.There is a variety of home cinema audio ‘standards’ to deliver superb sound quality.
The latest Dolby Digital surround sound systems, superior to the predecessor Dolby Pro Logic, differ mainly on the number of speakers in the set up. Simply the differences are:
5.1 – The standard basic number of speakers required for a surround sound system. Consisting of two front speakers, a centre speaker, two rear or surround speakers, and a subwoofer.
6.1 – The same as a 5.1 system but has an additional rear centre speaker.
7.1 – Takes the rear sound and splits it into two surround channels and two rear channels.
7.2 – The same as a 7.1 system but with an additional subwoofer.
10.2 – A mammoth setup of a centre speaker, two front speakers, two mid surround speakers, two rear surround speakers, two rear speakers, a rear centre speaker, and two subwoofers.
The left, center, and right front speakers reproduce the on-screen action for dialog, music, and sound effects with left to right motion. The left and right rear speakers provide a 3D effect giving the illusion of space and are essential to recreating front to back motion effects like aircraft flyovers. Included in the package will be a subwoofer for reproducing very low sounds providing explosive bass to movies and full rich sound to your music. These speakers, powered by a surround processor capable of decoding the signal, will bring new life to your cinema and audio experience, filling the room with sound.
The placement of the speakers in your room is very important to the over-all effect. So is the character of your floors, walls and ceiling. Hard surfaces reflect sound whereas soft surfaces absorb it and the addition of acoustic panels where needed can be essential to create the ultimate room audio experience. With surround sound solutions you can literally feel high quality sounds delivered from a range of entertainment components such as a satellite box, DVD or media server amongst others. Pull up a front row seat and prepare to be blown away.
For those seeking quality and convenience, having music delivered throughout any room (and garden!), conveniently operated with LCD touch panels or stylish keypads can really enhance your lifestyle. Walk into any room and with the touch of a button play your choice of music from a CD, radio, MP3 audio, satellite music or any other audio source available. Whether you wish to enjoy the same music in each room as you do your household chores, or different members of your family are enjoying different music in each room; components are distributed from a central location and controlled remotely, enabling you to enjoy music in every environment.

Equipment Considerations:
Surround Sound Systems
Loudspeakers, Bookshelf and Floor Speakers Systems
Hidden Speakers – Architectural Wall or Ceiling
Music Servers and Media Controllers – built in hard drive capacity
Exterior Landscape Speakers
Multi Room and Multi Zone Amplification
LCD Touch Panel Controllers