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Volkswagen National Learning Centre AV Systems Integrator

Volkswagen National Learning Centre required their training rooms to be brought into the 21st Century!

They were using flip charts and outdated projection systems and needed a collaborative product that would allow students of all abilities to understand the capabilities of the technology.

As 21st Century AV is a preferred AV partner across their Financial Services and UK head Office, they know that instructing us to carry out the Audio Visual upgrades would be delivered to the high standards they had come to know and expect.

AV Technology in Education and its Future

After the novel coronavirus rampantly spread throughout the world, space people were forced within the four walls of their homes. Several businesses and offices were shut down, and the employment rate never stooped so low. 

Then again, multiple businesses and educational institutions had to operate from home too. Amongst these, a lot of people have attempted to overcome the unprecedented challenge by resorting to the medium of the internet.

What other option was left either way?

Audio-visual (AV) technology has taken a significant leap. After all, it is the present that will determine the happenings of the future.

We have delivered a wide range of Education AV solutions so drop us a line about your projects and one of our specialists will help you.

The environment created by AV technology in education

You would wonder how education would be affected by that scenario. Or maybe question if it would be as vigorously affected as businesses and the economy. Sure, the basic challenges might occur to you early on. But more interestingly, the world has come much farther than that.

The overall experience, just like work environments, has been affected because nobody had anticipated and prepared for a situation like this. And because of that, the transition was not so smooth.

In all the hassle of figuring the new set of functioning, a lot of time was lost. And we all know how badly losing time can cost us.

Besides, education is much more foundational than any other human activity. That is because it is education and qualification that provides you a base to perform anything. So, the first thing you must do to understand the future of education AV is to realise the importance of schooling.

The goal to be achieved is a challenge to be overcome.

The change in teaching medium has caused students to lose focus. Their attention span has dropped significantly. Recognizing these two as the problems, you must bring in AV technology in education to continue the journey of growth.

To ensure a certain level of concentration and engagement, clarity in what is being delivered is a must. Provided the educator puts in an extra effort into ‘keeping it interesting,’ AV technology will do the rest of it!

A high-quality display technology, along with clear audio capturing products are the beginners. By investing in the above, universities will deliver content that students can comprehend like they were in a physical class.

How does AV in education help to ‘keep it interesting’?

Picture this: if you are not able to hear or see anything clearly, you might put in an extra effort initially. However, if that persists, you will lose interest, and your level of engagement will drop instantly. It will lead to an obvious dimming of the very purpose of an educational institution.

You have already been over the basic actions to take: decent display and audio products. However, the story does not end there. If you are a professor who is looking up ways to keep your class involved and productive, you will have to update yourself.

This century has seen great technological development. And luckily for you, it is not that difficult to get the hang of! Many software and applications like Microsoft Teams, Canva, and such have started to gain popularity for precisely that reason.

There are multiple free versions of these online services that help you make your teaching content exciting and attractive. Well, there is a reason most people enjoy books with pictures in them!

Your reach and accessibility towards all these teaching platforms have become so convenient and inexpensive; you will be surprised!

Creating a smooth transition for the future!

Though it might sound simple and easy, picking audio-visual solutions can be quite the task. Especially if you do not know the technicalities, matching them with your requirements becomes beyond your understanding.

And that is fair enough because not everybody needs to have expertise in all the fields out there. In case you are not able to get in touch with someone who can assist you, you can always look stuff up on the internet.

However, if your doubt is with your requirement itself, the internet can be a little misleading. It is just as simple as the fact that half-knowledge is more dangerous.

Do not worry, though. The point of this article is not to scare you about these new developments! Scroll a little further to find out how you can gather simple solutions for the future to come.

Analysing what is in front of you

No doubt that you estimate the future possibilities based on the fact that you currently have before you. For this situation as well, considering the contemporary scenario becomes relevant.

As you saw earlier, getting the right kind of AV technology for education and means can be tricky. So, when you do not have professional help or advice, your best shot is to go for equipment with flexibility.

Meaning, AV devices and instruments that offer scope in pre-existing technological networks help you achieve it. One benefit of investing here is that it is simpler to scale. At least when compared with traditional analog systems, they are easier to handle too.

The reason behind the reduced complexity is that you will not have to convert the formats of signals by yourself. That way, even the cost gets cut down significantly. You, as an educator, can easily direct audio-video signals to a bunch of learning spaces.

Since multiple student homes are connected at once, the direction of signals happens simultaneously. You might ask how that might help you, the answer to which is increased efficiency.

Besides, it further cuts down the time and effort that you would otherwise have to take to conduct the process individually.

What’s more, is that audio-visual and internet protocol solutions make social distancing possible. You know well enough by now how important it is to follow the guidelines imposed in this era of the pandemic. So, delivering lectures through AV technology in education and sources can cut down a student’s need to travel to the campus in physical capacities.

Education AV – New Terms For The New Normal

By now, you must be familiar with the acronym BYOD. It stands for the phrase, ‘bring your device.’ Why this service within AV technology in education has become important is obvious.

As mentioned above, social distancing norms need to be followed for your well-being. It most literally is a matter of life and death. If these solutions are made more accessible and available across the student demographic, it will be a much safer option.

Through this method, every student will have their device and can attend the lecture or event from home. Technological medium makes recording the delivered lectures possible. That way, students who couldn’t appear for the class or those who had difficulty with certain parts have access to it.

Not to mention, you will be much more sensitive towards nature. Carbon footprint will go down significantly as people will cut down on traveling or commuting aspects of it. The harsh impact on the environment will reduce, which is a larger goal that the world needs to focus on anyway.

AV technology in education and campus learning

The time and effort that the world has put into transitioning from in-person involvement to at-home involvement are drastic. Needless to mention that the two are irreplaceable or achievable because it is already gone.

The first thing we need to realize that AV technology in education is the element of anticipating the different possibilities. The story does not end here; it is also imperative that we learn from our lack of preparedness.

For the world to return to campus learning, it needs to achieve numerous goals need in a shorter period than before. The first step is to recognize what AV technology in education has in store for us. It will not just be safe for students and faculty, but also better for the environment.

Like you saw earlier, it is a much-needed change. The environment has suffered enough, and it is evident in the climate change distastes that show up on the news.

If you try to incorporate desk booking systems, social distancing norms will automatically fall in place. The requirement for education spaces will go down too.

Besides, as the educational organizations hope to reopen in the normal capacity, soon hybridity is inescapable. Classes with a small population can happen with enough distance between every two people. However, other lectures will have to happen online.

Then again, some people might not be comfortable with resuming like before. Their reasons being valid, you need to be considerate of their educational needs too. In this case, they should be allowed to continue their courses from home.

All of these alternatives might seem multiple and difficult to manage. But if you think about it, it does not have to be hard at all. By adopting AV technology in education, all the difficulties and challenges will seem much less complicated! The choice, after all, is yours to make.

There is no debate that AV technology is the future of the functioning of numerous educational institutions and organisations. The sooner you accept it, the smoother you will be in your transition. You will achieve your goals much more efficiently too, and will always be a massive step ahead of others.  And do not be boggled up by technology. All you have got to do is remember that it is here for your help!

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