.Home Cinema is traditionally viewed as the amalgamation of audio and video technologies to recreate the cinema experience in your home enabling you to enjoy movies the way the filmmaker intended, with quality images and cinema quality sound. Lighting, automation, control, sound, picture, seating, they all play an important role in the home cinema experience.
However, as the price of audio and video solutions and flush flat screens tumble the opportunities of AV integration throughout the home are endless. You may be that movie fan seeking the ultimate dedicated cinema room, or just looking for a functional minimalist home entertainment system. Whether you dedicate a room or want to blend your home cinema system into a family room or lounge, we can create home entertainment systems that everyone can enjoy.
You may just fancy a budget solution for the bedroom or a multimedia flat screen for the bathroom, spa or kitchen. Whatever your dreams, we can supply a solution that meets your tastes and budget and professionally custom install it in your home if required.
We believe that your home is your castle and therefore do not undertake any physical work unless certain of delivering results that meet and exceed your expectations.

.21st Century AV have the expertise and experience to undertake a complete installation on your behalf, or to manage any project by supporting other professionals of your own choosing. We welcome professional partnerships whenever required as we appreciate our services mesh with others to create your sophisticated technologically advanced home.
If you are considering renovating, building or extending, or you are an architect who wants to give your client that little bit extra, our knowledgeable and creative experts are here to provide the professional advice and direction you need.