Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

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Having some spare end of year budget is not only a luxury but also an opportunity for you to improve your meeting spaces and get increased efficiency and collaboration. With whatever budget you have at the end of the year, you can invest in your business communication and collaboration ability. You may have held off purchasing throughout the year, and can now invest in some incredible new ways to enhance the capability of staff whether they are hybrid or in the office. With our years of experience and knowledge, we can help hand pick the best solutions for your meeting spaces, and most importantly your budget. 🙂

We are more than just your average AV Integrator, we are first and foremost here to help all our customers create the perfect solution for their needs without over spending. Small, medium or large rooms are our bread and butter but we have vast experience of boardrooms, Training Rooms and all other meeting spaces including trolley mounted AV solutions.

We are the meeting room solution experts, simply jump on live chat, complete the form, email us on or call us on (01189) 977 770 and one of our experts will happily help you out 🙂

A20 Video Bar

If you've found that you have around £1,000 left at the end of the year to spend, Yealink can ease your product hunting.

Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

Yealink's A20 and CTP18 will hit your budget nicely, an easy way to tick a task off your list and upgrade your meeting room quality. The bar and touchscreen device is everything you need for a functioning meeting room rolled into one. A quick way to find any solution for a huddle, collaboration and small meeting room. Not only will you get high quality audio and video, you get a device that allows you to start your Team meetings in only a few seconds, and with one touch. Start and join a meeting, control you camera and dial people all from the CTP18. A controller, phone and presentation device in one 8" touch screen. Like we said, everything you need to hold a Teams meeting in one solution.

MTouch II Touch Panel

The MTouch II Touch Panel is a great device to control your meeting. Almost looking like an tablet, the 8", 10-point capacitive touchscreen has the power to support wired or wireless sharing and the capability to start your meeting with one tap. Plus, if you are wanting to create a Teams meeting when you walk into the room instead of it being scheduled, you can do so on the MTouch. Being able to walk into any meeting room and call any team member at the last minute.

Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

The device has motion sensor, meaning that the device will wake up when it detects a person nearby. Again making it simple to walk into a meeting room and start you call, with you not having to wait for the device to power up when you've only got a few minutes left before the meeting starts.

The A20 will sort your needs, and more. Boasting a 133 degree camera, its the perfect device for small meetings. Whether its a one-to-one or a collaboration meeting with four of you around a table. Alongside high resolution, the camera holds auto framing, speaker tracking, and multi-focus framing. Bringing a new level of functionality and professionalism to your meeting.

Auto framing will automatically recognise the amount of people in your meeting room and position the camera to get everyone into frame. Giving the most appropriate view of you and your team to your remote participants. If you're the one with all the power, he main reason for the meeting for you to present.

Yealink MVC640 Wired Version

If you have a bit of a bigger budget on your hands, it can seem like an easy task to tick off that list of yours. But more money, means more to choose from. You could steer yourself to a scheduling device, a conference phone, or go for a classic video bar paired with a touchscreen controller. But the Yealink MVC640 tops them all.

Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

Whether you go for the wired or wireless solution, the MVC640 is perfect for any medium sized meeting room. The solution includes:

  • Yealink UVC84 PTZ Camera
  • MTouch II Touch Panel
  • MSpeech Smart USB Speakerphone
  • MCore Mini-PC

The MVC640 will capture everything in your medium meeting spaces. Got some people joining your meeting from their home? Your team and the few joining remotely will be connected through the UVC84 which has a 4K sensor and 12x optical zoom. Everyone being seen perfectly. With the additional feature of auto framing, the mechanical pan, tilt, and zoom will move the camera to anyone needing to be centre stage.

The MVC640 doesn't stop there though. Alongside the UVC84 camera, the MVC640 wired solution includes the MSpeech. The smart speaker that brings a three microphone array to your medium room.


Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

"MSpeech is an amazing innovation in Yealink device solutions for Microsoft Teams. Our customers can’t get enough from their current traditional workspaces. They want a more effective and intelligent experience to support the complex working style. With MSpeech combined with Microsoft Teams’ AI, they can enjoy all the benefits of an AI-powered speaker and create intelligent Microsoft Teams Rooms.”

Alvin Liao, Vice President of Product at Yealink

Being more than just a speaker, the MSpeech brings voice activation (Cortana), high quality voice transcription, and real-time translation. In the wake of COVID, a touchless microphone is great for people just coming back into the office. So using Cortana, a virtual assistant developed by Microsoft, it's a no brainer to integrate it into the MSpeech. Capturing a 6 meter voice pickup range with acoustic echo cancellation, to put across your voice as clear as possible to the remote participants in your meeting.

