Finding The Best Bar for Zoom Rooms in 2022

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Whether you have a team of experts who travel a lot, run multiple offices in different cities or prefer a remote workforce, video conferencing is crucial for your growth. However, to get the most out of your online meetings, your best approach is to invest in a high-performance bar.

There are several video conferencing bars available in the market. However, our top pick is the Neat Bar. The Neat Bar is a compact device that offers the highest audio & video quality. To get a Neat Bar, you can contact our expert by calling us at (01189) 977 770, emailing us at, filling up the form or using the live chat option.

if you want to learn how you can find the best bar for your Zoom Rooms, keep on reading…

Reasons to Buy the Best Bar for Zoom Rooms

Neat bar with Controller

Before investing your money into a bar for Zoom Rooms, it's rational to ask why you need a bar for your Zoom Rooms? Well, video conferencing devices, such as Neat Bar, has several potential benefits, including:

Improve Communication

One of the most significant benefits of getting yourself a bar is that it improves communication. When it comes to a business, regardless of the size, communication is the key to success. According to a report, humans process graphical information more aptly and faster than audio and text.

Additionally, 50% of executives believe video conferencing improves understanding, and 62% of people think this approach can enhance the quality of communication.

Easier to Schedule Meetings

Scheduling your meetings is not actually a piece of cake unless you have the proper technology. If you are investing your money into a Neat Bar, you can also get a Neat Pad. A Neat Pad can be used as a controller for your device or a standalone device.

While using it as a standalone device, you have two options: you can either use your Neat Pad as a controller for third-party Zoom Rooms or as a scheduler, making it easier for your to schedule your future meetings.

Increase Productivity

As a bar allows you to collaborate on multiple documents in real-time, you won't have to waste your time with version control issues, in-document comments, lost messages, and long email chains – all of which can lead to delays, misunderstanding and confusion.

The Neat Bar allows you to connect up to 10 people. As a result, you can make sure your whole team has a voice, all questions get answered and feedback incorporated immediately.

Improves Efficiency

The power to join a meeting from virtually anywhere, real-time collaboration, screen sharing, and better communication with verbal and non-verbal cues make a video conferencing device a more efficient use of everyone’s time.

Streamline Collaboration

A video conferencing device is not all about audio and video quality. The best technology provides a lot of helpful collaboration tools, like real-time document editing and screen sharing, making it perfect for streamlining collaboration.

Save Time

Time is the most valuable thing out there. Additionally, we are living a robotic life. In business, we don’t usually have time to travel and go to different locations. In that case, a bar is the perfect pick for you. As you can meet virtually, a bar can save your precious time without compromising on the overall quality of communication.

Save Money

Video conferencing device is a one-time investment. Once you get yourself a Neat Bar, you can connect with your team from your workspace. As a result, you can successfully minimize your travelling expenses. Plus, unlike an in-person workplace, you don't need multiple pieces of equipment when it comes to video conferencing. All you need is a bar and Zoom Room to connect with your team virtually!

Help Built Better Relationship

To build a better relationship with your team, face-to-face collaboration is critical. However, you cannot always travel and talk to a particular person. In that scenario, a bar can help you connect to your team from the comfort of your home or office, allowing you to build trust and pick up both verbal and non-verbal cues.

How to Find the Best Bar for Zoom Rooms?

Now that you know the potential benefits of a bar, it’s time to find the best bar for your Zoom Rooms. There are thousands of different companies available out there that offer video conferencing devices. It's noteworthy to mention that no two companies are the same.

Different companies have something unique to offer. If one bar is popular due to its performance, the other one is known for its budget-friendly price tag. In this part of the article, you will learn how you can pick a bar for your Zoom Rooms and what things you should consider:

Things to Consider…

There are several companies in the market that offer video conferencing devices with a variety of features and specifications, making it difficult for you to pick a single one among all these options. However, to make this process simple, there are some things you should consider before getting yourself a bar for Zoom Rooms, such as:

  • Budget – First of all, of course, you have to consider your budget. The last thing you want is a bar that will leave you broke. Therefore, invest your money into a product that is within your budget and still offer the most essential features. Remember, when it comes to technology, you always get what you pay for. So, don't invest in cheap products and stick with performance and durability.
  • Audio & Video Quality – In video conferencing, audio and video quality have significant importance. As you have to communicate with your team virtually, your selected product must offer superior audio and video performance.
  • Design – No one likes a messy workplace. Therefore, you also have to consider the design of your selected bar before you make a purchase. Stick with a simple yet beautiful design, which will level up your meeting space instantly.
  • Other Features – Video conferencing is not all about audio and video quality. Your selected bar must have several other valuable features as well, such as PoE compatibility, WiFi and Ethernet compatibility, noise cancellation, anti-glaring display and many more.

While keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind, you should do your research and find a bar for your Zoom Room. When it comes to the best bar for your Zoom Meetings, no other product can beat the Neat Bar: discussed below!

Neat Bar – The Future of Video Conferencing

Neat Bar

The Neat Bar has everything you need in a video conferencing device. This device comes in a compact and simple design, which is perfect for all sorts of meeting spaces. It is designed for remote meetings, huddles and focus rooms for up to 10 people.

When it comes to Zoom Rooms, a Neat Bar is undoubtedly dominating the industry. This is because this device was initially designed to work with Zoom, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Meetings. In fact, Zoom has invested millions of dollars into Neat to create an innovative and high-performance workplace.

The best thing about a Neat Bar is that it features multiple mounting options. You can pick a specific mounting configuration according to your needs and meeting space. The Neat Bar offers three different mounting options: wall, screen and table. You can mount your device on the wall by either snapping it on or installing it above or below your desired screen.

Alternatively, you can also mount this device directly on your monitor: above or below your screen. Lastly, a Neat Bar also allows you to install this device on the table, using the table stands. Furthermore, you can also get your Neat Bar with the Neat Pad – a dynamic touch screen that can be used as a controller or a scheduler.

Features of Neat Bar

Unlike other video conferencing bars, the Neat Bar is not just loved because of its high audio and video quality. Although it offers built-in speakers and up to 1080p resolution, the main focus of the Neat Bar is to provide an overall enhanced video conferencing experience. For this approach, the Neat Bar comes with hundreds of different features, including:

Neat Bar Camera:

  • Content Resolution – 720p & 1080p
  • People Resolution – Up to 1080p
  • 12MP Capture Resolution
  • 1200 FOV
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Color Correction, Distortion Correct, and Chromatic Aberration Correction
  • Noise Reduction
  • Automatic People Framing

Neat Bar Microphone & Speaker:

  • Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation
  • Five microphones
  • Three sensor mics
  • Speaker box for optimal tonal range

Neat Pad Specifications:

  • 8” HD Display
  • Built-in tabletop stand
  • PoE compatibility
  • Two microphones
  • Speakers for Ultrasound
  • Anti-Glaring Display

Final Verdict

Are you finding the best bar for Zoom Rooms? Well, your best pick is the Neat Bar. This device offers everything you need in a video conferencing device: from superior audio and video quality to an anti-glaring display. Plus, you can also get your Neat Bar with the Neat Pad that can be used as a scheduler as well as a controller for your Zoom Rooms.