Different AV Environments We Cover

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AV is a staple in our world. Wherever you go there will be some type of AV, whether that's screens for digital signage in train stations, video walls for live events, or audio systems for museums. AV can be used in many different environments that many don't realise.

Audio visual equipment is mostly known for being used in meeting rooms. With companies using different types of AV solutions for their video conferencing and presentations. However, AV isn't just limited to use in offices. Audio visual equipment can be used in practically any space. From corporate use to, entertainment, education, public sectors, to places of worship, we install AV.

From these environments, many different solutions for AV can occur. Meaning that AV can come in all different shapes and sizes, a task that our team can handle.

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AV in corporate environments is a no brainer, with video conferencing being the main way we hold meetings its important you get the right AV solution that works for you. But AV doesn't just have to be confined to your small, medium, or large meeting rooms in a corporate environment. Reception areas, social areas, breakout rooms, and focus rooms are places in which AV is needed and where it can thrive.

There are many advantages to corporate environments having AV, including;

  • Better video conferencing experience
  • Easier for content sharing (images, PowerPoints, videos)
  • Better for larger meetings with more people
  • People can work remotely and still join a meeting
  • Can get answers and decisions made faster

In Meeting Rooms

AV solutions in any type of meeting room is a must. From meeting room displays to microphones everything is covered when installing the right AV solution for your meeting room. Kitting out your meeting room doesn't just have to be a display that sits above your meeting table. A meeting room is more than that. And for a meeting to run at a high standard, a lot more is needed.

Renault Meeting Room

There are a lot of aspects to a high quality meeting space, that many don't see. Or think about. A display situated above your meeting room table is fine, but making the effort to install a high quality camera, microphone, and speaker to your meeting room can make a whole difference to how you hold your meeting. This could be in the form of a video bar and a separate microphone on the table, or fully separate devices the run together to present your meeting. Either way, a full AV solution is needed if a better meeting room experience is what you are after.

Focus Room

UK Huddle Space AV Equipment

No matter the size of your room, there will be AV solutions that will fit into your space. With the new way of working, smaller, focus type spaces are now common in many offices. Letting those who are hybrid working the option to come back into the office if they need a professional AV set up for a meeting. This type of room is definitely one of the easier rooms to find a solution for.

As its acting, technically, as a shareable office desk, a high powered webcam, soundbar, and meeting display will best fit into this space. This small solution will cover everything you need in this focus space with image, audio, and easy set up. Its simple for this room to act as a carousel, after one person is finished its quick and easy for another to walk in and power up their meeting.

Social Spaces

Alongside focus rooms, social spaces are a new way for workers to sit as a team and feel comfortable. This opened planned space can obviously show some difficulties when trying to hold a video conference. With this type of space most likely in a large open room with not so many dividers, being able to talk business with someone via a Zoom call can be found difficult.

Cityspace Management

Luckily with clever technology, AV has come leap and bounds with letting you speak freely without getting interrupted. Audio bars, microphones, and video conferencing displays have set features to only focus on your voice. Meaning that meeting rooms can be any shape and size. So using a social space in the office is actually made usable, with your video conference participants will only be able to see and hear you. So whether you have a large social space or a small corner in the main office, there will be an AV product that can suit your space and social space needs.


AV in education can be a massive benefit to more inclusive and interactive lessons. With a pretty simple set up, projectors and interactive displays are the best solution for this type of environment. Either solution will cover the whole room with ease. Plus with in house teaching, classrooms will never really have to worry about video conferencing. However with the way things have become, video conferencing is now a common factor to think about when finding the right AV solution for a classroom.

Here are some pros to including AV in an educational environment;

  • Including interactive screen can lead to a more inclusive and collaborative session
  • Simple for trainers to share training content
  • Easy for students to share their work
  • Can still teach students working from home
Abingdon & Witney College 3

With the chance that some students are still learning from home, the solution will have to include a camera good enough to capture the teacher and the lesson material. But it doesn't just stop there. In house learning leads to great collaboration between classmates and trying to get that collaboration through a grid on your laptop can prove difficult.

Training Centres

As another form of education, training centres rely on a good AV solution to hold their lessons. The solution has to be good enough for teachers to put out their material in their lessons and easy enough that they can set up and start teaching. Wireless presentation systems alongside a large display can be a great fit for training centre. Making it easy for trainers to wirelessly connect to the screen and either share specific content, or their whole screen, to the room.

