Distribution of video and audio via IP based networks is an emerging market. We offer a wide range of streaming platforms with real time encoding from analog or uncompressed SDI video and audio to compressed MPEG 1.2 & 4 distribution over IP networks. Receive and decode with the Set Top Box (STB) or a Windows desktop client decoder application.
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21st Century AV IPTV Middleware & Management
We have created a user friendly Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and IPTV management package that allows full security and auditing of an IPTV system.
Manage Users and Set top boxes by groups, enable / disable channels by user or groups, Full statistics and monitoring of who watches what and when.
“Skinable” programme guide allowing users to customise the look and feel of the system to a corporate identity

Amino Aminet 110 IP Set Top Box
The AmiNET110 joins the family of Amino Digital Set-top Box solutions and provides a low cost solution that is targeted specifically for worldwide markets and where a very flexible product is required.
With an Ethernet input and flexible audio/ video output, together with S/P-DIF and an RF Modulator output, the STB provides an elegant and powerful means of delivering sophisticated interactive digital television including multicast and on demand video along with Internet access.


Amino Set Top Boxes
AmiNET 110 MPEG 2 Set Top Box
AmiNET 120WM 9/MPEG2 SetTop Box
AmiNET 500 PVR MPEG 2 Set Top Box
AmiNET 124 MPEG 4 H264 SetTop Box

Edje 2000 MPEG 2 Streaming Box
Edje 2100 MPEG 2 ASI Encoder
Edje 3000 Multiplexer / De-multiplexer

MGW 1100 Modular Streaming Gateway
MGW 2000 MPEG 2 Streaming Server
MGW 5100 Carrier Grade Streaming
MovieMaker 400 MPEG 4 Capture Card

Iplex ASI Input and Output Module
Iplex Modular Streaming Server
Iplex MPEG 2 Encoding Sub Module
Iplex MPEG 4 H264 Encoding Sub Module

Streaming (Other)
Distributed Video Cache Server
Streaming From File
Video On Demand Server
Video Player Software
Video Stream Archive Recorder

Trimedia Solutions
8 Channel Freeview Streaming Server