Many companies have begun to open their boardroom doors to a variety of purposes for meetings, presentations, conferencing or brainstorming sessions. The systems integrated into these rooms must function at a highly technical level, yet must be simple enough to be run by a non-technical person. Boardroom participants must be able to see, hear and communicate clearly regardless of where they’re seated. With today’s technology it is easier than ever to do just that.
With a 21st Century AV installation you can have the highest quality equipment integrated into an aesthetically pleasing environment for all to enjoy. From the display device to the boardroom furniture, we offer seamless execution from start to finish. A sleek and fully wired boardroom table, a media wall from floor to ceiling, conference cabinets to match a new or existing table, a custom lectern with your corporate logo. 21st Century AV can make it possible. We work in partnership with our furniture manufacturers and your interior designer or architect to achieve style, comfort and functionality.

.In the minimalist Boardroom 21st Century AV can achieve artistic simplicity shrouding a complex system hidden within. When entering the room there is no sign of technology; no video screen, no computer, no projector, no speakers, no microphones or cameras. There is just a small black box sitting on the table. Using a hidden ceiling mount for the installation of the projector, in-wall speakers, under floor cabling or wireless technology, a clean and uncluttered look can be maintained. With a fully automated control system, at a single touch of a button on this small black box, the ceiling projector is revealed, the blackout blinds descend and lights dim and darken the room, creating a great impression before the presentation even begins.
The control of the equipment with touch screens options offers a great advantage in that all levels of employees can manage them. Control systems are designed to give full charge of sound, video, the display device, lighting, drapes and blinds, heating/cooling, audio and videoconferencing, and so much more, without elaborate instruction beforehand.

Equipment Considerations:
Projection Options – Rear or Front Projection, Hidden Mirror Systems (Ceiling), Projector Lifts (Ceiling)
Projector Screens – Motorised or Manual
Large Format Screens – Plasma or LCD
Interactive Technology -Whiteboards, Plasma Screen Overlays, Tablets
Dedicated Room PC
Satellite TV Integration
Video/Audio Playback – DVD, Mpeg, VCR, CD
Sound Systems – Wall or Ceiling Speakers, Audio Amplifier
PA System – Mixer, Wired or Wireless Microphones, Recording Facilities
Sound Reinforcement – Induction Loop Systems
Audio Conferencing – Connecting Microphones for Forum Discussions
Video Conferencing – ISDN or IP, Head to Head or Multipoint Systems
Document Camera – Presenting Objects, Documents, Additional VC Camera
Scenic Lighting – Control and Dimming Systems
Touch Panels – Room Automated Control System
Custom Furnishing – Blinds, Acoustic Panels
Custom Furniture -Boardroom Tables, Chairs, Cabinets, Media Lecterns, Mediawalls
Input Interfaces – Single or Multiple Computer/Video/Audio Inputs, Custom Pop-Up Table Interfaces