Barco Clickshare Wireless Presenting Systems London

These wireless presentation dongles aren't just for the trainers though. If your style of training is to include everyone into the lesson then its easy for your students to take over and connect via the dongle. Brands like Airtame and Barco Clickshare, allow for easy wireless sharing in any environment.

Why AV In Education?

So a lot of people may be thinking why AV is so important to a successful lesson? Especially if teaching has been doing just fine without smart, interactive boards. The thing that AV brings to an education environment is excitement. Making your lessons and training centres more exciting is the chance for collaboration. Therefore, bringing in an interactive display - great for video conferencing, content sharing, and creativity - means that more students will get involved with the lesson. It brings a new life to education. Plus, with these displays being able to accommodate many different software and applications for a better experience for the teachers and the students.

A solution like BYOD devices are a perfect companion for classrooms and training centres. Letting the teacher and students bring their own device, like a laptop, to the lesson and have the opportunity to share during the lesson.

Education Environment Case Study

Volkswagen Training Centre came to 21st Century for a AV solution for their training rooms. Using a outdated way of training, with flip boards and old projectors, Volkswagen needed a fresh new AV solution to hold their training sessions to a high quality.

To fix this need, CleverTouch Interactive Displays were installed to allow for inclusive training sessions and getting the most out of the lesson.

Different AV Environments We Cover

In total 47 training rooms were refurbished with new AV solutions, including the interactive screens and audio solutions for an all round inclusive training experience. This project is an insight to a common installation for training rooms. With interactive displays being a easy way for trainers to present their training content to everybody in the room.

Public Sectors

Public sectors are based solely on communication. So AV is the best option for this type of environment to communicate properly without any interruptions or hiccups. Using video conferencing platforms can help councils not only communicate with each other in the same room, using high quality microphones. But with people from other councils via their chosen video conferencing platform.

Fitting AV in public sectors doesn't stop there though, digital signage and video walls are a great advantage to councils. Giving them the opportunity to modernise the environment and keep regulars and guests informed. With both digital signage and video walls, councils can showcase important information about meetings or events and show creative videos on their achievements. Making these types of AV equipment a beneficial addition to the reception and public areas.


AV in a church environment can seem confusing and unnecessary to most, but AV solutions in places of worship can can help run a smooth service. AV solutions such as digital signage and video conferencing solutions are found in many places of worship. Including a digital signage solution in a church, synagogue, and other place of worship. Making it easy to present any information across to the community. Where as including a video conferencing solution into a place of worship can help with providing services to those having to join remotely.

  • Can help engage the community
  • Cost effective solution that lasts
  • Time saving
Church Audio Visual System

However, getting the best solution for a place of worship needs to be thought out. Thinking about the layout and structure of the environment. Things such as proper lighting, good bandwidth, and high quality microphones are all factors in creating a perfect AV solution for a church. Without these factors in check it can lead to disruptive and chaotic situations. With connection dropping in and out, crackly voices from a bad quality microphone, and the interactive displays not connecting to the laptop holding all the content.

Our Past Work

Covering a wide range of environments, we have installed many different types of AV solutions into many different environments. Each environment needing to be thought out carefully with what audio visual solution would work best. Not only for the shape and size of the environment, but for the customer wants and needs.


AV in this garden centre consisted of small 10" screens dotted around the shop, with a USB at each screen. Using printed posters to display information. To update and simplify their AV solution, we installed digital signage displays with the easy to use SignageLive system. Giving Notcutts the best digital signage solution. With SignageLive, Notcutts can update their digital signage displays through in one place. Also while being able to create the signage themselves. Letting Notcutts display whatever they want throughout their store.

With an environment like Notcutts, wanting to display information is common. So installing AV solutions like digital signage is a great way to complete a public sector environment with functionality and filling the customer needs.


This global construction services company had multiple meeting rooms and viewing spaces that needed an upgrade of AV. Across multiple floors and sites we completed 14+ ISG meeting rooms, fully equipped with audio and camera solutions with control systems.

Spread across ISG's London and Manchester offices, multiple different AV solutions were installed into their different sized meeting rooms. Whether the room was a large meeting room or huddle sized room that seats four, we found the right AV solution.

Along with ISG's multiple meeting rooms, the academy area was in need for AV. This area has multiple uses, with the space being big enough to hold 3 different types of meetings and hold town hall events when needed. To accommodate this space a CleverTouch Interactive screen was installed along with their Snowflake software, allowing functionality and teamwork. To give ISG and anyone using the academy room control, Crestron control panels were installed. By using interactive screens and room control panels, ISG's academy room can be used in the multiple ways it is needed. Making the room adaptable to whoever the room is being occupied by.