Full Guide To Using Your ClickShare Conference Device

The ClickShare conference range can definitely change the way you have a meeting. But how do you actually use the ClickShare conference to enhance your meeting?

The ClickShare Conference range is actually very simple to use. With a quick plug in and connect, the CX-20, CX-30 or CX-50 can wirelessly share your content to your meeting room display. And to the rest of the participants in the meeting. In an instant. The ClickShare Button can easily connect to any PC or laptop with the USB connectivity, letting everyone in a meeting share their content and ideas.

You wont have to worry about if your ClickShare conference device will work with your existing meeting room equipment, as ClickShare devices can be easily integrated into any meeting room. Being able to connect and work alongside any camera, speaker, microphone and speakerphone without any troubles. The ClickShare Conference device is that easy to integrate and start using. Alongside a ClickShare conference device, you can use the ClickShare app to further enhance your meeting. The ClickShare app is a virtual ClickShare Button. Allowing any guests to quickly and efficiently join the meeting from their phone. And share any content, video, images or files, to the meeting.

With the ClickShare conference range being able to do all this. How do you really integrate the ClickShare conference range into your room?

Using ClickShare Conference

Integrating and using the ClickShare Conference range in your meetings is super simple. ClickShare pride themselves in being a plug and play system. Showing that the ClickShare devices really are easy to use. In huddle, small, medium and large spaces. The ClickShare devices offer a range of features, including; remote collaboration, BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) support, simultaneous screen sharing, full interactivity and moderation and obviously wireless sharing.

When you understand the ClickShare Conference device, its easy to remember and quickly connect in a meeting room with ClickShare. On the ClickShare Button there is an LED light, with different meanings. When the LED is blinking white it means that the Button is plugged in and waiting for the ClickShare application to start. Static white means that ClickShare is ready to use and you can start wirelessly sharing your screen. Static red means that you are currently sharing your screen to the room display. However when the LED light is red it means that there is an error that needs to be fixed. Finally when there is no light it means that the Button isn't connected properly into the USB port of the PC or laptop, the Button is defective or the USB port is defective.

The ClickShare Conference device can work with any PC or laptop. Apple or Windows, ClickShare can still connect. For connecting ClickShare to a Windows PC you will simply have to plug the ClickShare Button into a USB port on your PC. Then go to the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen and choose the ClickShare device. For connecting ClickShare to an Apple Mac it is very similar, you still have to plug in the ClickShare Button into your PC, via the USB stick. However you will need to go to System Preferences and then Sound. Then select Output and choose ClickShare. Without the ClickShare Button you wont be able to get the full features of ClickShare Conference.

However if you don't have the ClickShare Button, or you have a guest in your meeting that wants to share but there's not more Buttons to use. Then you can download and use the ClickShare app. The ClickShare app is generally a virtual substitute for the ClickShare Button. No fussing around with loads of cables and connectivity when ClickShare connects that easy with multiple devices. This making ClickShare Conference the easiest wireless content sharing device to use.

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VC Platforms

The ClickShare Conference range can seamlessly integrate into rooms specifically made wit certain VC platforms in mind. Microsoft Team Room, Zoom Rooms and Skype For Business. The ClickShare Conference device will work with any video calling platform to bring you the best meeting.

To use the ClickShare Conference range with any of the VC platforms you will need to install your ClickShare Conference Base Unit, whether that's a CX-20, CX-30 or the CX-50, as normal. The ClickShare Base Unit installation is easy, you have the option to install the Base Unit directly on the table or mount it to the wall or ceiling. You will simply have to take the mounting base and screw it to the wall or ceiling. Then take the ClickShare Conference device and place it on the mounting base and turn clockwise until it locks.

Microsoft Teams Room

After the ClickShare Base Unit is installed and connect to your network, you can now start to use the ClickShare Button with Microsoft Teams. Plug the ClickShare Button into your laptop and open the Microsoft Team application to start a Teams call. Go to the bottom of the screen and click on Local View, View Room Display and then click on Share Content and Room Display. Once you have done this and on the Teams call, push the ClickShare Button and the devices will connect. Its as simple as that to use the ClickShare Button alongside a Microsoft Teams Meeting.

If you want to change the peripheral settings for Microsoft Teams you will need to join a Teams call, go to Device Settings and select Room Speakerphone for your audio, Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Room Speakerphone) for your speaker and microphone and then for camera select the Room Camera.


Using your ClickShare Conference device with Zoom is easy. Firstly, just like the Microsoft Teams Room, you will have to install your ClickShare Base Unit in your desired place. Once that is done, to use the ClickShare Conferencing device with Zoom you will need to open Zoom Conference. Click on Share, select the meeting room display you want to share to and then finally click on Share. This will effortlessly share your laptop content to the meeting room display.

If you want to change the peripheral settings for Zoom then you start a Zoom call and then click on the arrow next to the video camera symbol. When the tab has popped up, click on Room Camera. Then click on the arrow next to the microphone and select on the Microphone and Speaker that you desire.

Skype For Business

The ClickShare conference range also works with Skype. So if you're a dedicated Skype user, then there's no need to worry as ClickShare conference devices can connect with Skype and give you the full ClickShare capabilities. Go into Skype, Settings and click on Sharing Open View Room Display, click on share, then on Share a Window, then find your meeting room display and press Share.

To change the peripheral settings for Skype, you will need to click on the cogwheel, before you start a Skype call. Click on Audio Device and select the room speaker, video device and room camera.