Yealink MVC640 Wireless

You have two options with the Yealink MVC640, wired or wireless. The only difference between the two, other that one has the wired Speakerphone and the Wireless one has 2 x wireless mic pods and the MSpeakerII for sound. The Yealink MVC640 Wireless includes:

  • UVC84 PTZ Camera
  • MCore Mini-PC
  • MTouch II Touch Panel
  • Yealink Speaker II Soundbar
  • CPW90 Wireless Microphone
Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

Although the Yealink MVC640 Wireless comes with different microphones and sound bar, the solution still has all the standards of the MVC640 Wired. With the same one touch to start your meetings, same 4K camera and 12x optical zoom, and the same auto framing technology to keep your meeting running smoothly.

Yealink CPW90

One of the main differences with the two MVC640's is the microphones, with the wireless version including two CPW90's. These microphones are one of the main reasons we love Yealink as no other manufacturer offers wireless meeting room solutions. The two microphones pair with the Yealink soundbar to produce the high quality audio solution that is expected. Capturing a voice pick-up of 360-degree and a radius of 3 meters each. The CPW90 will pick-up everything in the meeting room without having to worry about wires holding you back. It also gives an opportunity for you to place the microphones wherever you want without having to run cables etc in your meeting room.

Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

So if your medium meeting room is used for all types of meetings, you can freely move the microphones around the table to suit the size of each meeting. Furthermore, if you're worried that moving the microphones around will disrupt your audio, the microphones includes a capacitive touch mute pad for quick muting when you need to move the microphone elsewhere.

Yealink MVC940

If you've got a bigger budget to fill, it can mean a greater upgrade for larger meeting spaces. The Yealink MVC940 will suit most, if not all, large meeting rooms and is highly expandable with audio options and multiple cameras. Figuring out what devices will work best for a larger space can be difficult, but we think that the MVC940 solution is your best bet of getting the most out of your large meeting room. Being able to utilise your space appropriately, holding meetings the way you want. The MVC940 solution includes:

  • MCore Mini-PC
  • 2x UVC84 USB Camera
  • MTouch II Touch Panel
  • Camera Hub
  • 2x WPP20
  • Note that there is no audio in this package but can be added if you don't currently have an audio solution in the space.
Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

This bundle of devices can easily handle your large meeting and everything that comes with it. The camera hub included can hold up to nine cameras, so if the two UVC84's aren't really enough to capture everyone in your team. You can simply add a few more cameras to the hub so everyone is included in the meeting. Once you add more UVC84 to the hub, you have the opportunity to switch your camera layouts according to you. So like before with the Yealink MVC640 Wireless, if many different groups of people use your large meeting room. You can easily play with the camera hub and use the appropriate amount of cameras for you. Each camera providing 4K quality to those over Teams.

WPP20 Wireless Sharing

Sharing in a meeting is vital, especially if its due to a last minute brain wave. The WPP20 Wireless Presentation Pod brings seamless sharing capabilities to your team within a matter of seconds. The small device is easy to use with a simple plug in to your laptop via the USB cable and watch your content stream to the large screen, in front of your present and remote team members at 1080p and 30fps.

Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

These pods are perfect for use in a large meeting as it stops any awkward pausing when a person wants to share and they have to go up and connect their laptop to multiple devices. Especially if they're only sharing for a few minutes. With the Yealink WPP20 it just brings a sense of professionalism and a flowing meeting without any interruptions.

UVC84 Camera

Spare End Of Year Budget? Improve Your Meeting Rooms

The UVC84 may look small, but the camera has many additional features that make it the perfect camera for your larger meetings. With PTZ control, the camera is fully capable of adjusting itself to frame the right person or to the right area. This pairing with the auto framing nicely, making the adjustment as smooth as possible. And with a field of view of 80-degrees, the camera really can include everyone in the meeting. Whether they are sat at the table in the far back or walking around presenting, they will be framed and followed by the UVC84.

Furthermore, to ensure your privacy, the camera will turn itself to be down facing when the meeting is over. Giving you the peace of mind that the meeting is done and the camera is off.

Fully flexible for your meeting room the camera can be installed in many different ways. Need the camera in the ceiling? No problem, the UVC84 will sit comfortably on your ceiling to allow the angle that you want. But if that camera angle is not for you, then you obviously have the option to sit the camera on top or beneath the screen or on the wall.

Yealink is one of the best video conferencing solutions available on the market today and is seriously worth considering when upgrading a meeting room while keeping an eye on any end of year budget. Yealink offer solutions for every meeting room size and is very reliable equipment.

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