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Barco ClickShare: How Does It Work?

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Wireless conferencing and presenting are the quick and easy way to collaborate and share your content in a conference. With Barco ClickShare, they offer several products integrated with many helpful features to help you enhance your conferences. However, how do these devices actually work?

Barco ClickShare devices are designed to ensure you high quality style meetings. All you need to ensure this is a ClickShare Base Unit, ClickShare Button or the option of using the ClickShare App. The ClickShare Buttons are easy to use, pairing the Button with your Base Unit to be able to start sharing. Basically a simple plug, click and play. The connection is done via the WIFI or an ethernet cable. after the Button is connected you will need to log into the ClickShare Configurator Web Interface. This will then allow you to share your content, with no hassle of downloading any applications. When your ClickShare Button is connected with your Base Unit, it will always be paired with the Unit.

You can also use the ClickShare App to connect your laptop, tablet and mobile and start wireless sharing through the App. ClickShare is compatible with many pieces of equipment from webcams, soundbars and microphones. So if you are worried that your ClickShare device will connect and fit in your room with other pieces of equipment, is not needed as it most likely will fit in nicely.

The ClickShare devices really are simple to use. However, the devices do a lot to ensure that you can wireless share smoothly.

ClickShare Button

If you are wanting to use the ClickShare Button to start your wireless collaboration feature, then the ClickShare Base Unit will be your best friend. The Base Unit gives the ClickShare Button something to connect to. This is so the Base Unit can connect to your display in your meeting room.

This system is basically a chain from your laptop, ClickShare Button, Base Unit and ending with your conference display. The most popular way is a direct line from your Button to your Base. As if the path from your Button to your Base is longer, it may cause your performance to slow down. As the ClickShare Buttons use between 7 and 15 Mbps to ensure a high quality video performance. So without the Base Unit your collaboration is not possible. This is because the HDMI output of Base Unit needs to be connected to the input. If you are an avid user of Zoom, the Base Unit can be connected to Zoom Rooms using the Base Unit HDMI cable output with an Zoom Rooms input.

This can seem a tad confusing, but to keep everything in check you can use the ClickShare Button Manager. This lets you connect your Buttons to your Base Unit remotely. However, the Button Manager is most suitable for the CS-100 Huddle, CSE-200 (+) and the CSE-800.

Setting up

To see how the ClickShare Buttons actually connects, here is a breakdown of the CSE-200+ connection. The CSE-200+ is the Base Unit, the ClickShare Button that comes with the CSE-200+ will need to be paired with the Base. The first thing that you need to do is insert the Button USB into your laptop. The Buttons LED will flash white while it is connecting. This wont take long if you have the launcher preinstalled on your laptop. Once the Button is connected you are up and ready to go.

However if you don't have the launcher preinstalled, then you will have to open the ClickShare drive on your laptop and download. Once the download has been completed, the ClickShare Button will turn red. After that your screen will be presented on your meeting room display. ClickShare is very clever in the sense that before it shoots your screen to your room display for everyone to see. It will scale the content you are wanting to share. Making sure that it will fit nicely onto your big display. This is great in meetings with new guests as it keeps you and your business looking professional.

So even if you're a step behind, it wont take you long to catch up and start using your ClickShare device. Then when you're ready to finish your meeting and stop sharing your screen. All you need to do is to click your Button and it will quickly stop your sharing.

Contact Us

If you are Still a little confused on what these Barco ClickShare devices actually do and how they can improve your conferences. Fill out the form with your contact information and the questions you want answered and someone from out team will get back to you. However, if you want your questions answered fast then give us a call on 0118 997 7770.

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ClickShare App

If you have a ClickShare Base Unit but are on the go, then it can be downloaded on any tablet device or mobile. Suitable for android or IOS to give you easy access to sharing your content. Using the app, it allows you to connect directly to the Base Unit.

Once the app is downloaded, you can just simply walk into any room and automatically be connected. This is done by SSDP (simple service discovery protocol). This discovers within the network to find the right one for you. The app uses WIFI beacons and audio signals to detect a maximum of 5 meeting rooms nearby with a ClickShare Base Unit. It finds the meeting room by measuring them according to their signal strength. This showing that the app can store any meeting room for you to use. This is a massive time saver as you will never have to type in an IP address as it always stays stored and connected.

Alongside the tablet and mobile app, there is a desktop app. The desktop app still has to connect to the Base Unit to function properly, but in this case you don't need a ClickShare Button in between to make it work. So if you already have a ClickShare device and are wanting to use the desktop app, then you still can. The desktop app is compatible with any ClickShare device.That is all it takes to set up the desktop app.

All it takes is one click to be able to start sharing your content and to start your conference. The app also accommodates hybrid working. As you can share your content with your conference participants and to your meeting room display. Just like the mobile and tablet app, the desktop app has meeting room detection with that it will automatically connect you to a meeting rooms equipment, ClickShare product and other pieces of AV.

ClickShare Features

Most ClickShare devices will fully support the interactivity features, including moderation, blackboarding and annotation. To access blackboarding, all you need to do is connect up you Button to your Base Unit. When connected, you can use your interactive display to place your two fingers on the screen. This will then open up a tab where you can click on the blackboarding option. Then you are ready to utilise this feature, plus if you want to save your work you can do just that. All the files will be saved on your laptop. Then they kept safe and you know where they are if you need to return to it.

Touchback support is another feature that is helpful for running your conference. Keep in mind that touchback is only available on the CSE-200, CSE-200+, CSE-800, CX-30, CX-50. The touchback control is a feature that lets you control your laptop from your interactive display screen. This is done by pairing your Button to your Base Unit. Then you can share your screen to your room display and control all your content on that screen. This stops you from having to walk back and forth from your laptop to the display screen. To have this feature you will need to have the USB cable connected on your ClickShare Model. Furthermore, to enable this have to tap the bottom icon on the meeting room display.

Screen mirroring is a feature on ClickShare Buttons, but it is mainly another way to share your content. Its is a Bluetooth system that connects to your ClickShare Base Unit to be able to reflect your screen onto the room display. You can do this from your phone, tablet or your laptop. This really enforces the idea of BOYD. This feature is done with Airplay, Google Cast and Miracast.