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ClickShare App: How Do You Use It On Your Mobile?

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ClickShare offers many ways for you to present and conference with their range of models. But how can users use the ClickShare App, on their mobile, alongside a ClickShare model to share during a meeting?

The answer is very easily and efficiently. The ClickShare App is a great addition to a ClickShare model, enhancing a meeting. The free ClickShare App can be downloaded on your desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet. Giving you and any guests to your meeting a range of what they can share from. Bringing forward the meaning of BOYD (Bring Your Own Device). But using the mobile app is simple. It can be downloaded onto an IOS or an android phone, from the app store or Google play. With no hassle. When the ClickShare app is downloaded you will simply have to connect your phone to the ClickShare Network. And with that you are ready to connect to the ClickShare Device in the meeting room and share from your phone. Its as easy and as fast as that.

With the ClickShare app being so easy to download and use. How do you use the mobile app and how can it enhance your meeting?

How to use the mobile app

The mobile app is easy and quick to use. Its basically a virtual ClickShare Button. Just go into the app store or Google play and download the free app. Once the ClickShare app is downloaded onto your phone, you will need to connect your mobile to the ClickShare Network. This is the same network that the ClickShare device runs on. Making sure that your phone is connect to the same ClickShare Network is important, as without it you wont be able to use the ClickShare app. Then login using the same login detail for your ClickShare. If you haven't changed your login details, the password will still be the default password. Which is 'clickshare'.

Once you have successfully connected to the ClickShare Network, you can then go into the ClickShare app and click on the virtual button. When you click the button it will allow you to share any content from your mobile to the meeting in the room. With the mobile app you can share any documents and photos from your mobile, share any online content via a web browser. You can also share any content from cloud drives, such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. You will need to have a 4G or 3G connection to do this. By having this any ways to share from your mobile, it stops no one from being able to share. Plus if you have the latest version of the ClickShare app, you can screen mirror you mobile to the meeting room display.

With the Barco ClickShare mobile app, you can use it with:

  • C-5
  • C-10
  • CS-100 Huddle
  • CS-100
  • CSE-200
  • CSE-200+
  • CSE-800

These ClickShare Models will support the use of the ClickShare mobile app. The ClickShare app covers all types of sized rooms. From huddle, with the CS-100 Huddle, to the larger rooms with the CSE-800. Meaning that the app is great for those small impromptu meetings with the people within your team. To the large meetings, or conferences, with people within your team and guests.

Main Features

The ClickShare app can offer many ways to enhance your meeting and get people collaborating. By having a ClickShare device in your meeting room, it allows people in the meeting to share whatever they want. However, with the ClickShare app it allows guests and last minute attendees to share during the meeting. Just walk into the room, connect to the ClickShare Network and you're ready to share. Walking in to any meeting with ClickShare and connecting is straightforward and easy with the ClickShare app. And with advanced security the ClickShare app can securely connect to anyone's mobile.

Not only does the ClickShare app allow you to share from your phone. It supports video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom. So the ClickShare app can seamlessly integrate into any room. From Zoom Rooms to Microsoft Teams Rooms. This is a massive feature as the ClickShare app can also start video calls, so it doesn't matter if your preferred video conferencing platform is different to your guests. As your guest can still connect and share with the app.

If you have any trouble with understanding the ClickShare Conference range or how it can enhance your meetings then we are hear to help.

To speak to an expert, either jump on the live chat, fill out the form or give us a quick call on 0118 997 7770 and we’d be happy to help.

Barco Clickshare CX Range

Sharing files

Its simple for guests to download the ClickShare app and connect to the ClickShare Network. Letting them wirelessly share any form of content for the whole room to see. From videos and photos to any document type. Although its not only about sharing the content from your mobile. Because with the ClickShare app you can screenshot anyone else's shared content to save for later use. Or to send to anyone else in the meeting who needs it. Plus save pdf files and jpeg images shared.

Not only that but you can also annotate any files shared from your mobile or another persons in the room. Then, with being able to save content shared, you can go back through the content and look through the annotations. Also when going back through you see a piece of annotation that isn't right, you can simply erase the annotation. There isn't a limit on what can be done with the ClickShare app. Sharing, annotating and collaborating all happen with the ClickShare app.

The ClickShare app not only enhances your meeting. But it can fully set up and start your meeting. With the ClickShare mobile app you can start video calls. So even if you forget your laptop or the content you need is all on your phone. You can complete your whole meeting with your phone. Making your meeting and your meeting room less messy without loads of laptops and cables sitting around. Everything your need sits in your phone and the ClickShare app. Also, as your ClickShare device is connected to all the other pieces of AV equipment in the meeting room. You wont have to worry about if your phone will bring the best quality meeting. As the ClickShare device is already connected to all of the AV equipment in your meeting room. So you can effortlessly use the AV equipment alongside using the mobile app.

Screen mirroring

With the latest version of the ClickShare app, android or IOS. You can fully screen mirror you phone to your meeting room display. This is a massive time saver within a meeting. And gives the meeting a smoother run. Because if your having an important meeting with a few guests coming in, you want the meeting to be at its best quality. With the ClickShare app and the screen mirroring feature you can create the best meeting.

The screen mirroring feature is straightforward to use. All you have to do is download the ClickShare app as normal and connect to the ClickShare Network as said before. However instead of sharing files and images by clicking the ClickShare Button and the virtual Button on the app. You will have to select the screen mirroring section within the app, click the white circle at the bottom of the screen and connect to the ClickShare Network. Then you're done and your are screen mirroring your phone to the big screen seamlessly. The screen mirroring feature will broadcast your full screen, with no cuts. As easy as that you are sharing your screen wirelessly for your whole room to see. Whatever you do on your phone, will also happen on your meeting room display. Letting everyone sit around the meeting table without having to get up and walk to the meeting room display to annotate.

Then if the meeting is finished, or you want to stop screen mirroring to let someone else in the room screen mirror. Then just tap the red icon at the top of the screen on your phone. This will make a tab pop up, giving you the opportunity to stop screen mirroring.