.Distribution and automation in the home is about making your life easier. You may just be requiring a simple solution for the lounge including TV, video and audio automation to eliminate your current remotes.
You may just want to enhance your home cinema experience with the luxury of an LCD touch panel. Wouldn’t it be nice to dim the lights and shut the blinds, mute the phone and start the movie, having the mood set automatically all with the touch of one button and all from the comfort of your favorite seat? After all, you want to relax and be entertained, not fumble in the dark with complicated remotes.
A more comprehensive multi zone/multi component system may be needed enabling you to listen to different audio sources or watch different video systems in any (or all) rooms at the same time. Listen to your favorite CD in the study while the kids jam to the radio in their bedroom. Lie in bed and watch TV while the kids are using the DVD player in the lounge or you can all watch the same without being in the same room.
All of these elements can be integrated seamlessly, giving you easy and convenient control of your entire environment. Equipment can be installed within a custom cabinet inside a cupboard fitted with a cooling system to allow doors to be left closed. Everything from the components to the wiring and speakers can be blended and hidden right into your architecture.