Can Webcams Connect To ClickShare? We Tell You Everything

Webcams are now a must item to have with them being used daily. But for businesses what can you do to enhance your use of a webcam. Barco ClickShare is loved by many, but can it connect to your daily used webcam?

Barco ClickShare have a wide range of compatibility with other AV equipment. So connecting to a webcam is definitely not a problem with ClickShare. In some circumstances the ClickShare device may not connect directly to the webcam. But this isn't an issue as it may be connected through another device. So even if you get your ClickShare device and you find out the Base Unit doesn't directly plug into the webcam. Do not worry as the ClickShare device will still work alongside the webcam even if they are not connected together. Barco actually have a ClickShare Conference Partner Program with 30 partners. This partner program is basically what ClickShare devices are compatible with. With big brands such as;

  • Logitech
  • Poly
  • Bose
  • Jabra

plus many more brands that are compatible. Which can be found on the Barco website. Having big brands included in the ClickShare Partner Program allows so many people to integrate a ClickShare device into their conference room. Without any setbacks. Also by having the program it really pushes their idea of BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting). As you can connect to any webcam in any conference room anywhere. Whether that is a Teams Room or a Zoom Room. Making the integration of a ClickShare device into any room easy.

So yes, a ClickShare device can connect and work alongside a webcam. However, you still need to know how to connect the device. Plus room solutions can have a different connection strategy.

ClickShare Partner Program

Furthermore on the ClickShare Partner Program, its not just brands that the ClickShare devices can connect to but its the compatibility with meeting room displays and video conferencing platforms. The meeting room displays include; LG, CTouch, Sharp, Sony, ViewSonic, Legamaster, Avocor and I3-Technologies. So if your webcam is connected to your meeting room display, then ClickShare devices can still connect to the webcam and present the content on your display with no issues.

Then the video conferencing platforms includes big brands such as; Google Meet, Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. Again having this is very helpful as these are the mostly used brands of video conferencing platforms. However, don't be worried if your not a user of these brands as ClickShare also supports; Cisco, Webex, Pexip, Bluejeans, LogMeIn and Kudo.

ClickShare wants to help everyone enhance their conference room. With the accessible list of partners on Barco's website. It helps you quickly find out if your webcam is compatible with ClickShare. So connecting to a webcam is covered and not a worry for when you order your ClickShare device.

If you want to learn more about Barco ClickShare, whether you need information on what the different ClickShare devices can do or how to integrate the devices into your meeting room. Fill out the form with your details and questions you want answering and someone from our team will get back to you. Or if you want to have a chat with, give us a call on 0118 997 7770.

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ClickShare devices, such as the CX-30, will come with a Base Unit and ClickShare Buttons. The Hub acts as the connection hub for the AV equipment in the room. Connecting to a webcam in your conference room is simple. With the ClickShare devices being compatible with many USB peripherals. There are no confusions on what cables can and cant connect with ClickShare. Sharing from your laptop or PC to your room display is done wirelessly. But the ClickShare Base Unit will need to be connected with a HDMI Cable and a USB Adapter. This is very helpful as most AV equipment have these connections. So there really is no limit on what ClickShare can connect to.


Integrating your ClickShare device in with other AV equipment, in this example the Logitech Rally (which comes with 2x speakers, a Logitech Webcam and 2x Logitech Rally Mic Pods) is simple and fast. You will need to connect the Rally Mic Pod to the Rally Table Hub via a USB Cable, then the Table Hub will connect to the Logitech Display Hub via an Ethernet Cable. After these are connected, you will need to connect the Logitech Display Hub to to CX-30 Base Unit via a USB Cable. The Display Hub will also be connected to the Logitech Webcam and speaker via a USB-C Cable. Then the CX-30 will need to be connected to the room display via a HDMI Cable. That is all your connection done, all your sharing will be done wirelessly.

So to share your laptop or PC content to your CX-30 Base Unit, you will need to plug in the ClickShare Button. The button comes with the CX-30, into your laptop or PC via the USB Cable. When plugging in your ClickShare Button into your laptop or PC for the first time, the driver software will start downloading and this will allow you to connect to the Base Unit and share your content. Next you simply have to click the ClickShare Button, select the Base Unit in the room and it they will start connecting. You will only have to wait a few moments until the contents from your laptop or PC screen will be shown on the meeting room display.

So in this AV equipment kit, the CX-30 doesn't connect straight to the webcam but connects to it through the display hub. But this doesn't mean that the webcam and ClickShare device wont work seamlessly with each other to bring a high quality meeting. They will work side by side to let you share your content on your room display alongside a video conference call that you are having. Letting you share the content with anybody else in the meeting room and the people on the video call. Not causing any disruption to your meeting.

Room Solution

If there's a certain video conferencing platform that you're dedicated to, ClickShare can still be integrated effortlessly. So if your preferred video conferencing platform is Microsoft Teams and your meeting room is a fixed Microsoft Teams Room solution. Then it is very easy to connect your ClickShare device to your existing equipment. No cables or adapters needed to share.

It is a simple set up, plugging the ClickShare Button into your laptop which will wirelessly connect to the ClickShare Base Unit. Then the Base Unit will be connected to a Touchscreen control panel in your room. via a HDMI Cable. The Touchscreen will be connected to the NUC, via a USB, with the NUC connected to your webcam soundbar, also via a USB. The meeting room display will be connected to the NUC via a HDMI. Plus you can connect more than one meeting room display. This chain of connections will allow you to use your webcam and ClickShare seamlessly. Furthermore you can wirelessly share you laptop content to your meeting room display and to the people on your Teams video call without any hassle. This is a fast and easy way to create a hybrid meeting, with anyone being able to connect and share from any device.

ClickShare doesn't only support a Teams Room solution but can also support a Zoom Room solution. Just like the Microsoft Teams room, Zooms Room is an easy set up. You will have to set up all your AV equipment and integrated the ClickShare device. Just like the Microsoft Teams room, its just simply plugging in the ClickShare Button into your laptop and connecting the ClickShare Base Unit to a piece of your existing AV equipment in your room. Then to start your Zoom call, with the opportunity to share your content using the ClickShare device, is just starting your Zoom call as you would normally and then clicking the ClickShare Button to start your sharing. As simple as that. The ClickShare device will always be able to work alongside any type of AV equipment. From speakers, microphones, soundbars and definitely webcams.