AV Industry Trends For 2021

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The pandemic wrecked the world with huge losses. The keen focus of personnel in the field of technology now is to find innovation that will improve productivity for a professional workplace.

The main focus of the professionals in the AV Industry is to advance innovations and cope with the losses that COVID-19 has left with.

When several businesses came to a halt, remote working methods rescued the system from a complete shutdown. Working professionals, students, and educators collaborated consistently through a virtual medium, surviving in the major world crisis.

Several professional sectors went through hit-and-trial methods to find what needs to be done to make office life normal.

Now, as most of the companies and their employees are mastering the convergence of IT and AV tools, it is inspiring innovators to build new AV trends and product innovations. So, how can AV collaborate with other technologies and help businesses prosper in tactile means?

The industry experts are showing severe optimism about high-impact audio-visual (AV) Technology with some through-provoking content. The attendees, too, have higher expectations. But overall, knowing which exact AV trend will spare everyone from the situation is slightly difficult.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is a projection technique used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection.

The concept will literally ‘Wow’ anybody. Projection-Mapping creates experiences that no one has had before. The post-pandemic era will have projection mapping in conference rooms, corridors, outdoor galas, and trade shows.

There is no way a person can escape the high level of attention this technology brings for everyone.

3D and 2D projection Mapping will bring surfaces to life. It will transform objects or spaces to any size creatively and artfully. Technology experts portray Projection mapping as a way to create a dramatic stage inside a foyer space. Incredible!

What is more exciting is that Projection Mapping is not costly in 2021. As demand increased, the cost of the technology amidst the crisis is quite affordable for any company.

Holographic Imaging

Holographic Imaging is a potential AV Trend in 2021. You can add excitement while presenting for your company, using holographic 3D images to the hall or remote participants. Even for the marketing sector, holograms will create a dazzling response from the sponsors to promote your brand name.

Creative LED Displays

LED technology is prospering for years. Companies are accepting the technology as the frontline technology to create exceptional visual that will influence their brand name.

One revolutionary innovation is the LED skin. It is creating new opportunities in the market. Companies are aligned to the new form of technology to frame a system. The demand for LED tiles is increasing, for it's easy to replace the facility with magnets.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Previously the question was if one would use Virtual Reality or not. But in 2021, the question is how you will use Virtual Reality.

Face-to-face interaction will indeed be forever irreplaceable. However, in the post-pandemic era, that’s a luxury. Hence, VR and AR are both game-changing trends to hit up under any landscape.

VR completely steals the show in creating extraordinary engagement beyond the quality of videos and presentations. It is a very powerful tool in trade shows for demonstrating a 360-degree tour of the space or any product.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, will create engagement among the customers to get a personalized experience of products or any virtual world with wearable glasses or smartphones.

Building Infrastructure

AV Technology touches every layer of infrastructure development in the post-pandemic years. It will generate efficiency and optimization in a very sustainable way. Corporate houses are thinking of investing a handsome amount in building smart buildings to get more work done in less time.

  • The new Smart Buildings of the new normal era will have the following benefits for better working:
  • The building system and facility will provide actionable information in terms of performance from the employees.
  • Smart Buildings will consist of monitors that will work proactively in detecting errors in the building systems.
  • Managing the entire building will get easier as Smart Buildings will have proactive monitors for real-time reporting.
  • Companies will benefit themselves by saving infrastructure costs, energy conservation, and energy sustainability.

Since the coronavirus outrage is not completely uprooted from the world, what most we can do is to understand the technology and the ideas of implementation at its best.

The concept of Smart Building is a holistic solution for different industries, but there are controversies too. Some have questioned the user complexity or wastage of energy, but neither of the two is true.

Audio-visual Technology can be used to increase remote access in the company premises. For the distant working culture to flourish at its great, this technology is truly game-changing innovation.

Workplace AV Trends And The Future!

There was a lot of uncertainty about how workplaces would reassemble this year. So, we got some insights from the experts of the AV industry on how structure and standardisation to the latest AV trends shall look like in 2021.

Hybrid Working and Remote Work Model

Working professionals are finding the new work from home model fascinating. It saves them the daily traveling time and their energy. For the teams to work seamlessly, the global acceptance of to hybrid work model is increasing in 2021.

The hybrid model allows employees to work from an office at least three days a week. The other days will follow working from a remote location as usual.

The hybrid method came about because of the fact that unity and creativity of working professionals were repressing under the remote set up.

The 3:2 ratios can resolve all the challenges, as per the expert suggestion.

Under this conundrum, what saves everyone is communication through video conferences to cope with the distance and connectivity. Teams will work with synergy using the premium quality video and audio conferencing in comfortable spaces from remote locations.

Organisations will save infrastructure costs and fewer headaches in the management department. The efficiency of an individual and the team will increase to the fullest with high scalability and easy operation with this new normal technique.

BYOD Trend

Bring your device (BYOD) will continue to grow in 2021. Most of the companies will integrate this workplace policy to maintain social distancing with touch interfaces on the floor.

Be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, professionals will get full liberty to work with their device in the office or at a remote location to access data.

The BYOD trend will save the company from buying new devices for their employees and also lessen the chances of virus spread that was possible with device sharing.

Digital Signage

The fear of infection is restricting people from touching anything at places where more than one people are present. In the healthcare, education, hospitality, government, and corporate sectors, interactive video walls are all-important setups than they were ever.

LED video walls will increase visibility for a business. The new set up will make the transfer of information fluent under every circumstance. Therefore, in the post-pandemic world, digital signage will rule and make communication easier and faster.

Communication shares a delicate relationship with technology. In no way, social distancing is likely to remain even in the post-pandemic world.

The only way to make your digital signage great is by enhancing the audio and video quality. Here are some new ways of how the corporate, education, and other sectors will shape themselves shortly:

  • Bigger size displays will be seen on walls to avoid human touch.
  • A massive technical advancement in terms of internet speed and quality that will avoid any interruption during work.

With Digital Signage Technology, individuals will connect seamlessly for teamwork to boost and broadcast information. The intelligent audio-conferencing tools will allow glitch-free communication for larger and smaller business groups.

Workplaces will equip with all kinds of new technology to prosper work and productivity. Since audio and visual communication are key elements in any technology, AV Trends will see strong demand in 2021.

Office rooms will have occupancy sensors and wireless presentation facilities for a safer workspace. Without any strong prediction but only factual analysis, we can predict that these trends will show an effective way to satisfy business without compromising the safety of employees.

Hopefully, the information we have provided about AV technology trends and how they will impact the industry in 2021 and the coming years were helpful. Let us hope for good mental and physical health with better productivity!