.There is an array of options to suit all budgets when considering a home cinema system. It maybe a full-scale dedicated cinema room with custom seating, electric screen descending from the ceiling, lights that automatically dim, curtains that sweep into place when you press “Play,” or you may simply require a plug and play cinema projector that you can hook up as and when you need it.
For something in between you will need to consider what specific components are important to you to make up your individual solution. 21st Century AV can advise on carefully chosen complementary separates that blend to provide the ultimate cinema experience.

.The big screen experience can be achieved in a number of ways. The large screen sizes achieved from rear projection units can be very attractive, especially for those wishing to achieve the minimalist look and they are far less affected by bright lighting than front projectors. However, many people consider a front projector and separate screen as the ultimate in dramatic picture quality especially when you are trying to achieve an image in excess of six meters.
If you are concerned about the fan noise of projectors or wish to aesthetically blend with the modern lounge, why not consider one of the large plasma or LCD screens, thin enough to hang on your to create a dramatic visual effect in your home.
To raise your comfort level further you may wish to consider whole house sound systems controlled either by room or zone with wall keypad controllers. Sit down, relax in your favorite chair, and savor fine cinema with breathtaking sound whilst others in the house enjoy their favorite music at the same time, on the same system. You don’t even have to restrict the sound to inside the house with a choice of outdoor landscape speakers for pools and gardens.
Video distribution provides the homeowner access to a variety of viewing possibilities from any television or screen in the home. Mum can watch her DVD in the bedroom; the kids enjoy satellite in the playroom whilst Dad indulges in the latest blockbuster on the showcase visual centerpiece in the lounge.
Touch a single button and the lighting control system gracefully creates a different mood for the room you’re in or for your entire home. Adding a programmable remote control to simplify operation of all of your audio visual components is an investment that will pays off immediately in convenience and ease-of-use. For example, cameras installed in the baby’s room and at the front door can be viewed from any display screen or TV monitor in the home with the push of button on the touch panel control.

.For the bedroom consider lying back and at the touch of a button a plasma screen raises out of the cabinet at the foot of the bed. When not in use, the plasma screen simply retracts back into its cabinet, pure unadulterated luxury!
Audiovisual systems can be the visual highlight of a home when enhanced with custom or dedicated furniture, or with discrete fixings can be completely concealed when not in use, indeed some of the finest solutions remain virtually invisible until show time.
Choose complimentary media cabinets to house your equipment or purpose built AV racks hidden out of view. Opt for stylish stands to compliment your flat screen or flush fitting mounts to enhance the minimalist look. Look for in built wall or ceiling speakers, rear projection TV’s or concealed electric screens. 21st Century can advise and integrate all of these along with the purpose cinema seating to make you comfortable and acoustic panels to make your room sound great.
Successful home cinema solutions from 21st Century AV provide you with a full sensory experience.