Digital Signage Displays

Dynamically display important information

Why Businesses Use Digital Signage Displays

Put simply, Digital Signage Displays offer huge benefits to businesses by empowering them to easily update information across the company from a central source.

Whether you need to show menu’s or have a large space that fits LED banners in, you can control what is displayed simply and ensure that all of your digital signage displays show the correct information.

Digital Signage Displays

Benefits Of Digital Signage Displays

The most common benefits we hear from customers about their digital signage displays are that they are:

Our Digital Signage Services


21st Century AV is manufacturer independent which allows us to be flexible and ensure that we provide the correct solution that best meets your needs.

Digital Signage
Project Management

Project Management from concept to delivery.  As Avixa members we know how to do things the right way to ensure your project is delivered on time & within budget.


21st Century AV can assess your needs and integrate new digital signage displays in with any existing digital signage solutions that are already present.

Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage Installations Department will perform a no-obligation survey of the room and / or building to complete a thorough assessment of the various technical and logistical factors to assess the feasibility of the project.

Digital Signage

To ensure maximum ROI from your new digital signage solution, all users must be trained to get the most from the new equipment. Even when integrated with the latest control systems, there may be anxiety with new systems.

Service and

Digital signage displays form part of your marketing mix. To get the most benefit, plan the best content, location and size.We understand that issues with new and existing equipment may arise. Our service department has the ability to keep your digital signage system operating efficiently, lowering the total cost of ownership.

Digital Signage Displays

Fully Integrated Digital
Signage Display Solutions

We have installed digital signage solutions across the UK for both public and private sector clients. 

We partner with only the best digital signage suppliers like SignageLive for digital signage software.

We provide:

  • Digital promo boards
  • LED video walls
  • Kiosks and touch-screen displays

Our digital signage solutions transform the way customers see businesses.

How To Get The Most From Digital Signage Displays

Digital Signage Displays

Understand What's Needed

Digital signage displays form part of your marketing mix. To get the most benefit, plan the best content, location and size.

Digital Signage Displays

Define An Engagement Strategy

Having digital signage that is interactive adds new ways to engage your audience.

Digital Signage Displays

Implement Mobile

Integrating things like QR codes into your digital signage is an easy way to push information to devices.

Digital Signage Displays

Work With Local

Lease out space in your digital signs to complementary businesses in your local community.

Digital Signage Displays


Monitor your digital signage displays performance from engagement to location to make sure it is working well.

Creating Jaw-Dropping Digital Signage Content

Advertising through digital signage is an effective way to create an impact on your target audience. It pushes the content to an advanced level that helps the customers to interact with it. Any digital installation displaying an image, video, text, or graphics for advertisement is known as digital signage. It serves a different purpose for different companies and industries.

A restaurant uses it to display its menu on an interactive screen, while cinema owners place digital signage in lobbies for advertisements, offers, and movie timings.

Digital Signage Displays

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Digital Signage Displays
Digital Signage Displays
Digital Signage Displays

Five Tips for Creating Digital Signage Content

Thousands of companies worldwide use digital signage, and the numbers are increasing rapidly. However, most businesses do not know how to create attractive, jaw-dropping, and appealing digital signage content.

If you do not have great content to show, even a high-resolution display would not drive any customers to your business. So, read the following tips to create digital signage content that works well with the audience.

Digital Signage Displays

Keep it Simple

Digital signage software has hundreds of graphics and colors to attract the target audience. You might love the eye-popping graphics, but it is better to choose the ones that are clean and suit your brand the most.

Basic colors that go well with your text are more likely to grab an individual’s attention. So, use a simple color scheme that contrasts perfectly with a dark background and light text or vice versa.

Choose an easy-to-read font that appeals to a large audience and does not confuse them while conveying the message. Once you select a color scheme and a suitable font, look at the display as a customer. 

If it looks attractive, make no changes and go for it. In case there are any issues, you always have a hundred colors and fonts to try.

