Audio/Visual systems have become vital to the efficient management of information technology and in particular display wall control systems offer a centralized point of information. Instead of having individual operators crowded around two or three small monitors, multiple display modules can be combined into a display wall of any size.
Rear projection cubes or large format screens linked to matrix switchers and integrated with wall management software can create one highly flexible display enabling an overview of the entire facility at a glance, or individual screens can be highlighted to monitor and control important precise details. Display walls allow information to be efficiently collected, processed, stored and analyzed enabling resolutions to be implemented promptly.
In most cases control rooms are mission critical environments operating on a 24/7 basis. The simultaneous display of large amounts of data, schematics and video sources, and the flexible and user-friendly control of the displayed content has become increasingly important. With simple hardware and software integration 21st Century AV can provide solutions where images can be resized, zoomed, and panned for greater detail and focus. Include an interactive touch-screen and the operator can capture and annotate over the image if necessary.

.21st Century AV understands the importance of uptime in Briefing Rooms, Military, Communication or Utilities Control Rooms and Network Operations Centres. Projectors or monitors running the display wall need to be easily accessed for service, and quickly replaced if necessary.
Bespoke viewing consoles providing viewing comfort for the operator for data/video interactivity without distraction are crucial to ensure mission critical alerts are not missed. Mission critical situations can be enhanced by visual and audio alarm systems enhancing reliable monitoring and quick response to critical situations

.The appearance of your Control Centre is also becoming more important today as many companies use their Control Room as a showcase of their capability to their prospects and customers. 21st Century AV can create ergonomically state of the art environments providing everything you need including command centre design, console furniture, display and video wall installation, AV integration and full maintenance packages resulting in higher quality of service, maximum reliability, customer satisfaction, and lower operational costs.
We also understand the need at times to work in partnership with others; collaborating with architects, interior designers, facilities managers, systems integrators and consultants to create uniquely responsive, rigorous high-performance facilities. The end results are concisely formulated command and control room facilities in an ergonomic atmosphere to help your business do more business.

Equipment Considerations:
Video Walls – Front or Rear Projection, LCD or DLP Cubes
Large Format Screens – Plasma or LCD
Interactive Technology -Screen Overlays, Tablets
Control Systems – flexible control, access, and automation
Communications -Satellite, Telecommunications, Video and Teleconferencing
Video Integration -Cameras, CCTV
Switching – Routers, Graphic Control Processors, Video Processors, Matrix Systems
Software – Display Management for Manipulation, Sizing and Positioning of Individual Windows
Lighting – Environmental Lighting Control
Touch Panels -Automated Control System
Custom Furniture – High Quality Consoles, Designed for Efficiency