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21st Century AV solutions dramatically enhance your overall presentation and capture the undivided attention of your audience. The right combination of products and technology ensures that your multimedia presentations will deliver their full potential.

With our extensive industry experience, we can offer:

Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing is widely accepted as the goto technology for communicating with clients and colleagues across the globe, cutting travelling expenses for important meetings.  It is used in classrooms to help children learn about other cultures and talk to people in different countries and also for remote court proceedings.


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Digital Signage

Our innovative range of digital signage products for the dynamic signage market marks the next stage in the continued growth of 21st Century AV and its commitment to remain at the forefront of new technologies and products in the display solutions industry. The trend for using electronic signage for marketing and information display purposes has grown rapidly across many industry sectors including travel, retail, advertising, leisure and entertainment. 

Interactive Display Solutions

Technology is pushing interactive products to the forefront of the audiovisual industry. Use of Smart boards and associated products have shown a marked increase in popularity over the past few years. Offering dynamic solutions for board rooms and classrooms, Smart boards are one of our most sought after products.

Kiosks and touch screens although not new technology are being used more and more in everyday retail and business life to keep people informed

LED Video Walls

Every business needs customers, and having innovative and creative ways of creating memorable impressions on people’s brains is all the more important today.  

Installing an LED video wall is a great option for digital signage and creating a lasting impression on a visitor.

Brent Video Wall

Control Systems

Control systems can simplify and streamline the technology in your boardrooms, conference rooms or throughout your facility.

The units can be push-button system mounted by your existing light switch that controls lighting, and air conditioning for the room – or a more complex system with a touch screen image that will control the lighting, curtains and blinds, projector, air conditioning and audio systems.



If you’re buying a projector, you’re making a significant investment. For many of our customers, they’re not just investing the price of the projector – they may be counting on the projector to help them win business through their sales presentations, so it’s important they get it right.

To ensure your projector is always functional when its needed we offer service and maintenance contracts on all projectors both new and existing.  (subject to site survey)