Why An AV Service Contract Is Essential For Your Business

21st Century AV Maintenance Contracts

It is vital for all businesses to understand the importance of having an AV service contract and the benefits. Even with the best and most reliable AV equipment, technical faults are unavoidable. Moreover, the maintenance and repair cost for such equipment can be extremely expensive.

In addition to the cost, a business can also have to suffer from a fall in efficiency and collaboration. In short, an AV service contract is like a safety net for all businesses and can save you from unexpected failures and downtime.

What Is An AV Service Contract?

An AV service contract, will help you to combat any technical disruptions and failures in your audio visual system. It is a more traditional approach to audiovisual support. Contracting a company like us will ensure that your system is taken care of on an annual or periodical basis, even if we didn't originally install the equipment!

Your AV system probably cost a significant amount so it is important to ensure it is maintained properly. An AV service contract ensures that you get the quick assistance to take care of your AV setup.

In short, we can remove all the headaches around maintaining and taking care of your AV system. An AV service agreement also assures you of expert management solutions. The more complex AV technology your business uses, the more need there is for an AV service contract.

An AV services contract gives you the peace of mind to ensure that someone is there for business continuity when you need to fix an AV-related problem.

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Advantages Of Having An AV Service Contract For Businesses

There are several benefits to having an AV service contract:

Improved User Experience

More and more, businesses are relying on AV equipment to operate efficiently. If your equipment has frequent failures, carrying out meetings and collaborating correctly can be difficult. Having an AV service contract means you have a route to a fast solution, completed by experts.

When AV equipment is left unchecked, gremlins can creep in and when the equipment is turned back on it can pose more significant problems. AV equipment issues in the workplace can often lead to frustration and lower productivity as your employees expect a user-friendly and reliable technology.

In essence, your AV equipment's performance has a direct impact on your team's morale and ability to do their job. An AV service contract will maintain your AV tools to ensure a good flow of communication and productivity.

Increased ROI

Do you know that an AV service contract can offer a higher return on investments?

All AV technology require continuous upkeep, from cleaning to firmware updates. An AV service contract will update and fine-tune your AV technology.

Moreover, putting a service contract into place is cheaper than paying labour fees every time. With regular servicing, your AV system will perform better and last longer. Ultimately, having a service contract will result in increased return on investments.

Protects Your Investment

Merely investing in AV technology is not enough if that technology is not reliable. If your AV technology goes down often, and you're not able to fix it, your business will lose productivity.

In the worst-case scenario, you might even need to replace these costly systems more often. An audiovisual service contract will not only help you get rid of the technological problems but also protect your investment. AV service contracts give you a route to resolve any technical problem immediately so that your business can get back to its regular workflow.

Discounted Labour Fees

Our AV service contracts include labour fees within their package (subject to criteria). This feature can be a huge plus point for your business who rely on AV equipment heavily. Also, during some peak seasons, it will avoid any premium visitation and repair fees. You have breakdown insurance on your car for the same reason.

Expert Assistance

Most of your workforce will not be adept with all the technicalities of your AV system. It is not always possible for employees to find a fix for damaged AV equipment all the time. For this reason, an AV service contract would allow a point of contact for quick resolution of the problem. Apart from offering a cost-effective labour fee solution, you can also enjoy access to professional advice and help.

We have a team of experts with experience of all types of AV equipment that can be covered under our service contracts.

Peace Of Mind

The biggest benefit however of an AV service contract is peace of mind.  We can take care and protect your entire AV system if required so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Should You Get An AV Service Contract?

The example we use is the return to work following the COVID-19 lockdowns. Many offices had laid dormant for months and one day the return to work date was decided and someone was charged with going in to turn everything on. We had many customers do that, only to find that during the downtime, something went wrong and now their AV system wasn't working. For our customers on service contracts it was an easy fix as they just contacted us, booked us in and knew that it would be rectified. For other companies that contacted us with the same problem and didn't have service contract we could still help them but had to charge for engineers etc.

Considering all the advantages, an AV service contract is a wise investment, even if your AV equipment is old. An agreement can still be reached to maintain it, even if we didn't install it. It is an all-in-one solution for business meeting spaces. Not to forget, an AV service contract is highly customisable to fit your specific needs.

Things To Consider When Choosing An AV Service Contract Provider

Before you go and hire an AV service contractor, there are certain things that you should consider.

Tailored Packages

You should be wary of any company that only offers default packages that are not customisable. Any service contract supplier should always be open to customisations and tailoring.

For example, you want monthly visits to perform preventative maintenance on all your AV equipment then this should be possible (although we would probably explain that it is a bit overkill and not cost effective unless the equipment is in a harsh environment).

Check what's included

When speccing out a new service contract we always recommend that you take a good look at the inclusions and check that it fits your needs. For instance do you need:

  • Emergency call outs
  • End-user telephone customer service
  • Monthly/ quarterly/ annually services
  • Preventative maintenance and lamp monitoring
  • AV setup testing and cleaning
  • Around the clock service calls
  • Access to emergency loan equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

If the warranty no longer covers my hardware, should I still consider a contract?

Once a manufacturers warranty expires then an AV service contract is definitely the way to go. However, even if your equipment is still under warranty an AV service contract is a good idea as manufacturer warranties are product specific and will not cover any bigger issues within your AV setup.

How Much Does An AV Service Contract Cost?

The cost of an AV service contract differs from one to the next as it is completely dependent on the equipment needed to be covered under it and also the level of cover in regards to SLA's, emergency callouts, regularity of preventative maintenance etc.

It is fair to say that our average service contracts run at about £5000+ per year but we have a lot of large customers covering multiple sites. The best option is to either fill out the form on the right, jump on our live chat or email sales@21stcenturyav.com and we can discuss with you your specific needs.