Barco ClickShare Conference: The Basics You Need To Know

Barco ClickShare offers many products to make or enhance your existing meeting rooms. But if your meeting room isn't in top shape and needs some repair, how can Barco ClickShare Conference help?

The Barco ClickShare Conference is a product category specifically for enhancing your hybrid meeting rooms. Or can help creating them. Offering the products to create a hassle-free sharing space, with multiple people being able to share at one. Creating the perfect BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) environment. Whether that's a huddle, small, medium or conference room space. With the ClickShare Conference products you can walk into any meeting room and wirelessly connect, instantly. The products, CX-20, 30 and 50 all achieve this efficiently. With each of the products being suited to different sized rooms. If you already have a room full of AV equipment, but think that a Barco ClickShare product would enhance the room. Then there's no worry of cables not connecting as the products can connect seamlessly with existing AV products. Creating a meeting room with the most interactivity and sharing possible.

Barco ClickShare Conference products have a lot to give, but what does each product do specifically?

The CX-20

Barco's CX-20 model is the one for the smaller sized room. This device is perfect for those small huddle spaces in your office. With this product, and all the other CX products, you only need a plug and play action to get this device up an running. Your meeting room will be updated in no time. The CX-20 includes the ClickShare Base Unit and one ClickShare Button, its easy to set up.

The Base Unit will be the connection between all the other AV equipment, soundbars, microphones etc, in the meeting and your device. Whether that be a laptop or pc. The ClickShare Button will be plugged in to your laptop via the USB cable and will be able to wireless share the content from you laptop to your meeting room display. With help from the Base Unit. Even if your meeting room doesn't have any other types of Av equipment. The CX-20 will still fit and work effortlessly in your room. Using the meeting room displays speakers to fill your small space with sound if you feel a large speaker wouldn't fit your room comfortable.


The main features of the CX-20 is that it offers full BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) support. So if you are a guest to a huddle sized meeting and the space is run by the CX-20. You have no worry about connecting to the CX as your device will quickly connect without the need of cables. So integrating the Conference CX-20 into your own huddle space, wont cause any trouble with guests visiting your huddle space. Another main feature is that the CX-20 comes with enhanced security. This builds from the fact if you have guests coming into your space and they want to share some of their content via the CX-20. Then can do so easily and quickly with their content being safe and secure.

The CX-30

This product is the next one up from the CX-20, being made for those rooms that are a bit bigger than a huddle space. The CX-30 comes with a ClickShare Base Unit and two ClickShare Buttons. With this model coming with two ClickShare Buttons, it allows more than one person to connect to the meeting room display at once. Resulting in the opportunity for multiple people to share at once. This clever device is able to connect two laptops or PCs in the meeting room to the room display. Pushing that idea for great collaboration and bringing your team, and guests, together. These are the reasons why the ClickShare CX-30 is the most popular product from the ClickShare Conference range.

The setup is easy. In just around seven seconds the CX-30 will change your meeting room. Again with just a simple plug and play, you and your team will be able to connect and share. With the ClickShare App alongside the CX-30 and ClickShare having a wide range of USB peripherals. Connecting any device to the CX product is simple. Making collaboration powerful.


Again just like the CX-20 the CX-30 is a quick set up with many great features. However, because the CX-30 is for medium sized rooms, collaboration is more of a focal point in this product. The CX-30 comes with full interactivity and moderation. This allows people in your meeting room, or connected via a video call, to annotate any piece of content shared. This is a great features as it quickly allows participants in the meeting to share their ideas on anything you have shared. Letting everyone have their say, without having to speaking.

If you have any last minute guests to your meeting and all they have is there phone with their content that they want to share. Then they can still share with the team. The ClickShare App would be a great addition to the CX-30, as the app works seamlessly to connect any mobile or tablet to the CX-30. Sharing from your phone, android or IOS, to the CX-30 with the app is fast and effective. The app connects to ClickShare products wirelessly, without the need for cables it really is fast and easy to share any last minute content from your phone. Like in all ClickShare products, the CX-30 includes enhanced security. Giving your guests a piece of mind that the content they share during a meeting will be safe.

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The CX-50

The last model in the ClickShare Conference range is The CX-50. This model is for the larger, conference sized rooms. It comes with two ClickShare Buttons to share around with your team around the room, spreading out the opportunity to collaborate. Just like The CX-30, The CX-50 is great for sharing and collaborating. However, The CX-50 is made to bring the highest audio-visual quality. This is super important as a large room can be difficult to fill with sound, making sure that everyone can hear and understand what is being said.

Just like all the ClickShare Conference products, The CX-50 can be integrated into any room. With no stress. The CX-50 has a wide range of USB peripherals, so it can connect to any soundbar, microphone, speaker and room displays.


Just like The CX-30, The CX-50 is built with the most helpful feature of full interactivity and moderation. The CX-50 includes Touchback support, this means that the ClickShare device supports the interactive room displays. Letting people in the room go up and draw, annotate on the content shared on the room display. Two people can share at once with the two ClickShare Buttons that come with The CX-50. However to enhance this collaboration and sharing, you can add more ClickShare Buttons to your conference room to allow more people to share. Getting the most and very best out of those large meetings.

Although, if you're not wanting to purchase more Buttons, you can still use The ClickShare App to get people sharing. The App is very handy for guests coming in for the meeting. As its just a quick log into the app, connect to The CX-50 in the conference room and the guest is ready to share. And again, your guests wont have to worry if sharing their content is safe as The CX-50 comes with enhanced security. Plus, The CX-50 is managed by the XMS Cloud Management Platform, where you can manage the devices security settings and lets you have an insight on the analytics of The CX-50. Linking back to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) nature. Making The CX-50 a great addition to your large conference rooms. Allowing everyone to join in, including any guests.