Distance is becoming increasingly less of an obstacle due to developments in audiovisual technology over the last few years. Considering video conferencing-based learning initiatives allows students in diverse locations to virtually participate in classes, where top-quality content can be offered during a live, interactive video forum.

The tutor in the classroom or lecture hall can give his or her lesson in the normal manner, using lecture notes and teaching aids. With the aid of a video conferencing system the lecture can be transmitted in real time to the remote site allowing the students to interact as if they were there in person. The key benefits are visual contact with the tutor, direct interaction between the pupil and tutor, an ability to react immediately to student responses and quick and accurate measurement of the effectiveness of training. All these requirements are satisfied using interactive distance learning programmes

Conferencing solutions that aid distance learning can be cost effective desktop units or more sophisticated auditorium integrated solutions. Whatever your requirement or budget, 21st Century AV can offer the right advice to meet your needs providing solutions that enhance enrolments and give your establishment the competitive edge.