller with all of the details. 

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Google Meet Hardware Product Range

Lenovo Series One For Google Meet

google meet hardware lenovo series one

Logitech For
Google Meet

Logitech Google Meet Equipment

Asus Chromebox For Google Meet

Google Meet Equipment Asus Chromebook

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