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10 Microsoft Teams Integrations You Need To Try in 2021

best microsoft teams integrations

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All companies strive to get all of their workflows streamlined and managed on a single platform. With workplaces growing increasingly digital, integrations are what help workflows become seamless.

Microsoft Teams has recently become a very popular digital centre point of contact for employees. They can collaborate, share information, and engage in meaningful ways. It comes with a range of benefits and makes running remote businesses that much easier.

There are many integrations like Zapier, LifeSize, and Trello, among others, that makes Microsoft Teams even more efficient.

We've been researching heavily and decided the below are the 10 Microsoft Teams integrations that you definitely need to try in 2021.

10 Best Microsoft Teams Integrations

Read ahead as we discuss the Microsoft Teams integrations that you should give a shot this year.

1.    Lifesize

If you are looking for a video conferencing solution for your business, Lifesize is a must-try integration. It offers some of the highest video and audio quality in addition to several other features. Each meeting you set up will be clear and crisp.

It will also allow you to have a 1:1 instant meetings or a group meetings if you prefer. You can do this from any chat or channel of your choice on Teams. You can also use the Teams calendar interface to book Lifesize conference rooms.

What if you want to pick between using Teams video meetings and Lifesize video calls? If you simply integrate Lifesize with Teams, you will be able to launch into Lifesize or use Teams video as you prefer.

You won’t have to spend precious time navigating through multiple applications. Here are some of the features of Lifesize:

  • If you want larger discussions, you can simply invite the Lifesize conference room systems to any meetings you may have.
  • You can schedule your Lifesize meetings and join them using your Microsoft Teams app.
  • There are chat commands that you can use to make your tasks convenient. These will let you connect through video by initiating a Lifesize call.
  • You won’t have to apply Lifesize uniformly across all teams. If you prefer, you can enable Lifesize just for specific teams.

2.    GitHub

Your software developers are as crucial to your company as other members of your team. You may want to be able to collaborate with developers without switching applications. The GitHub integration with Teams is perfect to achieve this.

GitHub is one of the best software development platforms. It is a space where developers come together to design crucial technologies. They also solve many software problems here. Once you get the GitHub integration, you can access GitHub's tab and messaging extension.

You will also be able to access the Bot and personal app capabilities. With this, you can collaborate with developers and create and share just the right code. The best part is that developers won’t have to switch their applications to collaborate.

Here are some of the features of the GitHub integration that you should pay attention to.

  • You can solve triage an issue and generate ideas to share with other teams. It is one of the best ways to boost your productivity.
  • You will be able to view all your GitHub projects completely through your Teams channels.
  • You can add comments to all issues using the Teams app.
  • You will be able to access the GitHub repositories. You will also be able to subscribe or unsubscribe.

3.    Trello

Trello is a rather easy integration and is very compatible with Microsoft Teams. Integrating the two is easy as both support notes and comments. Hence, it makes it very easy for companies to work together.

Trello is great in project management and offers various collaborative tools. This helps prioritise your assignments and organise them well. Use the Trello Tab or Connector to add Trello to Teams.

You can assign a board to organise and view your Team’s work. The Connectors will alert you to any changes that have taken place. You can then use a single app to view what assignments who is working on.

Here are some features that will get you to consider integrating Trello into Microsoft Teams.

  • You will be able to create and organise checklists for your teammates to follow. These can be assigned along with deadlines.
  • It improves the organisation of your work. Hence, internal groups will be able to communicate much better.
  • You will be informed of any Trello notifications, just like everyday communication is delivered on Teams.
  • You can collaborate with others and manage the projects on a single platform.

4.    Cacoo

There is nothing like diagrams to communicate with your teams better. You may already be familiar with Cacoo, which is a collaborative diagramming app that is used to create various diagrams.

Cacoo allows you to create wireframes, mind maps, flow charts, network diagrams, and SWOT diagrams. You can also create UML diagrams, project timelines, and other visuals that will help bring life to your ideas.

It is a great integration for Microsoft Teams as well. Using this, you will be able to get notified of any diagramming activity of your team using a single platform. Any additions, updates, and comments will be notified to you.

Here are some features that make this Teams integration worth it.

  • You will be able to share folders and access controls using Teams.
  • You can comment and the diagrams directly.
  • You can access the presentation mode that makes sharing easier.
  • You will be able to engage in collaborative drawing in real-time.

5.    Jira

Jira is a collaborative space that allows the management and planning of software development projects. You can even update any software releases on this app. It has been used extensively to manage software development, content, and other projects.

There is also the Jira Service Desk. It provides visibility to marketing projects, employee boarding, and other business requests. It is a great integration for Microsoft Teams as members will be able to access priority projects and team workloads better.

They will also be able to view any business performance in real-time. There is no need to switch applications, and all of this will be available from Teams. Here are some features that make this integration great.

  • You will be able to discuss any project without leaving Teams. You will also be able to create tabs with issues.
  • You will also be able to discuss any collaborative projects without pausing and hampering real-time productivity.
  • Discussing over backlog is made easier with this integration.
  • The integration will make it much easier for you to release software more frequently. It will also help you release it faster.

6.    Givitas

Givitas is a software solution that helps keep all the members of a team on the very same page. It streamlines knowledge so that different departments in your company can be on the same page.

It makes it easy for members to ask for any information and help they require at work. It makes it easy to access and unlock collective intelligence. It makes it easy for employees to find any data that they think will help them.

The best part is that you don't simply have to rely on localised knowledge. You can get your information from any expert around the world. You can communicate this to the members of your team.

It was created mainly to remove the stigma attached to employees asking for help. Everyone can share knowledge and ideas and help improve the culture of their company. It is a great solution to keep employees satisfied and to boost employee retention.

