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Professional audio visual systems for Churches and places of worship.

Just like private companies, places of worship across the UK rely heavily on AV solutions to effectively communicate and collaborate.

As the UK’s leading AV installation firm we’ve supplied and installed many audio and visual systems to numerous churches and places of worship, sound system upgrades to complete AV installation projects.

Church Audio Visual Systems
Church Audio Visual Systems

Churches, Synagogues and other places of worship have become the center of entertainment within the community, some offering stage productions to the regional schools or film nights for its local residents and congregation.

We’re finding a growing number of places of worship are now updating their out of date audio visual systems due to wanting to access a greater portion of their community even remotely.

We have worked with churches and places of worship to improve their estate with AV solutions including:

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Church Audio Visual Systems
Church Audio Visual Systems
Church Audio Visual Systems

Best Video Conferencing setup for Church services

Video conferencing is one of the most effective methods of leading congregations, conducting church services, meetings, and ministering to one’s community even from a great amount of distance. For this purpose, a number of video conference setups can be used. In this way, if one can’t make it to the Church, they can easily let their church make it to them!

In this article, a detailed description of the various tools and setups to go virtual will be unpacked. This shall enable one to maximise their impact of ministry and keep their congregations going even if they’re physically absent from the church!

Why should a church or place of worship opt for video conferencing?

In cases of not being able to be physically present at important conferences, cancellation should no longer be an option! With the easy provision of video conferencing provided by a number of platforms, one can now be present at church services and meets from anywhere and at any time. Several setups even guarantee additional features such as bible reading, inter-personal messaging chains, etc., to make online sessions even more engaging for all.

Some of the famously known video conferencing setups have been listed below, along with a detailed description of the required tools and mechanisms.

Church Audio Visual Systems

Types of video conferencing setups for church services

The internet offers a great variety of video conferencing setup platforms ranging from free to paid ones. Depending upon the church’s budget and size of the meetings, one can opt for any one of the following recommended options.

In addition to the aforementioned video conference setups, other free tools with lesser features and paid tiers include:

Tools required for conducting a successful church video conference

Church Audio Visual Systems

A smoothly functioning device

One of the greatest advantages of video conferences is the flexibility with which these can be conducted easily using phones and laptops. However, it is always preferred to use smoothly functioning devices to avoid screen freeze and other disruptions during the conference

Church Audio Visual Systems

Proper lighting

For video conferences to be conducted successfully, proper lighting is considered important to avoid any shadows or distorted views. Being able to see the host keeps the audience engaged throughout the conference

Church Audio Visual Systems


When opting for video conferencing to conduct church services, meetings, and congregations, having good bandwidth is extremely important to avoid any interruptions or chaotic situations. Continuously disrupting internet connections can often lead to a lack of focus amongst the audience, ultimately leading them to lose interest

Church Audio Visual Systems


Leaders of church congregations are expected to have good microphones to project their voice clearly to the audience. A number of options for the same can be easily found on online networking sites at reasonable rates.

Pros and cons of video conferencing setups for church services

Video conferencing setups for conducting church meets and services consist of both pros and cons. This includes the following:

Church Audio Visual Systems



Church Audio Visual Systems
Church Audio Visual Systems

Proper communication skills

Excellent and precise communication skills are the primary requirement for conducting successful church virtual meets through video conferencing. Being the host, it’s really important for one to ensure that messages and all necessary information are reached to the group in time. One must also keep a check on whether everyone is joining the conference, text messaging chain, or call through the right networking channels.

Setting a proper outline for the meeting

It is always better to lay down a proper framework of the meeting before the involved audience to avoid any chaos. Under this, one can prepare an introductory session for the participants to be familiarized with the conference decorum and things to avoid. One can even choose to prepare an ordered list of candidates to speak so as to avoid a ruckus during the meeting.

Physical absence from the church under any circumstance should no longer be a matter of concern. With the help of internet facilities and the aforementioned video conferencing setups, one can now easily minister to their audience and set an example of perseverance and determination in terms of conducting events and services.

To avoid a ruckus, one can easily make use of the wide variety of embedded features available on platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Church Apps, And Church Media Websites.

This shall not only be an innovative and efficient way of holding services but also prove to be a lot more engaging for those involved in the congregation. However, for the successful conduction of video conferences, one must pay heed to the tools required in the form of smooth electronic devices, proper bandwidth, good microphones, lighting, and a properly laid down framework of the meeting.

Proper instructions to avoid chaos

Wanting every individual to un-mute themselves during a video conference to increase levels of participation can be tempting. However, in such cases, a chaotic situation can be easily created in no time.

Thus, to avoid any cacophonies, it’s always recommended to provide proper instructions to all participants about remaining mute from the beginning of the conference. This helps in canceling out any undesirable background noises and makes it easier for the person speaking to share.

Church Audio Visual Systems