New Vortex product line enhancements – InstantDesigner release 2.0 and integration with SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phones and VSX 7000 and VSX 8000-series video conferencing units!

The Installed Voice product line contains the highest quality audio conferencing products on the market. With the fastest convergence rate available, a long echo cancellation span that will support almost any room size, and our proprietary noise cancellation algorithm (patent pending), these products provide the best possible audio for any interactive communication application. Our products are designed for simple setup and operation and may be operated with RS-232-based room controllers.

The Polycom Installed Voice product line includes acoustic echo and noise cancellation products for audio and video conferencing, distance learning, courtrooms, and other multipoint communication systems. We provide DSP echo and noise cancellation, using the best technology available.


EF2210 Single Channel Acoustic Echo / Noise Canceller
EF2211 Single Channel Acoustic Echo / Noise Canceller With Phone Add
EF2241 Automatic Mic / Matrix Mixer with Phone Hybrid and Power Amp
EF2280 Automatic Mic / Matrix Mixer with Echo and Noise Cancellation
EF2201 Telephone Interface