Here are some features that make this integration one you should try.

  • You can help employees on the Teams platform without switching.
  • It makes knowledge sharing for all members easy and accessible.
  • You can access important information and share what is useful with the entire team.

7.    Smarsh

With companies growing more and more virtually, Smarsh allows them to easily monitor, store, and capture their visual communications. It helps companies manage their risks and allow innovation.

You need to try this Microsoft Teams integration to regulate your employees’ communications. You can capture these communications and see if they comply with the requirements by various authorities to retain records.

With Smarsh for Teams, you will be able to enjoy native voice capture and transcription and enjoy compliant collaboration. You will also be able to protect any content that is shared over Teams.

Here are some features of the Smarsh integration that you will enjoy.

  • All messages shared are indexed automatically. Hence, you can quickly retrieve information when you need it.
  • Lexicons can be defined as well. These can be employed to file content for monitoring and review. They can also be defined to flag text.
  • The messages will be captured with accompanying elements as well. This includes files, images, links, videos, and any other attachments.
  • The chain of custody of content is preserved, and it is also retained in its native format.

8.    Translator

Workplaces are not just digital in nature in our world today. They have also gone global. There are teams that have members from the world over, and many may not be fluent in English. In this case, Translator is the app that can aid your business.

However, when you are working on Microsoft Teams, it may become difficult to use a separate app altogether. Hence, the Microsoft Teams integrations for Translator is an excellent option.

You just have to download the app to Teams, and you will be able to translate any messages and read them in the language you prefer. The members of your team will have the same liberty. If you download it on the Microsoft Teams hub, it is accessible on any device.

Here are some features that make this integration apt for your Teams.

  • You can make calls, caption the words, and translate them into any language you prefer.
  • Employees can speak or write back in the language that they prefer as well. All of this can be done on Teams without switching between apps.
  • Multiple employees will be able to join a conference. Here, they can each communicate in their own language.
  • It can be used over the computer, mobile phone, or any other device and will work just the same regardless.

9.    Zapier

If you are a busy bee, Zapier is the app that will transfer information between your apps and services. It also helps manage chat workflows much more efficiently. The Microsoft Teams integration for Zapier makes workflows that much easier.

You can download any necessary into your Teams app. Zapier will manage to trigger any necessary workflows in other apps when a new channel is created in a team. If you link two apps, for instance, you can use the Zapier Manager in Microsoft Teams.

It will instantly share any information between these two apps. You won’t have to repeat tasks between your apps as Zapier will automatically do it. You won’t need any coding knowledge to get this done. You won’t need the help of a developer either.

Here are some features that make the Zapier to Teams integration a worthwhile one.

  • Whenever a Teams channel is created, the workflow is automatically initiated in the other apps.
  • It is triggered when different actions are performed on Teams. This includes the creation of a new channel or chats on Teams and the posting of a new message on a channel. It is also triggered when a new message is received via chat on Teams.
  • If a Google calendar event is about to begin, it automatically alerts everyone on Teams about it.
  • If a row is added to a spreadsheet or a form is submitted, it automatically sends alerts.

10.                  Adobe Creative Cloud

The visual impact of your work is what makes it attractive to your consumers. Your designers will be grateful if you keep them on the same page as the rest of your team. You can do this by getting the Microsoft Teams integration for Adobe CC.

You will get access to apps for design, photography, video, and more. These include Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and many more. With this integration, you will be able to bring your designer's creativity and fuse them with teamwork and collaboration.

Whether it is a new promotion video or an exciting poster, Teams will be able to let you share feedback instantly. You can do all of this on a single platform. Here are some of the features that make this integration rather attractive.

  • You won’t have to give your feedback over email and constantly check on it. Instead, you can do it on a single platform and give feedback to any design.
  • Designers will be able to review and revise their work quicker and in real-time. It is because they get alerts for any stakeholder comments.
  • You can use your Teams workspace to get instant access to any CC files. You will also get access to the libraries.
  • It is easier to share and find any design work on a single platform.

Why Should You Use Microsoft Teams Integrations?

You now know the right integrations that you can opt for in 2021. You should now explore and experiment to see which integrations are apt for your working style. Here are a few reasons why you should give Microsoft Team integrations a try.

Better Organisation for a Boost in Productivity

A digital work environment need not mean that it is a cluttered one. Many integrations are designed to organise workflows and make them more convenient. By using apps like Trello that list tasks and those like Zapier that communicate between apps, you can stay organised.

You and your employees will be unlikely to miss any deadlines in this case.

Better Communication

Face-to-face meetings are more effective and have a personalised touch to them. You can opt for good quality video calls over conferencing solutions like LifeSize. These help mimic physical communication for better conferences.

You can also keep track of communication and manage risk by using apps like Smarsh.

Adding Creativity

Workspaces thrive on creativity, and you won't have to keep your designers away either. By opting for integrations like Adobe CC, you will be able to get designers in tune with your company.

 Further, integrations like Cacoo will make help you communicate with your teams in creative ways.

Keep in Touch with Your Company’s Values

Going digital does not mean that you will compromise on your company’s values. Instead, you can celebrate them by using Teams integrations. For instance, you can use Givitas to promote gratitude and helping others among your teams.

You can also use apps like Translator that promote global inclusiveness.

By choosing Microsoft Teams integrations, you will be able to take advantage of the services of many apps. You can do all of this on a single platform. You can streamline knowledge, organise projects, and enhance creativity. All of this will help you manage workflows and boost the morale of your team. Using some or all of the top 10 Microsoft Teams integrations mentioned above will allow you to make the most of the collaborative space.