.Lecture theatres may have many different guest speakers, all using different materials and with differing levels of experience in presenting. For these reasons 21st Century AV appreciate an AV installation has to be flexible, easy to use and essential to take into account future use.The introduction of a media lectern to the auditorium can provide a flexible solution to varying speakers. Linked to a projector the lectern can be loaded with a host of equipment to deploy every teaching technology from the traditional “overhead” to the latest presentation software, live internet content, digital photography, video and audio playback, teleconferencing, and more.Fully integrated systems should be centered on simple to use control interfaces, taking away the complexity of effectively using several audiovisual devices during one lecture.To simplify the operation a touch screen control system will enable the lecturer to do everything from dimming the lights and closing the curtains through to selecting different inputs for the projector – and all without the need for a degree in electronics!

.This allows teachers to operate their systems with a degree of ease giving them the ability to capture and maintain the attention of their audience at all times.

Network ready projectors can aid networked classrooms and auditoriums. These easy to use models have inbuilt technology to send diagnostics to a central help desk, reducing maintenance costs and eliminating downtime.

Current facilities may simply need upgrading with an induction loop to make the speakers audible to those with hearing disabilities.

Equipment Considerations:
Projection Options – Rear or Front Projection, Hidden Mirror Systems (Ceiling), Projector Lifts (Ceiling)
Projector Screens – Motorised or Manual
Large Format Screens – Plasma or LCD
Interactive Technology -Whiteboards, Plasma Screen Overlays, Tablets
Dedicated Room PC
Satellite TV Integration
Video/Audio Playback – DVD, Mpeg, VCR, CD, Camcorder
Sound Systems – Wall or Ceiling Speakers, Audio Amplifier
PA System – Mixer, Wired or Wireless Microphones, Recording Facilities
Speech Reinforcement – Induction Loop Systems
Audio Conferencing – Connecting Microphones for Forum Discussions
Video Conferencing – ISDN or IP, Head to Head or Multipoint Systems for Distance Learning
Document Camera – Presenting Objects, Documents, Additional VC Camera
Scenic Lighting – Control and Dimming Systems
Touch Panels – Room Automated Control System
Custom Furnishing – Blinds, Acoustic Panels
Custom Furniture – Media Lecterns, Mediawalls, Cabinets
Input Interfaces – Single or Multiple Computer/Video/Audio Inputs, Custom Pop-Up Table/Lectern Interfaces