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Finding an AV solution for your meeting room, or meeting space, can be difficult. Each environments have different needs and uses for AV. With a wide range of AV available, we offer most AV solutions to any type of environment. Making it easy for you to know what will work in your space, as we will do it for you.

But as there is a wide field of AV available, its best to know what type of AV you are looking for and what each piece of equipment offers and what it means.

We offer many different types of AV solutions for many different environments. If you're confused about what type of solution would work for you, then fill out the form with your details, send us a message on LiveChat, call us on (01189) 977 770, or email us at sales@21stcenturyav.com.

Digital Signage

Digital signage offer multiple benefits to a business. Working technically as an informational board, digital signage can help a business present information in creative ways. Making the information you want to share more interesting and eye catching to your audience. A main benefit of digital signage is that it can be used practically anywhere. No matter what your display is, it can be turned into a digital signage display.

  • Restaurant
  • Meeting rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Social Spaces
  • Public Transport
  • Schools

Digital signage can be used anywhere and for any reason, the simple solution lets you turn any display into a digital signage screen.

Notcutts Garden Centres Digital Signage

Using digital signage software's such as BrightSign, SignageLive, and Sedao can help bring your signage to life. With a software like BrightSign, you can create and run your digital signage through one specific place.

Why Digital Signage?

The reason for a digital signage display is simple, they are a great way to catch anyone's attention. With a simple installation and signage creation, digital signage displays can easily be put into any space. With anyone being able to create a template and present their restaurant menu, or informational board. They are adaptable to any space.

Interactive Displays

Working wonders in meeting rooms and educational environments, interactive displays can easily bring collaboration and creativity to any team of people. The brands we offer reflect what we think interactive displays should be, with brands such as;

  • CTouch
  • UX Pro
  • Smart Technologies

All of these brands give a collaborative experience to any space. CTouch Interactive Displays let anyone share any type of content from their laptop. UX Pro is great for any size meeting room with multiple screen sizes, also with great sharing capabilities. Smart Technologies is a perfect solution for educational environments, letting teachers use the display for presentations and whiteboarding features. From this you can gather that interactive displays are a no brainer for any type of space.

Where Can Interactive Displays Thrive?

Interactive displays work great in collaborative spaces. Meeting rooms, classrooms, and training rooms are the best environment for an interactive display. In older, less advanced classrooms projectors were widely used to project lesson content to the students. Although, at the time, this was a solution that worked, wear and tear wold creep in. After a while the projector light would fade and the reason for the projector would become pointless as the content shared became too difficult to read. Then when this happened you would have to replace the old projector, meaning in the end the projector would become way more expensive then originally thought.

AV Solutions We Offer

However with an interactive display, sharing content will never be faded. A CleverTouch, UX Pro, or Smart Technologies interactive display will keep its quality for a longer period of time. Meaning you wont have to worry about replacing any lamps.

Steering away from faulty's, an interactive displays is an all round better experience in an education environment then a projector solution. With an interactive display you wont have to worry about bright projector lights, shadows blocking your content, and fuzzy content from the projector trying to focus.

In the long term an interactive screen can be less pricey than a projector, have longer lasting high quality, and it can make your meeting room or classroom more professional and tidy.

LED Video Walls

Whether you are looking to wow at a event with an outdoor video wall or present useful information to guests in your reception area, video walls can create a powerful large display for any space. Placing a a large video wall in your reception allows customers to see what type of business you are, with you being able to showcase your work and company, giving you a professional and high quality perception of the business.

Absen LED Video Wall Curved LED Video Wall UK

Now, video walls come in different shapes and sizes. Meaning that no matter the size of the area you want your video wall to be in, you might be able to fit a video wall in. The way video walls work is that it is made out of multiple displays. So, it is totally customisable to your space. If you want your video wall to be 3 displays high, then you can do so. The multiple displays are clipped on to the video wall mount, meaning that you can mount as many displays as you want.

If you are wanting high quality, long lasting video walls, we recommend;

  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Nec
  • LG
  • Barco Unisee
  • Absen

These video walls all deliver a simple design to give different levels of seamlessness of a video wall. Out of all of these solutions we deliver, Philips and Samsung are most likely the brands you have heard of.


If you are looking into Philips video walls, you will get an all in one design that is simple to deploy into any space. With any separations and gaps, the Philips video wall will produce high quality LED imagery with high brightness.

AV Solutions We Offer
Samsung The Wall LED Video Wall Installation UK


If you are looking for the right video wall to capture the highest quality imagery with outstanding colours. Then Samsung is the right video wall. Suited best for live events as the Samsung video wall brings the best of the colour out of the imagery being shown.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the most popular solution, with meeting rooms around the world needing video conferencing to hold their meetings. These solutions are made up of a camera, soundbar, display, and if your room is big enough, microphones. This type of solution works in any type of room, no matter how big or small.

Some high quality video solutions come from a group of well known brands:

  • Logitech
  • Poly
  • DTEN
  • Crestron

All of these AV brands include different solutions and devices for you to hold your meeting to the best of your ability. However, in each and every AV brand a solution will be dedicated to a specific video conferencing platform. An AV solution from Logitech might be dedicated to Microsoft Teams, while a solution from DTEN is solely designed for using Zoom. This means that these solutions are locked to the specific video conferencing platform. Although this may be good for some, it can be difficult as not everyone uses the same VC platform.

Wireless Presentation Systems

Along with the base devices for a video conferencing solution, wireless presentation devices can be a great addition to your solution. Wireless presentation devices allow for anyone in the meeting room to share to the meeting room screen whenever they want. With whatever type of content. Some great wireless presentation devices include:

  • Airtame
  • Barco
  • Mersive Solstice

These dongles work wherever you need them to be, a great and easy choice to upgrade your meeting room. Getting everyone involved with just one connection and a click o a button.

airtame 2 Wireless Presentation Device

Hot Desking

Hot desking is a solution that can be installed into any office, no matter the shape or size. This can be simple to install, with only the need for a online booking system and a device to book your desk. Hot desking can make offices simple with everyone getting to choose their own desk and environment through out the week or month. Making it easy for those working away from the office to come back into the office seamlessly.

With a brand such as GoBright, hot desking can be made simple. With just check in using the GoBright Connect, you can walk to your booked desk, log in with a personal NFC card or scan the GoBright App and your desk will become available for you. Even though you are scanning your card or app to get into the desk, you will choose and book your desk online before hand. So there will be no scrambling or arguing over who gets what desk as it will all be sorted out before you arrive at the office.

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