Full Guide To Barco Wireless Presentation System Pricing

Wireless presenting is now being used more than ever. But how do you know if you're getting the best deal for the best wireless presentation system. Barco ClickShare have a range of products to help.

Barco ClickShare offer high tech, straight forward systems for a quick presentation set up. If you didn't use wireless presenting before, then ClickShare is the best place to start off. ClickShare is perfect for any size meeting room, from a huddle space to the largest boardroom. They cover everything. So whatever size room you have, ClickShare will cover it. The wireless device allows anyone and everyone to connect. ClickShare's simple, all you have to do is walk in, click and you're connected and ready to present. With this easy connectivity, it really helps encourage collaboration and gets everyone in your team involved. The sharing can be done with the ClickShare app, the ClickShare Button or through screen mirroring. This includes Airplay, Google Cast and Miracast. With this flexibility with connecting, it stops any issues from arising with people being able to connect because they don't the right leads.

In their range, Barco ClickShare offer a CS-100 Huddle, CS-100, CSE-200, CSE-200+ and the CSE-800. All these products have different uses. So if you have a list of expectations of what you want to get out of a wireless presentation system, then you have a range to pick from.

Wireless Presentation Systems London Barco Clickshare

Wireless presenting can be tricky, especially picking the right device. However, if you're stuck on what device maybe best for you, then we'll break it down for you below.


Starting off at the smallest ClickShare model, the CS-100 is designed for the smallest of presentations and "spontaneous collaboration". If you are prone to quick, impromptu meetings, then this model is perfect for you. With a price of £595.00 +VAT, the CS-100 is your best bet, even though this model small it is still powerful. The CS-100 also comes with 1 ClickShare Button. Allowing up to 8 users to connect with 1 user being able to share at a time within Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This lets everyone in the meeting have their turn and let their voice be heard. The CS-100 lets people in your team share from their laptop, tablet and mobile phone, so there are no restrictions on who can and cant connect.

If you're using the ClickShare desktop app to use your CS-100, to get the best experience out of your Huddle then its best to make sure that you have the latest update firmware installed on you ClickShare Base Unit.


You want to get the best experience but you still want your Huddle and CS-100 to be secure. The model is ISO 27001 certificate approved. Which means that it is at the international standard on how to manage information securely. The model includes the standard ClickShare security login management, the ability to hide SSID (Service Set IDentifier) and encryption. SSID is when you connect to the internet and all the networks nearby pop up in a list. The model has the security to hide the SSID, this stops any random people from connecting to your presentation. Encryption is a tool that can create all your private information into code. This stops anyone from finding and reading all your private information on your CS-100. To give you another piece of safety, Barco offers a standard three year warranty on the CS-100.


Next up from the CS-100 is the CSE-200. This device is for those who have a small to medium sized meeting room. With a price of £1,487.50 +VAT, you will also have 2 ClickShare Buttons delivered along with it. The CSE-200 allows 16 simultaneous connections and up to 2 users to share on screen at the same time, encouraging great collaborations. So if you have employees back in the office but have a few working from home that come in from time to time. Then the CS-200 will work perfectly for you as you have the opportunity to use it for small presentations or for medium sized presentations for when people come back into the office. The CSE-200 comes with touchback support (touch screen) anyone in the team meeting can go up and interactive with the presentation and share your notes.


Next to the CSE-200 is the CSE-200+. The CSE-200+ is designed for "enterprise rollouts", with a price of £1,395.00 +VAT, this model is also delivered with 2 ClickShare Buttons. This gives you the best presentation for a medium sized room. Just like the CSE-200 the 200+ allows 16 users to connect simultaneously and 2 users to share at the same time. The 200+ also contains interactivity with touchback support, blackboard and annotation support. The CSE-200+ outputs a 4K Ultra HD (3804 x 2160 resolution). This allows you to hold streamline presentations with a high resolution screen that is projected clearly. Although the CSE-200+ is a wireless device you do have the option to switch to the wire if your Bluetooth or WIFI is acting up. So either way the CSE-200+ is ready to help without anything holding it back.

If your confused on whether to purchase the CSE-200 or the CSE-200+, then send us a chat with your questions and someone from our team will reply with all the information you need. Or give us a call at 01189 997 770.


Just like the the CS-100 and the CSE-200, the 200+ have very similar security measures. Also being an ISO 27001 certified. With ClickShare standard log in management, can hide SSID and the tool of encryption. The models can be set to one of the three predefined levels, depending on your companies policy and needs. So you can set your settings to however you want them to, the CSE-200 letting you be customisable. With the CSE-200+ though, it comes with the a standard 3 year warranty. However, you do have the option of extending this to 5 years, if you really want to keep your CSE-200 safe.


The CSE-800 is the biggest of them all. Suiting the largest of meeting and boardrooms. With a price of £2,585.00 +VAT, the CSE-800 is delivered with 2 ClickShare Buttons. The CSE-800 can simultaneously connect 64 users (button or app) with 8 users being able to share on screen at the same time. The CSE-800 also supports screen sharing with Airplay, Google Cast and Miracast. So this model really is the only thing you need for your largest presentations. To make your boardroom presentation even better, try pairing the CSE-800 with the Barco Unisee LCD video wall, the Unisee supports all the functions of the CSE-800.

To support a large presentation, this model has a moderation functionality. So when everyone in your team connects to your presentation and up to 8 people want to share their content, this functionality can stop the rapid switching of screens and will manually select which content appears and when. Letting your presentation run smoothly. However, if this function doesn't suit you, you can easily turn it off. To make presentations easier as well, CSE-800 has the touchback support and ideation. This allows you to run any applications from your laptop and control the presentation from your screen, making it simple to host.

Unlike the other models the CSE-800 has 2 HDMI outputs and inputs, so you can connect even more to your ClickShare model if you pick the CSE-800. With the ability to connect to 2 networks, this is handy for corporate and guest networks. The CSE-800 is an easy set up. It connects with existing AV and IT equipment that you have in your room, with easy integration with any conferencing systems.


Just like the other ClickShare models, the CSE-800 hold all the standard and necessary security measures. An ISO 27001 certificate with standard log in management, the ability to hide SSID and encryption. Just like the CSE-200+, you can set your security to any of the three predefined levels of security that ClickShare offer. Making your security just how you want it. Again, Just like the CSE-200+ you get the standard 3 year warranty with the possibility to extend to 5 years.