Digital Signage Displays

Use High-Quality Images and Graphics

You have to add high-quality images to the content to create digital signage that stands out. Graphics and images make a greater impact on the audience than some simple text on a colorful background. If you convey the message through a short video, customers will find it more appealing, and your sales will increase rapidly. Sometimes the product demands few visual graphics to make the customers understand how it works.

Attach the brand logo or a symbol that suits the product and conveys the right message. If you are using images, keep the resolution as high as possible. Try sizing them to common high-definition resolutions such as 1280 × 720, 1366 × 768, or 1920 × 1080.

You can use stock photos from the internet if your own images are not suitable for the content.

Digital Signage Displays

Add a Strong Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is necessary for advertisements so that the customers know what they should do next. It shows them what steps to follow and how you can help them in the process.

There are hundreds of ways that allow the audience to contact you and make the process much easier for both you and the customer. Moreover, it lets the customers know how to reach you regarding your products.

An advertisement without a call-to-action at the bottom of the content is incomplete, ineffective, and does not serve its purpose. Here are some rules to follow to add a strong call-to-action to your content:

  • Always start the call-to-action using a verb as it adds urgency to your message.
  • The verb and the subject should remain close to each other. For example: Book an appointment right now.
  • Ask the audience to do a task that they can complete or even after a few days.
  • Make the call-to-action as attractive as other elements in the content. Use the right font, color, and size to draw attention to it.
Digital Signage Displays

Dynamic versus Static Signage

Digital signage can be static or dynamic, depending on how you want to display the content, unlike traditional signage. It depends on your product or brand whether to choose a dynamic format or a static one.

Some people believe that displaying static content on a high-resolution screen makes no sense. Dynamic content attracts more attention, keeping the viewers engaged and builds up interest in your product. Videos, animations, and news feeds are examples of dynamic digital signage. However, make sure to update it regularly if you are displaying your social media accounts.

Sometimes, static digital signage is enough to make the content eye-catching and engaging for the viewers. Adding motion to the content will make it look less effective and decrease its readability. If some important information keeps moving on the screen, you might miss the opportunity to connect or convey the message to your viewers. You have to keep the main content static to interact better with the audience.

So, decide whether you need dynamic signage or static would do just fine conveying the message.

Digital Signage Displays

Use Attractive Templates

A digital signage content stands put when you use the right templates. You can find many templates on your signage software that are suitable for your brand or product.

Good software offers free templates as well to create the content that fits your screen. It also gives you different size options, such as the 16:9 ratio required for your content.

However, paid templates might have better visual effects than free ones. But you have to look for a template that makes your content readable and appealing to the viewers.

Digital Signage Displays

Tools for Making Digital Signage Content

You need to purchase a powerful tool to create jaw-dropping digital signage content. There are lots of tools that are readily available, easy-to-use, and have remarkable features. Here are a few great options that you can try:


Canva is a free design tool available for PC, android, and iOS. Anyone can use it and become a designer without having to pay a single penny. Canva is a great option for creating effective digital signage content within a few minutes.


  • A wide variety of free and paid templates
  • Allows the user to upload their content
  • An easy to use, convenient drag and drop content manager
  • Hundreds of free shapes, frames, icons, pictures, backgrounds, templates, and much more
  • Only $1 for premium features

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop allows you to remove or add other objects from an image, change the background color, and merge two or more pictures. Most designers – beginners and professionals – use Adobe Photoshop for graphic designing and digital signage.

This program is available for $9.99 per month and provides you with regular updates with new features.

  • Powerful editing options
  • Saves the file to its creative cloud and share it with others
  • 3D tools for scene illumination, glow effects, etc.
  • Intelligent upsampling to improve the quality of images
Digital Signage Displays

Google Slides

Google offers you a free tool for cloud-based presentation. It is an easy way to create digital signage content using its special features. With Google Slides, you can build menu boards, graphics for promotional offers, or Employee of the Month signs.

You can also download slides, templates, images, backgrounds, and much more without spending any money. It provides you with more than 800 fonts for the text you add to your signage content.


  • Publish your content on the internet
  • Offers high-quality graphics, including images and GIFs
  • Add internal and external images
  • A free voice-type speaker note option
  • Allows linking slides from multiple sources